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Songs on Saturday ~ Dog Days Are Over

the hottest days of summer are called the dog days

I have this on 12 inches of hard black vinyl.

This track sounds unbelievably good played on a proper record player ~ a fucking an extremely expensive proper record player.

Please listen responsibly.


jack collier


you can’t play 12 inches of black vinyl on an old wooden box

The Rolling Stones on Vinyl

Analogue Music on Vinyl is So Much Better in every way.

Now that I’ve got back into playing proper records on a proper record player I’ve decided to fill in some gaps in my record collection ~ starting with The Rolling Stones.  Ergo I’ve just bout a remastered double album Hot Rocks 1964-1971….. was it all really that long ago?

Here’s some vintage stones for you.



jack collier


my new ablbum sounds fabulous played on my Thorens deck

Recorded Music

Without music, life would be a mistake.  ~  Friedrich Nietzsche

I have started to buy proper records again ~ and why did I stop?

Allegedly, last year 4,100,000 vinyl albums were sold in the UK.  I didn’t know that many people still had record players.

Some people have never heard a proper record played on a decent hi-fi, but perhaps they are part of a lost generation.

Some say that there is nothing better than listening to a band live.  And, that any recorded music is a pale shadow of the real thing.  All I know is those people don’t own 12 inches of black vinyl.


jack collier



a proper record

on a proper record player

Analogue Music

Music is the tonal analogue of emotive life.

A few days ago I bought a couple of Florence + the Machine albums ~ and we’re talking about 12 inches of black vinyl.  Consequently I had to power up the turntable and fiddle with my amp a little before I played Lungs.  The first couple of notes of Dog Days Are Over came pounding out of my big speakers and HOLY FUCK!

I had forgotten just how much better the full-fat analogue version of a track is in comparison with the wimpy, cut-down, digitised version of the same tune.  As a matter of a fact analogue is literally infinitely better than digital.  Truly it blows your mind!

Even TechRepublic says that digital is nothing more than a cut-down version of the original analogue recording ~ they grudgingly admit that analogue is better than digital, as far as recorded music is concerned.

There are a couple or three snags with my playing proper records;

  1. The sound quality is so good it DEMANDS your attention.  Playing proper records is not really ‘background music’.
  2. Playing proper records is more labour intensive than sticking a cd in the player.
  3. You need to handle your records with great care.

On the other hand there are some side benefits to proper long-playing records, such as the album sleeves are works of art in themselves, worthy of sticking in a frame and hanging on the wall.

I Like my proper records ~ a lot.  It’s almost spiritual.

Trust me on this one, take a woman back to your place, play a couple of proper records, and listen to her purrrrr.

Just don’t get anal about it ~ analogue music I mean.


jack collier



you can’t / shouldn’t play decent records on an old tin box


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