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Total Eclipse, Wyoming, August 21st 2017

At totality there was a strange twilight






There was not the spirituality and feeling of other-worldliness I had expected and hoped for.  But, if you look closely, you can see sunspots.

jack collier


believing in very strange things

Our Scientific Power has Outrun Our Spiritual Power.

aphroditeAmong the things with which I will have nothing to do with whatsoever are; God, Gods, Goddesses, Angels, Cherubs, Seraphs, Spirits, Ghosts, Flying Saucers, the channeling of mystical beings and spirit guides, people who are believed to have peculiar psychic abilities…, and sushi.

However, I do believe in the existence and efficacy of some very strange things indeed.

There are more things in heaven and earth, [Horatio], Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.  ~  Shakespeare, Hamlet.

aries-ramI have no real faith in astrology, despite the fact that I was born on March 23rd and I am a very typical Ares male.  Anyone who knows me will agree that I am a crazy mixture of the fearless warrior and undisciplined schoolboy ~assertive, bold, egotistical, extrovert, independent, macho, stubborn, but very in touch with my inner child.  Also, if I don’t have real faith in European astrology, why should I believe anything about Chinese astrology?  That, even though I am an archetypal Horse male ~ independent, generous, globetrotting, restless, revolutionary, wandering, driven by an irresistible force.  Add Ares to Horse to Man, and you get a real maverick ~ I am indeed an iconoclast.

Logically and scientifically, why and how could when you were born have any effect whatsoever on your character, your personality, your life, your luck, your past, present, and your future?

Well, I think when you were conceived, when and where you were developing in the womb, and when you were born does have a major effect on your entire life, and I partly base this on the theory of the interconnectedness of all things.  Also I believe the perfectly respectable Jungian philosophy of the collective unconscious, and that other perfectly respectable theory that there is a collective consciousness.  Over and above all this psychology, I believe that the seasons of our conception and earliest development have an overriding effect on which human archetype we become.

stonehenge1That begins to explain a lot of European astrology and its monthly cycles, but what about Chinese astrology and it’s 12 year cycle?  Our sun operates on just about an 11 year cycle, and everything on this planet and far beyond is influenced, driven, and controlled by our sun.  Astronomy is a very ancient science, dating back to at least 35,000 years BC.  There is no doubt that our ancient ancestors knew all about the cycles of the moon and sun, and that astronomy and astrology were one in the same thing until as recently as the 17th century in Europe.  There is no doubt in my mind that about 5,000 years ago Stonehenge was built as an astronomical / astrological / religious / political clock and calendar.

ophiucusWhy is it then that both European and Chinese Astrology actually has it all wrong?  There should be 13 star signs in European astrology to agree with the lunar cycle, and 11 animals in Chinese astrology to agree with the solar cycle.  Turns out there are 13 astrological star signs, the 13th being Ophiucus, also turns out that the normally accepted dates for which star sign you were born under are wrong as well.  Who knows why the ancient Chinese did anything.

Never underestimate The Power of 12.  If man can make something add up to the very symbolic number 12, he is much happier than with, say 13, or 11.  Thirteen is an ‘unlucky’ number, and the number 11 symbolises male and female equality, and that was an anathema to our ‘civilised’ ancestors.

Numerology is another very ancient mystical belief.  Face it, back in the day when no ordinary person could read, write, or do arithmetic, anyone who could count had to be half way to being a powerful sorcerer or wizard.  I believe in both unlucky 13, and even unluckier Friday 13th.  Who at NASA thought it was a good idea to have an Apollo 13?  (It made a great Tom Hanks movie.)

pentagramWhat scientific or logical basis is there for believing in the power of numbers?  How and why does numerology work?  Anything to do with numbers and mysticism is almost always laid at the door of Pythagoras, who, if the stories are to be believed was a genuine genius.  Most genuine geniuses have weird cults built up around them and Pythagoras was no exception with Pythagoreanism, and that’s close enough to ‘cults’ like Satanism, the Knights Templar, Illuminati, and Freemasonry for me.  These guys are all very into the power of geometry, (as am I ~ 3,4,5).  And why is the Eye of Providence on the US one dollar bill?

