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believing in very strange things

Our Scientific Power has Outrun Our Spiritual Power.

aphroditeAmong the things with which I will have nothing to do with whatsoever are; God, Gods, Goddesses, Angels, Cherubs, Seraphs, Spirits, Ghosts, Flying Saucers, the channeling of mystical beings and spirit guides, people who are believed to have peculiar psychic abilities…, and sushi.

However, I do believe in the existence and efficacy of some very strange things indeed.

There are more things in heaven and earth, [Horatio], Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.  ~  Shakespeare, Hamlet.

aries-ramI have no real faith in astrology, despite the fact that I was born on March 23rd and I am a very typical Ares male.  Anyone who knows me will agree that I am a crazy mixture of the fearless warrior and undisciplined schoolboy ~assertive, bold, egotistical, extrovert, independent, macho, stubborn, but very in touch with my inner child.  Also, if I don’t have real faith in European astrology, why should I believe anything about Chinese astrology?  That, even though I am an archetypal Horse male ~ independent, generous, globetrotting, restless, revolutionary, wandering, driven by an irresistible force.  Add Ares to Horse to Man, and you get a real maverick ~ I am indeed an iconoclast.

Logically and scientifically, why and how could when you were born have any effect whatsoever on your character, your personality, your life, your luck, your past, present, and your future?

Well, I think when you were conceived, when and where you were developing in the womb, and when you were born does have a major effect on your entire life, and I partly base this on the theory of the interconnectedness of all things.  Also I believe the perfectly respectable Jungian philosophy of the collective unconscious, and that other perfectly respectable theory that there is a collective consciousness.  Over and above all this psychology, I believe that the seasons of our conception and earliest development have an overriding effect on which human archetype we become.

stonehenge1That begins to explain a lot of European astrology and its monthly cycles, but what about Chinese astrology and it’s 12 year cycle?  Our sun operates on just about an 11 year cycle, and everything on this planet and far beyond is influenced, driven, and controlled by our sun.  Astronomy is a very ancient science, dating back to at least 35,000 years BC.  There is no doubt that our ancient ancestors knew all about the cycles of the moon and sun, and that astronomy and astrology were one in the same thing until as recently as the 17th century in Europe.  There is no doubt in my mind that about 5,000 years ago Stonehenge was built as an astronomical / astrological / religious / political clock and calendar.

ophiucusWhy is it then that both European and Chinese Astrology actually has it all wrong?  There should be 13 star signs in European astrology to agree with the lunar cycle, and 11 animals in Chinese astrology to agree with the solar cycle.  Turns out there are 13 astrological star signs, the 13th being Ophiucus, also turns out that the normally accepted dates for which star sign you were born under are wrong as well.  Who knows why the ancient Chinese did anything.

Never underestimate The Power of 12.  If man can make something add up to the very symbolic number 12, he is much happier than with, say 13, or 11.  Thirteen is an ‘unlucky’ number, and the number 11 symbolises male and female equality, and that was an anathema to our ‘civilised’ ancestors.

Numerology is another very ancient mystical belief.  Face it, back in the day when no ordinary person could read, write, or do arithmetic, anyone who could count had to be half way to being a powerful sorcerer or wizard.  I believe in both unlucky 13, and even unluckier Friday 13th.  Who at NASA thought it was a good idea to have an Apollo 13?  (It made a great Tom Hanks movie.)

pentagramWhat scientific or logical basis is there for believing in the power of numbers?  How and why does numerology work?  Anything to do with numbers and mysticism is almost always laid at the door of Pythagoras, who, if the stories are to be believed was a genuine genius.  Most genuine geniuses have weird cults built up around them and Pythagoras was no exception with Pythagoreanism, and that’s close enough to ‘cults’ like Satanism, the Knights Templar, Illuminati, and Freemasonry for me.  These guys are all very into the power of geometry, (as am I ~ 3,4,5).  And why is the Eye of Providence on the US one dollar bill?

Number rules the universe.  ~  Pythagoras.

According to the theories of the collective unconscious and collective consciousness, and the fact that numbers do rule the universe, numerology just has to work, (in one form or another).

wiccan moonSome are deemed to have psychic powers, the capacity to supernaturally see things and do things which is denied to ‘ordinary’ people.  Mostly I believe that real psychic abilities do not exist.  However, I do believe that some people have greater faculties than most.  For example, I know when people are lying.  My ability to tell when someone is passing off ‘alternative facts’, or being ‘économique avec la actualité’ or especially ‘not telling the whole truth‘ is not something that I learned on purpose.  My ability to be an almost infallible lie detector grew in me by accident, probably from childhood.  I can’t ever turn this ability off, although more often than not I choose to ignore it ~ people don’t like it if you point out to them that you know they’re lying.

