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Sanguine but Taciturn

Constant bright cheerfulness is strange to an Englishman.

English people abroad, English men especially, can often seem unfriendly because  we don’t talk with anyone and everyone we meet.  An Englishman will hardly ever engage a stranger in conversation, and if we do it will merely be to exchange a couple of words about the weather. More often than not English men are of very few words, seldom speaking unless we think we have something important or interesting to say.

This taciturn manner goes back a long, long way to when it was considered impolite to speak to someone unless you had been properly introduced.

When out on my regular solitary meditative walks I will often pass by people I have seen many times before, and mostly we will merely exchange a nod, or one or two words.

This isn’t because we are unhappy, morose, or impolite, it’s just that the English are men of few words.

In fact, most English men are content, happy, settled, and confident in body mind and spirit.

To be born an Englishman is to win first prize in the lottery of life.  –  Rudyard Kipling

England and America are not just two great nation’s separated by a common language, we are also separated by utterly different attitudes, cultures, manners, mores, and standards.

Jack Collier



Retraction and Apology



A few days ago I wrote a post entitled What’s in a Name?  In this post I was quite rude and dismissive of all things America and Americans.

I unreservedly apologise for most of the content of this post.  I would also like to say that I like America, I like most Americans, and I absolutely love some Americans.  As you can see I also like the Ford Mmustang and road trips in California.

If you think this is a sudden volte face, then maybe you should also read a post I also wrote quite recently Sometimes I Act Insane.

There is no excuse for the things I wrote in my post criticising America and Americans.  However, there was a reason for my negativity ~ if I feel threatened I act insane.

Luckily I think I have found a way to lay the deep, dark, demons created by my chronic fear of abandonment ~ go back in time and put things right.  Perhaps read another of my recent posts Letter to Myself ~ aged four and threequarters.  I never believed this kind of self-help magic worked, in fact I was a complete sceptic ~ but now I do believe some of the things I have been told, and the world seems a better place.

Please accept my sincere apology, and assurance that I won’t make this kind of stupid, nasty, vicious mistake again.




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