Number rules the universe.  ~  Pythagoras.

According to the theories of the collective unconscious and collective consciousness, and the fact that numbers do rule the universe, numerology just has to work, (in one form or another).

wiccan moonSome are deemed to have psychic powers, the capacity to supernaturally see things and do things which is denied to ‘ordinary’ people.  Mostly I believe that real psychic abilities do not exist.  However, I do believe that some people have greater faculties than most.  For example, I know when people are lying.  My ability to tell when someone is passing off ‘alternative facts’, or being ‘économique avec la actualité’ or especially ‘not telling the whole truth‘ is not something that I learned on purpose.  My ability to be an almost infallible lie detector grew in me by accident, probably from childhood.  I can’t ever turn this ability off, although more often than not I choose to ignore it ~ people don’t like it if you point out to them that you know they’re lying.

Something else some people have is ‘inherent omniscience‘ ~ if they want to some people can know everything there is to know about someone they’re with, or have met, and have talked with for a while.  It seems very spooky, very mystical, and evidence of real psychic abilities ~ it isn’t.

So how does this work?  It turns out that some people allow themselves to see and feel much more than others.  Some people have a natural gift for this.  If you want to know how to do this for yourself, then I suggest you spend a few years diligently studying Neuro Linguistic Programming.  If you are of above average intelligence, quick of mind, and have an excellent memory, eventually you will be able to astound others with your own ‘psychic abilities’.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.  ~  Arthur C. Clarke

There is more in this universe than mankind knows, or respectable scientists will admit.  But I don’t believe any of it is given to us by the Gods, or is sorcery, or magic, or from the spirit realm.  I firmly believe that what some see as magic is actually the application of advanced knowledge.  In which case almost everyone and anyone can become a witch, sorcerer, psychic…  All it takes is the desire, time, intelligence, and a hell of a lot of hard work.

It helps if you have a familiar called Pyewacket.


Pyewacketthese thoughts are mine and mine alone

jack collier


Full Wolf Moon

The First Full Moon Of 2017.


January 12th 2017, and the full moon is close to us today.  Luna isn’t quite at perigee, (the closest she comes to the Earth), that was two days ago on January 10th, so it isn’t quite a supermoon.  However tonight’s full moon will be big and bright, perfect for skywatchers, witches, and sorcerers.

It’s likely that the moon was Mankind’s first reliable calendar, the full moon perhaps measuring the months of the year, although any strictly lunar calendar will see the seasons drift.  Some say that Stonehenge is also a tool to manage the lunar calendar.  And, that the first powerful priests and sorcerers were really astronomers.  All I know is that Stonehenge is a spooky and magical place.

The English word moon derives from the Greek and Latin for ‘measure’.  Other English names for the Moon, are Luna the ancient Roman Goddess of the Moon, (from which we get the word lunatic),  and Selene the ancient Greek Goddess of the Moon, (and Selene is both a given name and an adjective).

moonThe moon affects everything on the Earth, from the behaviour of animals and birds, to our moods, the tides, even women’s menstrual cycles.  In witchcraft, the full moon is the most important time for casting spells ~ magic has more potency under a full moon.  This is the time for enlightenment and psychic awareness, so if you have any sixth sense or psychic abilities they will be at their strongest tonight.  All witches and those with magical and psychic abilities will be acutely aware of the phases of the moon.

In relationships and love the full moon enhances a woman’s sex drive, but this is also a time for a fresh start, forgiveness, acceptance, commitment, and love.  This is the perfect day for a witch to cast a spell and work her love magicSpiritually the full moon is strong, although it’s effects are both negative and positive.  Today a vulnerable man may well be moonstruck with love and desire, but he should know that somewhere out there someone has his best interests at heart.

moonwolfThe first full moon of the year is known as The Wolf Moon.  This derives from Native American Mythology in which wolves hold a very special place.  This is the time of the werewolf ~ the legend of the werewolf goes at least as far back as the ancient Greeks.  Other names for this full moon are the Cold Moon, and the Hunger Moon ~ cold, bright in the darkness, and unforgiving.  This is a time for self-care, reflection, and making real and realistic plans for the rest of the year.