Something else some people have is ‘inherent omniscience‘ ~ if they want to some people can know everything there is to know about someone they’re with, or have met, and have talked with for a while.  It seems very spooky, very mystical, and evidence of real psychic abilities ~ it isn’t.

So how does this work?  It turns out that some people allow themselves to see and feel much more than others.  Some people have a natural gift for this.  If you want to know how to do this for yourself, then I suggest you spend a few years diligently studying Neuro Linguistic Programming.  If you are of above average intelligence, quick of mind, and have an excellent memory, eventually you will be able to astound others with your own ‘psychic abilities’.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.  ~  Arthur C. Clarke

There is more in this universe than mankind knows, or respectable scientists will admit.  But I don’t believe any of it is given to us by the Gods, or is sorcery, or magic, or from the spirit realm.  I firmly believe that what some see as magic is actually the application of advanced knowledge.  In which case almost everyone and anyone can become a witch, sorcerer, psychic…  All it takes is the desire, time, intelligence, and a hell of a lot of hard work.

It helps if you have a familiar called Pyewacket.


Pyewacketthese thoughts are mine and mine alone

jack collier


Essence of Idealistic Unconscious

Reality as we each know it may not be as it seems.  Our individual realities are mental constructs seen through the lens of our past lives and experiences in this life.  Reality is experiential and epistemological ~ my reality is not your reality, and my life is not as you know life.  There is no logic in the comparison of my verisimilitude with your plausibility.  We each see the dawn differently

haloEven mine own actuality does not always follow a logical path.  There would seem to be an abundance of psychic phenomena interfering with my analytical realities.  However, respectable scientists and psychologists consider parapsychology a pseudoscience.  One should always begin from the standpoint that respectable scientists don’t know what the hell they’re talking about.

When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right.  When he states that something is impossible, he is probably wrong. ~ Arthur C. Clarke.

Spooky CatMost scientists are prepared to accept that the lower animals have senses that go far beyond ours, and even beyond the senses we have imagined.  How do birds know when it’s about to rain?  How are dogs aware that their owner has a cancerous tumor?  Come to that, how do dogs know when there’s about to be an earthquake?  How do cats know everything about the human they live with?

ModernVenusAphroditeMemories are not real.  Memories are conjured as we require them.  Memories change over time and to suit the situation we find ourselves experiencing at a given moment.  My memories and physical existence may be coloured by the certainty that a woman I care about has more than a passing acquaintance with the mystical realm.  She may well be a witch.  I certainly receive her thoughts and feelings over a distance of 5,256 miles.  She can instantly wake me from a deep sleep at her will.  From the deepest of sleep I am suddenly and instantly awake with the absolute certainty that she is thinking of me.  This is known as Telepathic Communication.

Growth of consciousness does not depend on the might of the intellect, but on the conviction of the heart. ~ Wayne Gerard Trotman.

I have also experienced Pareidolia, Apophenia and Hierophany.

Often I see patterns, (not necessarily familiar patterns), where there are none.  I can see form and composition in random things, such as the incoming surf. I am sometimes aware that my higher power, my Goddess Aphrodite, is with me.  As you might expect these things often happen when I go down to the sea to pray.

P1020426(Did you know that the noise of the surf is caused by tiny bubbles?)

I am perfectly prepared to believe that there are logical explanations behind all of these psychic phenomena.  Even the supposed telepathic communication may be explained away.  My friend and I could be thinking very similar things at just about the same time, and we could both get an urge to talk about these things at one in the same instant.  However, that would raise another intriguing concept ~ that I continue to evaluate, assess and reason when I am asleep.

Thinking during sleep, is an accepted construct.  Accessing and developing one’s relational memories, is now considered to occur mostly during sleep.  You may think you mind is quiescent during your slumber ~ it seems not.

We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep.  ~ William Shakespeare.

I firmly believe that when I am meditating, almost asleep and completely asleep, my unconscious mind is creating idealistic solutions to the troubles, worries and complications which beset my psyche.  I do know my anima is strong during my sleeping hours ~ perhaps that is when my soul is restored.

During my waking hours I am extremely practical.  When I am fully roused I tend to be aggressive, arrogant, callous, competitive, compulsive, cunning, cynical, impulsive, suspicious…,  just add a lot of other very male characteristics here.

During and immediately after sleep, meditation, dozing, I seem to have many more idealistic, caring and nurturing, female characteristics.  That makes me believe that the essence of idealistic unconscious runs strong in me.



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