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Random Jottings #11

the truth is rarely pure, and never simple, unless you’re a cat


nobody can be wrong all the time

unless they are very, very good at it


‘you’re right, but I don’t agree…..’ he said

she hit him with a piano


the wrong love is hard work

on a bad day it’s bloody hard work


‘what’s the worst that can happen to me…..?’ he asked

‘the truth…..’ she answered


jack collier



a real hero comes in the strangest disguises

I love my teddy bear



Since I lost my old cat Pyewacket to an attack by a huge dog, I have taken to talking to my teddy bear, Marmaduke.

This may seem an odd thing for a grown man to do, but pets are not allowed in the apartment block I now live in.  No people are allowed in my place, and a guy has to talk with someone.

And you know what?  I’m certain that Marmaduke takes in every word, and would give me good advice, if he only could.

I know he loves spiritual feeling of the dawn coming up over the sea, and those last minutes before sunset, just as much as I do.

Marmaduke, my teddy bear and friend.




Dances Without Music

Spooky Cat

dancing in the darkness

dancing with madness

exploring past promises

sensual love incarnate

roughness tastes loveliness

eyes see forbidden desires

chooses night magic

contentment in cruelty

prancing with no music




words by jack collier

stock pictures and by jack collier


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