The first full moon of 2017 carries with it mixed messages, good and evil, forgiveness and rejection, life and death, man and woman.  Everything about this full moon is contradictory and complimentary, the very essence of yin and yang, of darkness and light, of balance.  The Wolf Moon is what we make of it.  This Full Wolf Moon a time for decision making, planning, of endings and beginnings, of intense emotional energy.  A sweet smile and laughter will bring the full moon’s power of joy and happiness into your life.  Approach this full moon with a dark spirit, and the rest of your year will be equally dark and gloomy.

This Full Wolf Moon is the Goddess in her Mother aspect.  Create a safe space and clear your mind.  Invite the true spirit of love and understanding into your life.  And, let’s all be careful out there tonight.


moonjack collier


wiccan moon

Real Celestial Navigation

All Life on Earth springs from sunshine, tides, and seasons.


All Life on Earth is governed by the Sun, the Moon, and the stars.

At night most men can reliably find their Pole Star, which in the Northern Hemisphere is Polaris.  If you can find the pole star you can travel in any direction you wish.  In daylight it’s easier, all you need to find north / south is sunshine and a stick, although a watch does help.

Why would anyone need any of this when we have satellite navigation?  You will know if ever your batteries fail.  Even the Navies of the world are going back to teaching celestial navigation.

aries-ramBut there is more to it than that.  Our very personalities may well be driven by the relative positions of the sun, moon, and the stars.  I would bet that everyone reading this knows their star sign.  Mine is Aries, and I am an archetypical Aries.; selfish, quick-tempered, adventurous, impulsive, foolhardy…  Almost every guy and all the woman I know are fairly typical of their star sign’s supposed character traits.

How does that work?  Damned if I know.  It could be gravitational, day-length, cosmic rays, or the etherial spirituality of the cosmos…  One thing I can guarantee, a real astrologer can tell almost everything about you if they know the time, date, and place of birth.

There are some fundamental questions we could ask ourselves;

Should I be able to read a map?

Do I always need to know where north is?

Is it only very stupid people who rely on satellite navigation systems?

Should I make a habit of asking women what their star sign is before I date them?

When my personal astrologer makes a prediction, do I need to take it seriously, or can I safely ignore her?

Ask yourself, is the truth really out there?




The Mystic Spiral


InfinityAn interesting philosophical point is; do spirals curve outward from a central point, getting progressively farther away as the line revolves around the point?  Or, do spirals curve inwards around a central point, getting progressively nearer until the curving line ends at the centre?  Or does a spiral begin and end in infinity?  More complex still, is a spiral all of those things at the same time, beginning and ending in the centre?  Add a vertical dimension and you have a conical helix.  What are the different properties of left-handed, and right-handed spirals?  What happens if you have two opposite-handed conical helix wound together?  As a matter of fact all of the above forms happen in nature.  As a matter of fact, all spirals embody a profound paradox, which may be why the form transcends mathematics and engineering into The Mystic Spiral.

split-in-two-nautilus-shellThe most common spiral seen in nature is a logarithmic spiral, (sometimes called the miraculous spiral), and although it’s simple enough to be made by a mollusc, the mathematics are beyond ordinarily complicated;

x(t)=r(t)cos(t)=ae bt cos(t)

y(t)=r(t)sin(t) =ae bt sin(t)

The thing about the miraculous spiral form is the gaps between the lines get bigger as the line rotates outward.  Good old Archimedes has a different spiral named after him.  In the Archimedean spiral, the gaps between the lines stay the same from the centre to the edge.  In 225 BC Archimedes even wrote a whole book about the spiral, wittingly entitled On Spirals, in which he proves that circles are square.

Roman ArmyMore or less at the same time as Archimedes, the Celts were going spiral crazy.  Not much of Celtic history is left after the ubiquitous Roman Legions had finished destroying their culture.  But, the Celts were adept stonemasons and metalworkers, so there are examples of their symbology scattered across the countryside and in museums.  Also, a hell of a lot of Celtic myths and legends have been passed down in the various languages and folk cultures of Britain.  There are still those who seek the meaning of spirals.

