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Palm Canyon Drive

How does endless sunshine, stylish bars and restaurants, great shopping, fantastic attractions, and a totally cool, (weird), nightlife sound to you?  For someone brought up in a North of England coal mining town it sounds fabulous.


From the Pacific coast find the Christopher Columbus Transcontinental Highway, (aka Interstate 10), and before you get to Whitewater look for route 111 and head south-east into Palm Springs.


(Picture by the girl riding shotgun)

Palm Springs is a one street town.  Almost everything cool is either on or just off Palm Canyon Drive.  Baristo Road is east west and crosses Palm Canyon Drive, (for those who don’t know how street signs work in the USA).


To be more truthful, central Palm Springs is a two street town, because Palm Canyon Drive is one-way, heading south.  To double back on oneself, take Indian Canyon Drive, heading North.  If you’re searching for a classic car for your next road trip, then check out the auction lots on Indian Canyon Drive.  But, take my advice, don’t buy an Edsel.


If you are in Southern California, Palm Springs is a place which just oozes sexual energy, of whatever flavour you like.  Don’t forget, this town is both close enough and far enough away from Hollywood to have made it one of the illicit meeting places of choice for the stars of the silver screen.  The restaurant in the picture is called Lulu.




pictures by jack collier


Road Trip Partnerships

Although it is usually good advice to lose one’s angst before getting behind the wheel of a Lotus 7.  Remember, you are not a number on a road trip.  Just shut up and drive.


On very rare occasions, one drives and wants to talk a little, although the more miles one has on the odemeter the less a real man is likely to want to talk.

And, there is idle chit-chat, and then there is conversation. Real conversation may drift from the athstetics of differing cloud formations to the underlying energies of the cosmos.

Whatever, if one is taking a road trip, the woman in the passenger seat has to be just that.  Face it, a guy who hasn’t got a female friend willing to discover the world at the end of the rainbow, needs to have a long, solitary, road trip to ‘find himself’.


A man on a road trip with another man along for company is as one-dimensional as a foggy day.  But, every now and then a man needs to be trans-dimensional, and take a long solitary drive to nowhere.

Guys, (and ladies), your road trip companionship is best coming from a woman.  This despite the constant complaining about everything…  (Not every girl complains all the time, and some women will share expenses, sometimes)



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