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Songs on Saturday ~ Born To Be Alive

the day you stop enjoying life is the day you start to die

One reason I’ve posted a bunch of dance tracks is to get some aerobic exercise while I’m vacationing in Cancun.  And to see if priests can dance.

Lady priests that is.

Attractive, lithe, fit, lady reverends.

You never know until you try, all part of Life’s rich tapestry


jack collier



I believe my new friend plays the guitar.

Airports, ‘Planes, and Automobiles

it doesn’t matter where you’re going
it’s who you have beside you

it always seems to be dawn or sunset

This morning I’m heading to Newcastle upon Tyne airport for the first leg of my journey to Cancun in Mexico.  Given a fair wind I will arrive some time tomorrow morning ~ after layovers at London Heathrow and Miami International.

If I ever get very bored and depressed with life I may write down every airport I’ve ever been to ~ that isn’t going to happen anytime soon.  This trip I’m staying at a fabulous 5* hotel, and I do not expect to be bored at all.

When you travel, always travel in style.


jack collier


I don’t think my car to the airport will be anything like this

Cancun Trip

if at first you don’t succeed, try something else

gently relaxing 

You may be aware that here in England we’re suffering from 28 days of very strict coronavirus lockdown, which comes to an end on December 2nd.  Except that’s not the end of it ~ when this period of miserable self-isolation ends we will be entering an indeterminate period of lockdown by tiers.  Wouldn’t you know it, the whole of the North East of England is in the strictest tier 3, which is almost as bad as the bloody terrible state we are already suffering.

Of course the whole country is in an uproar, and I do not blame anyone for complaining in the bitterest terms.  Prime Minister Boris Johnson won’t be able to get elected as a dog-catcher after this.  And as for the sanctimonious twerp of a Health Secretary Matt Hancock ~ as his name says what a wanker.

Except, I’ve found an escape clause.  There is nothing to stop me from going to an airport as long as I don’t stay overnight, and there’s nothing to stop me from boarding an aeroplane.

So, at 11:15 on Sunday December 6th I’m flying to Cancun, to stay in the utterly fantastic fabulously expensive, all inclusive, Royalton Suites Resort and Spa.  How cool is that?  Two weeks in the sun instead of two weeks of miserable lockdown in the cold, grey North of England.

Any volunteers to be a travelling companion can apply in the comments section.


jack collier


it’s tough at the top

Air Travel

flying anywhere is mostly sitting around and waiting

waiting at John Wayne, what a great name for an airport

Given that I have an hotel booked in Cancún it seems like a good idea that I arrange to get there.  It’s a series of flights and layovers that make up to a long journey.  Newcastle to London Heathrow, to Chicago O’Hare to Cancún International.  Even British Airways and American Airlines can’t get me there the same day I leave here.  Another hit on the credit card that gives me the most points.  And the only number I need is the booking reference NO**QB

Sadly there is no way I can get there via John Wayne.

Now all I have to work out is how not to be spending a couple of weeks alone in a fabulous resort hotel.

I am open to suggestions.


jack collier


a nice place to relax


I have an insane desire to be someplace warm and sunny

It’s a little bit cold and grey in the North of England which made me wonder if I should be somewhere else.  The hysterical clamour from the government, health officials, and the police tells me that I definitely want to be somewhere else.

So, I’ve decided I’m going to Cancún for a couple of weeks in November.

Thus far I’ve booked a great hotel; Fiesta Americana Condesa Cancún and at about $5,000 for two weeks I’ve got a great deal.  (Because hardly anyone is going hardly anywhere.)

No doubt I’m breaking all kinds of regulations for going to and staying there, but frankly, I don’t give a shit.  It’s very sad that my one time, long term ‘friend’ won’t be coming along with me either.

Next task for today, book some flights, with my preferred layover at ORD.

I’ll keep you posted.


jack collier


looks good for a lazy couple of weeks

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