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Solitary Tourist

Alone again ~ naturally.

At half-past-eight this morning I’m heading off on an all Island Grand Tour ~ although how much of 326 sq mile Lanzerote one can see in one day I’m not certain.

What’s just as interesting is why I’ve chosen to do this while nobody else in my little collection of vacationers wanted to take this tour.  It seems that I still have this odd desire to be on my own, doing my own thing, without ever wanting to ‘fit in’ with a group.  As it goes, I really don’t like being in a group.

I never ‘join’ groups, clubs, associations, or societies.  In fact, a lot of the time I live outside of day-to-day, ordinary ‘society’.  Most people both bore and irritate me ~ those people who blog here on WordPress are notable exceptions.  Perhaps that withdrawal from society is my loss, but I think I’m too late to change myself now.

It’s true that my lifestyle makes it harder to meet women…..

Oddly enough, the women in my little group of fellow holidaymakers seem to recognise that, and have suggested that I join a dating site ~  They were only half-joking.

Maybe I’ll think about that while I’m sitting on the coach during this Island Tour.  In-between taking lots of pictures.


Jack Collier

Lanzerote is pretty

Vacation Introspection

If you do what you always did, then you’ll get what you always got.

As I don’t need to earn a living these days, some may say that my whole life is just one long vacation.  Actually it doesn’t quite work like that ~ when I’m at home in the garret my time seems to be filled with lots of ordinary and everyday stuff.  Whereas, now I’m here holidaying on Lanzerote I seem to have much more time to just sit in the sunshine and let my thoughts drift where they will.

It seems that I needed to resolve some issues, to reject the things that have blocked me in the past; the people, the choices, the mistakes, the material possessions I thought were so important…..  It seems that I need to move away from the material world towards spiritual and emotional growth, and that I need to place less importance on relationships that do not, and perhaps never will, provide what I need and desire.

I need to awaken the strength within me, the spiritual self, the masculinity, ready to fight back against all the negative influences, the misleading promises, the illusions and delusions about what real happiness looks like for me.

There are some dreams and personal ambitions I want to fulfil, particularly in terms of interpersonal relationships, and particularly sexually.  I need to fully assert myself to reconnect with my own internal courage, fortitude, and drive.

This vacation has allowed me to see that I need to progress, for the physical desires I have allowed to be unfilled to really come to fruition, that it’s time to leave behind negative people and influences, even if those people have been very close to me in the past.

It’s time I told people exactly what is on my mind, and it’s time for me to take charge and stop shying away from speaking the truth of my innermost wants, needs, desires, and dreams.

Some say that you can get 80% of what you want for just 20% of the efforts you’ve been putting into a relationship.  And that if you give some people an inch they will take a mile.  All I know is that if people don’t like the truth they can live their lives without my help.


Jack Collier

Lanzerote is pretty nice

Scenes on Sunday ~ Albuquerque

Bugs Bunny should have taken a left turn in Albuquerque.

This was the Best B & B Ever

Might be the Old Town

Generic Albuquerque Store

A bar, I think


jack collier

This has to be the coolest locomotive ever,

and it’s in Albuquerque.

Time for Thought

Lanzerote, a modern sub-tropical Atlantis set in a silver sea.

Unsurprisingly I like Lanzerote, and I also like the big hotel I’m staying at, despite it being a typical tourist haunt.  I’m here courtesy of a solo traveller company, and there are 3 other like-minded people here with me.  That’s cool because there are people I can talk with, yet I’m not actually on vacation with them.

The picture is taken from my private balcony, and in the early part of the afternoon I have the time to sit up there in the sunshine and indulge in some deep thought.

My identity and place in the world are clear to me now.

Friendship, sexuality, and love are about acceptance and openness, through and through.

I am aware of my feminine subconscious, but my sexual identity and consciousness are strictly masculine.

Political correctness is not particularly important to me, I can live my life at the edge.


Jack Collier


I can live my life at the edge

Another Sunshine Vacation

Lanzerote; an island moulded by an artist.

