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Life is a Journey ~ Enjoy the Ride

The important thing is to enjoy your life to the fullest.

So many of us have a propensity to drift though life, to accept that today will pretty much be the same as yesterday, and that tomorrow will pretty much be the same as today.  That is no way to live your life.  That isn’t living that’s just existing.

So many of us live as if the most important things in life were going to work, making money, and then making even more money, and then buying expensive status symbols we don’t really need.  And yet, we know there is no point whatsoever being the richest corpse in the cemetery.   There is no good in lying on your death-bed when your best memories are of bad days at work.

The most beautiful things are not associated with money; they are memories and moments.  If you don’t celebrate those, they can pass you by.  ~  Alan Wek

What we should all be doing is living life to the fullest, and making good moments we can remember with real pleasure.  Carpe Diem ~ Sieze the Day

Here are some personal hints and tips from me, garnered by painful effort and as the result of calamitous mistakes I’ve made over the years.  Follow some of these suggestions, and I promise you that your life will get better.

  • Make a firm promise to yourself that you are going to make the most of every hour that you have left on this good Earth.  Think about your promise to yourself, get the wording right, repeat your promise every day, write it down and keep the words safe.
  • Make yourself a list of the things that you really, really want to do.  Don’t write down the things you have to do, or the things you should do, just the things you actually want to do.  Do not limit yourself to things that sound sensible, possible, or realistic, if you want it, then write it down.  DO NOT show your list to anyone else, especially not your partner, (if you have one).  Showing this private list to others will cause strife.
  • Be brave.  Take your courage in both hands and get out there ~ have adventures, slay dragons, meet interesting people, see the far horizons.  And remember this; Faint Heart never won fair Lady.
  • Don’t ever listen to your parents, partner, lover, family, or friends when they are gainsayers and tell you that you, of all people, can’t ever widen your horizons and do cool stuff.
  • Stay fit and healthy.  Work at being fit and healthy in body, mind, and spirit.  Get a lot of fresh air, sunshine, and exercise.  Eat well and healthily.  Stop smoking, boozing, and taking drugs.  Stand up straight and walk tall into your better world.
  • Always look as good as you can.  Junk all the crap in your wardrobe and buy new and better stuff.  Get a haircut, manicure, pedicure.  Lose the fat, paunch, and stoop.  Buy decent perfume, cologne, aftershave lotion, make-up, and use it wisely.
  • Do not allow yourself to be defined by your job or career.  You are not just an airline pilot, doctor, banker, hooker, or whatever.  Unless you find your career utterly, totally, indescribably fulfilling, you are not your job.  Go to work, if you have to, and at the end of the day walk out and forget it until the next working day.
  • Do not allow yourself to be defined by your apparent role in society.  You are not just a mother, husband, wife, brother, young person, veteran, bum, drunk, or whatever.  You are you, and you can be just about anything you set your mind to be.  If people try to pigeon-hole you, then maybe stop meeting those people.
  • Improve your relationships.  If you are having problems with someone; parent, partner, child, sibling, friend, co-worker ~ then do the very best you can to make that relationship work better.  But remember this; it probably isn’t your fault that certain relationships suck.
  • Leave toxic relationships.  Some connections with others are just so bad they’re not worth having.  If someone does not fill you with pleasurable feelings, if someone actually makes you unhappy, then get out of that relationship.  Tell the wazzock to leave you alone, forever, fuck off and have whatever day you want, and please don’t keep in touch.
  • Don’t worry about money.  If you have a little money in the bank, the bank doesn’t really care about you.  Conversely, if you owe the bank a lot of money, then the bank really cares about you.  Trust me, I used to be a high-powered banker, so I know all about money.
  • Finally, always cultivate and practice a really positive, optimistic, and never-say-die attitude.  A positive  physical, mental, and spiritual attitude goes a long way to making your life better, and the world a better place to be.

Nobody can suddenly start to do all of these things at once.  Some of my suggestions may be a big leap from the humdrum greyness you’re languishing in.  Start with one change today, do one thing from my list, keep doing whatever good thing that is.  Then, when you’re ready, start doing another really cool thing, form good habits, and have a Great Life.


jack collier


be prepared, buy a medical kit





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sexual geniality

there is no sentimentality in her promiscuity

suffering desires flexible morality

in a gallery of monochromatic sexuality

gladly purposely exposes her exotic duality

posed for voyeurs enjoying erotic partial nudity

her midnight selfish pleasures lacking in morality

just physicality venality amorality promiscuity carnality

a spirituality ignored with dishonesty


jack collier






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the shipping forecast

my phone battery lasts longer than your relationships

It begins with a brief refrain from an English Civil War tune Lillibullero, and goes on with the immortal words; Viking, North Utsire, South Utsire, Forties, Cromarty, Forth, Tyne, Doggar…

The shipping forecast is the very best weather forecast the world has to offer.  But that’s not why I mention it here.

P1010716At times in a man’s life he cares about someone so much that falling out with them means he cannot think, eat, or sleep.  At those times he will be awake before the sparrows to hear Lillibullero and the shipping forecast on the wireless.  Then, if he has any sense, he knows she just isn’t worth it.  A real man  knows when it’s time to pick up his knapsack and move on.

