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Kiss From A Witch

never kiss a witch in the moonlight


on all Hallows eve

don’t promise a witch

on a long lover’s kiss

in the bright moonlight

else you will be hers

forever and always


jack collier


only a lunatic should kiss a witch


a Kiss From a Witch

a kiss from a witch in the moonlight


I loved a witch

and I kissed her

she kissed me back

who is the fool now?


jack collier


money buys even a witch

love’s cold heart

In romance and love I want so much that I aim too high.


and then the cold winds of reality shattered my dreams

destroyed every desire and denied my expectations

she listened to my love’s pointless declarations

grim darkness came to a relationships end

knowing controlling power was hers

she held my heart in her hands

believe a witch’s promise

take the witch’s kiss

enter the abyss

and be lost



jack collier



She is the darkly mysterious sorceress whom the ravens name Lenore

Witch Moon

Witches are women of the false and beautiful moon.


the spider ran, the cobweb’s gone

did you eat it when the moon was new?

I chased your cat, what do you say to that?

I’ve even broken up your broom.

I ain’t superstitious, but strange things I’ve seen

I ain’t a superstitious fellow, but you worry me.



jack collier


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Bloodmoon Prophecies’ Doom

P1020616The Supermoon Lunar Eclispe is upon us.  This Bloodmoon is the conclusion of a tetrad ~ a sequence of events which has happened just a few times in recorded history, and each one has concided with monentous events.

La statue de cire d'Élizabeth Taylor est visible au musée Madame Tussauds de Hollywood, en Californie. L'actrice est décédée le 23 mars 2011, à l'âge de 79 ans.

Magic, Sorcery, and Spirituality will be strong at this time ~ if you are lucky enough to have a wiccan caring for you, then stay close to her.

wiccan moon

She will be energised at this time.  She will keep you from all harms excepting her own.  She will show you the path to light and enlightenment.


If you know a witch, sorceress, or enctantress, then do not let her get between you and the full moon.  Never kiss a witch on the mouth in the moonlight.

Dreaming Aphrodite

I have it on very good authority, from a Goddess close to me, that this is not a good time to be a man.  If you do not know a woman to be close to, then she suggests that you find one, preferably before the lunar eclipse, or else suffer the consequences.


I am told that Armageddon is not so far away.



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