My father’s funeral is tomorrow.
This speaks to me.

Thank you so much for these thoughts and this image.


jack collier

yenzy oh-The philosopher's psychology

There is no death

Only new beginnings

For flowers bloom afresh

Manure becomes a friend

There is no death

As my heart broke to pieces

Only to be mended again

To re break itself

There is no death

When I see your tears

And I feel your fears

I hope you do not fret

Because death does not exist

What might be life for you

Might be death for another

So there is no death

Only life in a different form

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carpe diem


This day only is ours,

we are dead to yesterday,

and we are not yet born to the morrow.

But, if we look abroad and bring into one day’s

thoughts the evil of many, certain and uncertain,

what will be and what will never be, our load will be

as intolerable as it is unreasonable.

Jeremy Taylor

theologian, 1613 -1667


jack collier

content and happiness

No matter where you go, you take yourself with you.

The foundation of content must spring up in a man’s own mind; and he who has so little knowledge of human nature as to seek happiness by changing everything but his own disposition, will waste his life in fruitless effort, and multiply the griefs which he proposes to remove.

Samuel Johnson 1709 – 1784


jack collier

end of days


That the end of life is not action,

but contemplation ~

being as distinct from doing ~

a certain disposition of mind,

is, in some shape or other,

the principles of all the higher morality.

Walter Pater 1839 – 1894


jack collier

Dad’s Funeral Service

Funerals are busy times.

I think I’m just about prepared for my Dad’s funeral on Monday the 8th.

Bought a new black suit and tie, new white shirt, new shoes.  Ordered a wreath, and I’m thinking about a reading.

Didn’t realise there was going to be so much to do.

I’ll be glad when it’s over.  A lot of sadness in my house today.


jack collier


sometimes on photographs will do.





jack collier

Mom and Dad

I need to say goodbye to my mom and dad.

George and Joyce.

the state of the arch

On the morning sun.


jack collier

George Burrows


My Dad died this morning.

At the end it was a blessing that his soul passed on.

If all we leave behind are memories, let us pray they are good.


jack collier

Sea of Sorrow


Drinking from the waters of sorrow

sustains a different kind of life.

This sea is hidden from the rest of the world.

Tears drip of my chin and fall

into an endless flow of liquid love.

This silent sea sparkles with beauty. 


from Todd Nigro

jack collier

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