About Jack Collier

My name is Jack Collier.  I’m a very cool and self-confident guy living a great life.

Mostly I am an English guy of independent means living the interesting life of a warrior monk.  I live with my teddy bear, Marmaduke, in a minimalistic seaside apartment I call the garret.

By nature I am a can-do handyman.  I do not use contractors.  I believe there isn’t much I can’t design, make, build, fix, repair, maintain, and cajole into life ~ including relationships.  I can build a car, restore a boat, split a tractor, mend your plumbing, and build your home from the ground up.  I can put up the walls, fit the kitchen and bathrooms in line with your designs, install the appliances, make your furniture, romance you and treat you like the Lady you are…..

I can put up the walls, roof, install the drainage, electrics…  You want an off-grid home in the wilderness? OK, I can do that too.

That’s a little about me.

If you want to know more, then ask me.

my email address is just there.


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jack collier

  email;  jackcollier7@talktalk.net
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