About Jack Collier

My name is Jack Collier.

solitary figureJack Collier is not the name on my birth certificate, but as that document is wrong in so many other details it doesn’t matter one way or the other.  Sometimes I am Mr. Hyde, sometimes I am Jack, and sometimes I am an honourable and considerate English Gentleman.  Sometimes I am a solitary man labouring alone on a black beach in Hades.  These days I strive to be an honourable gentleman at all times.

My working life has included may years in banking and finance, some consulting, forestry management, smuggling, owning a trailer park, part owning a gentleman’s club, being a drunken bum, and latterly a writer and photographer.  Mostly I am an English Gentleman of independent means living the frugal life of a warrior monk.  I live with my teddy bear, Marmaduke, in a seaside apartment I call the garret.

I am a driven man, and I need to have challenges, goals, dreams, desires, and ambitions.  Either I am passionate about what I am doing, or I won’t do it at all.  Some say that I am inspiring.  And, that I naturally wish to lead.  All I know is that I will not be told what to do by anyone, no matter what.

img123229By nature I am a can do handyman.  I do not use contractors.  I believe there isn’t much I can’t design, make, build, fix, repair, maintain, and cajole into life ~ including women and relationships.  I can build a car, restore a boat, split a tractor, mend your plumbing, and build your home from the ground up.  I can put up the walls, fit the kitchen and bathrooms in line with your designs, install the appliances, make your furniture…

I can put up the walls, roof, install the drainage, electrics…  You want an off-grid home in the wilderness? OK, I can do that too.

I can write you a love poem in lyric French.  Part of me properly belongs in the 19th Century.  My favourite music is live and close, or comes on 12 inches of black vinyl.  I prefer real books to ebooks.  In my opinion classic cars are to be preferred.  If it wasn’t so time consuming I would always communicate with you by letter, written on good paper, with a real pen, in real ink.

Every woman should be treated like a Lady, always.  I know women are different from men.  I hope that, one day before I die, I may come to understand yin and yang.

I don’t watch sports on TV.  I don’t use ‘sexual words’ unless I’m talking with a Lady about sex.  I don’t lie, cheat, or steal.  I don’t like nine out of ten men I’ve ever met, conversely I like almost all women.  So work that one out, but don’t send me the bill.

I am wholly male.  I have a strong need to nurture and protect women and children.  Yet I like cats and I don’t care for dogs.  I am insanely jealous at times, yet I am caring, accepting and understanding.   I am hard, judgmental, and unforgiving, yet my friendship and love, once given, is everlasting and unconditional.

I believe that without learning something new every day I shall wither and die, and I have had enough of death.  I believe a Fairy Princess should not be locked in a tall tower away from the world.  I believe that women are strong and independent, and need their freedom.  I believe that loving and protecting a woman is not the same as suffocating her.  I believe that women are complex sexual creatures who deserve my utmost respect.

That’s a little about me.

If you want to know more, ask me.


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