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Madonna and Whore



the strongest personality

powerful sexual originality

mirrored and contradictory

within protagonist dichotomy

enchantress seductive virginity

libidinous promiscuous sexuality

lax wanton erotic elegant sensuality

bad unprincipled frustrating negativity

she’s a bitch, a slut, a harlot, a pro, a Lady


smoking-whorejack collier




she’s a tramp


Tramp: a sexually promiscuous woman, a hooker, whore, or prostitute.

The damn thing is, bad women are just really easy and so very cute.

Date them once, have them, and then the order of the boot.



I guess all men have dated a tramp, at least once.  If we’re lucky, only once.

Personally, I’ve never even had first date sex.

Please listen responsibly.





some men are as uninteresting as a rock

staid, immobile, stupid ~ you thought about dating him?


Sweetheart, do not be blue

some men are as dumb as a rock

all they want and expect from you

is a backstreet, loveless, fuck

he knows you love the luck of first kiss tongue


words and picture by jack collier


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