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April 18th 1930, ‘this is the BBC news, there is no news tonight…..’

What a difference from today, on that day 90 years ago the 15 minute BBC news slot was filled with piano music because the BBC didn’t believe there was anything worth reporting.  To be brutally honest, for all there is in most of the news media today, there is no news worth reporting.

Or, is it that there is a moratorium on bad news?  And we all know there is no news like bad news.

What we are hearing today is;

  • Prince George has turned seven years old
  • More on Princess Beatrice’s ‘modest’ wedding
  • That the disgraced Prince Andrew was not seen at his daughter’s wedding
  • Donald Trump has offered his support to Epstein’s ‘madam’ Ghislaine Maxwell
  • More about the seemingly crazy rap artist Kayne West
  • More about the divorce of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard
  • A report on the best beaches in the UK, which is useful as travelling abroad is fraught with problems
  • That there is endless corruption in US politics from the President down to the speaker of the Ohio House
  • New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut now require travelers from 31 states to self-quarantine on arrival  That travel regulation covers about 75% of the population of the USA.
  • Meanwhile the BLM protests go on and on and on

Of hard news and useful information there seems to be very little.  I would suggest that the news media across the world has been tricked or induced into becoming mere propaganda mouthpieces for governments who haven’t a clue what to do in the face of total global chaos.  Civil liberties have been taken away on a scale that wasn’t even seen in WWII, the global economy has tanked, and there is increasing tension between Russia, China, and the West.  Some places, such as Hong Kong and Chicago are on the verge of anarchy.  Meanwhile our esteemed ‘leaders’ are washing their hands while the world burns.  At least they could be photographed wearing face-nappies, since they are forcing the useless face-covering rules on the rest of us.

Some say that a free press is the last bastion of liberty and justice.  And, that the BBC can always be trusted.  All I know is that I can gather all the news I need from the weather reports.


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it’s always wine o’clock somewhere

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President Trump Disrupts Britain

To be an ideal guest ~ stay at home.

Have you ever had one of those house guests you wish had never turned up at all?  Well it seems that President Trump is less than an ideal candidate for a State Visit to the United Kingdom.

To be fair, this great country’s Queen Elizabeth II has hosted some very unsavory and embarrassing characters on previous state visits to her United Kingdom: from Mobutu Sese Seke in 1973, (then the president of Zaire), Robert Mugabe, in 1994, and Xi Jinping the leader of China in 2015.  At least Mr. Trump isn’t a homicidal maniac who has criminalised homosexuality or stopped women from being educated or voting.

Mr Trump is merely ill-mannered, badly educated, and prone to saying what he really thinks.  Really, in no way a typical polite and cultured American.

The president broke Royal Protocol three times when he visited the 92 years old Queen at Windsor Castle.  Firstly he kept her waiting for a quarter of an hour in 80 degree heat, he refused to bow to the Queen, instead shaking her hand, and the he turned his back on the monarch and walked ahead of her when inspecting the guard of honour.  You know what? You just don’t do that here.

An Englishman thinks all American males are ignorant, boorish, and uneducated ~ Trump proves it.

A significant proportion of the population of these Islands have protested against the President’s state visit; thousands of fucking stupid protesters have hit the streets in a display of left-leaning-liberal indignation, (including the leader of our Labour Party, the facile Jeremy Corbyn.)  I’m not certain what English law says about banners that use Fuck and Cunt in their slogans, but that was deemed perfectly acceptable in the anti-trump demonstrations.  A million people, (allegedly), have signed a petition to stop this state visit.

Meanwhile, the supposedly completely independent BBC has taken advantage of every opportunity it could find to denigrate President Trump, his State Visit, and America in general.  It’s appalling that this state-funded broadcaster has lowered itself to the same level as those ignorant rent-a-mob street protesters.

In an interview with the Sun newspaper here, Mr Trump also enraged Brexit Remainers by saying that Prime Minister Theresa May had wrecked Brexit.  And you know what?  This president says it like it is, and more often not he’s right.  As Prime Minister Mrs. May is as much use as a concrete life-preserver ~ no good at all.

So, President Trump’s State Visit has enraged some, but their petty indignation says more about their narrow-minded, juvenile attitudes that it does about Mr. Trump.

Some say that if you don’t agree with someone, you should stop them from talking.  And, that if you take to the streets and protest loudly enough you will force ‘the authorities’ to sit up and take notice.  All I know is that I like Mr. Trump better than I like the people protesting his visit to this Great Britain.


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