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Captain Sir Tom Moore ~ Rest In Peace

it is the hero’s glittering heart that fights the fight

Amid these dark days one old war hero decided to try to do something for England, Home, and Beauty.

Ninety-nine years old, Captain Tom Moore set off walking laps of his own garden to try and raise a little money for our National Health Service.  He thought his efforts could possibly raise a hundred pounds.

His efforts, his humility and dogged good humour caught the public attention.  Perhaps none of us could be as good as this little old soldier, but we could contribute to his cause.  When it was all added up, Captain Tom raised £38.9 million for the National Health Service.

Along the way he celebrated his 100th birthday, was knighted by the queen, and awarded an Honorary Colonelcy of the Army Foundation College.

He passed away on Tuesday February 2nd 2021 from pneumonia and complications from the coronavirus.

We shall not mourn him, nor shall his memory die.

Least We Forget

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