Then we play, over the hills and far away.


flagjack collier


5 Ways To Lose Money Fast

a fool and his money are soon parted


If you want to lose money really fast, or just guarantee that you will go broke eventually, then here are some brilliant ideas for you;

  1. Online Gambling.  Gambling in any form ~ from playing the slots in Las Vegas, to betting on horse racing at a high-street bookmaker in England ~ is guaranteed to lose you as much money as you like.  All those attractive online gambling sites just allow you to lose your money with 24/7 dedication from the comfort of your own home / office / car…  Online Forex Trading is just another form of gambling ~ you will lose loads of money.
  2. Wall StreetForex Trading.  The foreign exchange market exists for some very sensible reasons ~ it allows me to pay for a hotel stay in Wyoming, (priced in $), on my English credit card, (denominated in £).  Unecessary trading on the the Forex Market also allows idiots to risk vast amounts of money, and then inevitably lose it.  I’m an expert in all this stuff, and it would take me a week to teach you the basics, so just trust me, you will lose if you go online trading.  Even companies like Rolls Royce get burned, (lately to the tune of £4 billion), due to unecessarily hedging the Forex Market.
  3. Expensive New Cars.  A hot set of wheels might boost your ego,  get you a hot date, and it will also lose you a fortune.  Almost all cars depreciate over time, and some high-status cars depreciate at an horrific rate.  Add in the high cost on insuring your new car, and the good chance that you’ll crash the thing if you ever drive it hard, and an expensive new car can be a real money pit.  Best of all, get drunk, drive really fast, and then roll your car down a freeway embankment.  By the way, never believe a car salesperson, all sales people are professional liars, and I should know because I used to be one.
  4. Online Dating.  If your expensive new car hasn’t got you a real date, you could be a totally insane pathetic loser and try online dating as well.  Online dating isn’t cheap, both in terms of money and time.  And, it’s one of most dangerous things you can do, for example both human and robot scammers target the sad people who use online dating sites.  Or, you could get used, abused, robbed, raped, or dead.  If you just want to ruin your life, the get yourself addicted to paid online porn.
  5. Dangerous Drugs.  I include here; street drugs including marijuana, prescription drugs, party drugs, legal highs, tobacco, and booze.  To really waste a great deal of money while ruining your health and your life along the way, then get into everything at once.  Best of all get buzzed and go on the internet with your credit cards to hand.  Do not go near 12 step groups like Alcoholics Anonymous.

There are some other brilliant ways to go broke fast; trophy wife, mistress, toyboy, high-class hookers, marrying a foreigner, getting sick abroad without proper insurance, buying a home without having a full survey, signing things you don’t understand, and perhaps best of all guaranteed get rich quick schemes.

smoking-slutIf you really throw yourself into the above activities, not only could you lose all the money you have, you could also get yourself heavily into debt with some nasty people.  Along the way you are very likely to lose your self-respect, job, real friends, home, family, health, and maybe your life.  If you want to go downhill really, really fast, then I recommend you start at #5 and work your way upwards.

Most of you will never get as far as #1 because you’ll be on the streets, in jail, or dead long before that.  If you work diligently at #5 you could be dead broke and dead in a couple of years.

Good luck with totally ruining your life by getting heavily into any of the above financially stupid moves.


smoking-whorethese thoughts are mine, and mine alone

jack collier


by way of an apology

every flower is a soul blossoming in nature

rest peacefully with a kiss from a bloom

exquisite soft petals hides her sharp thorns

a sweet opium scent presages dreaming doom 

and her softest moon-shadows hide not the loss

female sexual predator in elegantly pastel costume

brings willing soul ultimately false blissful happiness

here’s the mystery of it all, for in the end, even bliss palls














dscf0012words and pictures by jack collier



Madonna and Whore



the strongest personality

powerful sexual originality

mirrored and contradictory

within protagonist dichotomy

enchantress seductive virginity

libidinous promiscuous sexuality

lax wanton erotic elegant sensuality

bad unprincipled frustrating negativity

she’s a bitch, a slut, a harlot, a pro, a Lady


smoking-whorejack collier



Scenes on Sunday #25

California Road Trip.

Echo Beach, Route 66, Hotel California

Gorillaz, Manfred Mann’s Earth Band

California Girls, Breakfast in America

California Rain, California King Bed

Dog Breath, Champagne, Back to California

I’m Going Home, Get Back, Grateful Dead














P1020195pictures by the girl riding shotgun

jack collier doing the driving


nothing but you



lust passion desire ardour whimsy fantasy

love adoration truth verity intimacy vagary

eccentricity unpredictability Emerald City

yearning romance cherish sympathy reality

hard pain heartache heartbreak actuality

unrequited love’s misery, if I can’t have you


P1030624words and pictures by jack collier


circles and spirals



tempting woman wheels within wheels

coy curvilinear convex complex cushioned

hard male virile circling wheeling predatory

unvarnished unequivocal upfront sexual simple

spiraling together mutual feeling fast desire lust love

key turning sex singularity satisfied satiated spirituality 


split-in-two-nautilus-shelljack collier





Music for Real Men ~ Sinatra



Life is filled with rocks and shoals.  To help us overcome life’s problems this blog is changing a little.  From today this blog has got a formal structure.  From today this blog is all about Urban Survival Skills for Men.  So, on Saturdays I am going to post something that includes the kind of song a real man will play on his turntable.  Art, music, and literature are important to the Renaissance man, and yes, real men still think the best sounds come from 12 inches of black vinyl.

Sinatra ~ I’ve Got You Under My Skin

Sometimes only The Chairman Of The Board will do.

This is a later recording of the great Cole Porter song with Nelson Riddle providing the music, as usual.

Urban Survival Skills for Men are very different from Wilderness Survival Skills, but the former does include all kinds of disaster recovery ~ from surviving an earthquake, to recovering from a failed relationship.  Survival is more than just living, survival is living the life of a man.

And, by the way, if she doesn’t approve of Sinatra, or doesn’t like cool cars, or can’t hold an intelligent conversation, then perhaps you should think about finding yourself a better girl.  Alternatively you could be a real man and love your girl for who she is, rather than trying to change her into someone you think you’d like her to be.

Please listen responsibly.






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