Three spiral patterns seem to have been especially important to these Ancient Britons.


  1. Single spiral.  This is one of Man’s oldest spiritual symbols.  It represents both solar and lunar, masculine and feminine energy.  Depending on how you look at it this either means the journey from outer consciousness to the inner soul, or spiritual growth outward from the centre to development and awareness.  Depending on how you look at it the spiral is either clockwise or counter-clockwise, going within and going outward.  The Golden Mean Spiral represents the shape of love in it’s simplest form, and this is no abstract form, in geometric terms this logarithmic spiral grows according to the Golden Ratio ~ Fibonacci numbers that are the natural numbering system of the cosmos.
  2. yin-yangDouble spiral.  A potent symbol of the Earth Goddess, the double spiral allegedly represents complete balance in all things, the equinoxes when day and night are the same length, man and woman together.  The double spiral is also the symbol for eternal life, of life, death, and rebirth.  The yin-yang symbol is a double spiral showing the balance of man and woman, sun and moon, finite and infinite, life and death, death and rebirth, Heaven and Earth, the relationship between the Mother-Goddess and her spouse, the interconnected nature of the physical world and the spiritual realm.  The double spiral teaches us of the dual purpose of Life, the journey inward towards your own essential soul, and the Grail Quest outwards into the world.
  3. triplespiralTriple spiral.  The triskele.  This is about the whole Maiden, Mother, Crone, power of the woman to create growth and change.  This is the triple Moon-Goddess, the Queen of Heaven, one of the primary dieties of neopaganism, as the maiden, mother, and crone are the three phases of the moon and also the realms of The Earth, The Underworld, and The Heavens. It also represents Land, Sea, and Sky, which is pretty much the entire physical realm as understood by our ancestors.  The triple spiral also counts the 3 phases of a woman’s 9 month pregnancy, (don’t ask me, I’m not a woman).  The female aspect of the triple goddess spiral is the balance to the male essence of The Beast.  The enchantment of the maiden is the waxing phase of the lunar cycle and it is the maiden who brings the rebirth of the horned beast  The mother represents knowledge and wisdom and is the full moon, her time is spring and early summer.  A woman does not need to have biological children to be the mother.  The crone is darkness, winter, death.

Some say that the Ancient Britons used the spiral as a mind-altering tool to free their creativity from earthly bounds.  I’d like to bet good money that alcohol was also involved.  If you stare at a spiral when you are drunk you can easily believe that you are no longer of this world.  I’d like to bet there was a lot of male ~ female interaction involved in the rituals of the Ancient Britons.

Spiral GalaxyNGC1365Not all spirals are of this world, be it physical or spiritual.  The reality we occupy is part of a spiral galaxy, but we cannot ourselves see the spiral form of the Milky Way because we’re inside the spiral looking at the nearest edges.  The thick band of bright starlight in the night sky is part of an edge of a line of an arm of the spiral.  Today it’s just about impossible to see the pinwheel of a distant spiral galaxy with the naked eye, and there’s no reason to believe the Celts could see things in the heavens we cannot, (without a telescope or binoculars).  The idea of a spiral probably didn’t come from things seen in the heavens.  However, given that the Earth is moving through space in a series of spiral ellipses at 1,339,200 miles per hour, there is no reason we shouldn’t believe that everything on the Earth is predisposed to think and feel in spirals.  Look up Speed of the Earth if you don’t believe it.

ModernVenusAphroditeThe weird thing is;  Spirals are the bedrock of both the physical and spiritual realms.  Everything from electrons to galaxies moves in spirals.  The symbolism of spirals can teach the manly man a lot about some of the most important aspects of his relationship to the female / feminine aspects of his life.  Spirals are a possible link into spirituality and growth from a man into a Renaissance Man.  All men with an ambition to understand, mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry, astronomy, and engineering need to know about spirals and the helix.

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