If this scheduled post appears when I expect it to, then right now I’m at my local airport waiting to board a flight to Arrecife on Lanzarote, one of Spain’s Canary Islands.  I’m leaving behind weather in England that’s in the mid forty degrees, heading for sunshine and temperatures in the mid seventies.  What’s not to like?

And, it turns out that there’s an adults only beach just a short stroll from the hotel.  Shame that none of the people who read my posts ever wanted to vacation with me.  I will keep you all apprised.


jack collier

Marmy isn’t going anywhere that has an adults only beach

Scenes on Sunday ~ New Mexico Snow

On the road, snow is glistening ~ loving the winter traveling…..






jack collier



who would believe that it snows in the desert?

Christmas Is Cancelled

He who has not Christmas in his heart will not find it under a tree.

To be more honest, my Christmas plans have been cancelled by my tour company.

I had arranged to fly out to the Algarve in Portugal on December 19th, to spend Christmas in the sun with a group of other like-minded solo travellers.  It should have been fun.

Sadly my tour company has just emailed me to say that ‘they have decided not to proceed with this group departure’.  Their reason…..  the minimum number of guests has not been achieved .

Disappointed?  You bet I am.

They have offered me 7 alternative Christmas Holidays, all of which are more expensive, and none of them to places I want to spend Christmas ~ such as Agadir in Morocco.  And, they will send me a refund for the $1300 or so I have already paid for my trip to Portugal.

So, unless I want to spend Christmas alone in my apartment again, I need to find somewhere to go at short notice.

Ah well, the spirit of Christmas still lives in my heart.


jack collier

there’s always somewhere with someone

Cars, and Planes, and Trains

It’s very nice to go travelling, but it’s so much nicer to travel home.

Actually no it isn’t.  In comparison to warm and sunny Orange County, the North of England in late November is bleak, boring, grey, and bloody cold, even down at my favourite boat on the marina it’s miserable today.  And it’s a pretty long journey to get back here from where I was staying with my friend.

  • Leave my friend at 04:00 Pacific Time on Monday 19th November.
  • Uber to John Wayne Airport.
  • Take off from John Wayne at 07:00.
  • Flight to Dallas Fort Worth     2hrs 35
  • Land DFW at 11:35 Central Time (2 hours time change).
  • Take off DFW at 15:15 for London Heathrow, a flight of 9hrs 00, (benefiting from a 125mph tail wind over the Atlantic).
  • Land London Heathrow at 06:15 GMT on November 20th (6 hours time change).
  •  Leave LHR for Newcastle upon Tyne at 09:45 GMT, a flight of 1hrs 15
  • Arrive NCL at 11:00
  • Leave Newcastle Airport by Metro Subway for Newcastle Central Rail Station at 12:40 GMT
  • Arrive back at the garret at 14:30 GMT on Monday 20th of November.

Total journey time of 26hrs 30min.  Time in the air 12hrs 50min.

It’s about 5,500 miles from SoCal to the North of England, all in all, and from 38,000 feet you damn well know the world is round when you look out of the aircraft windows.

Some say that it’s excitement and adventure that keeps a man alive.  And, that when you can’t be bothered to go travelling, you may as well just curl up and die.  All I know is that I loved every damn minute of my latest trip ~ maybe the best trip ever.


jack collier

much on New Mexico is Indian land

(is one allowed to say that?)


I’m Going Home, bye, bye…..

Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home

England is my home

By 07:00 Pacific Standard Time on Monday, I should be in the air, somewhere between John Wayne Airport in Orange County, and Dallas, Fort Worth in Texas. After a 3 hours or so layover in DFW, I fly to London Heathrow, then on to Newcastle upon Tyne, and then eventually back to my garret at sometime after 13:00 hrs on Monday 20th Greenwich Mean Time.

A long and convoluted journey ~ around 18 hours in the air, 6 hours or so of layovers, and an 8 hour time change along the way.  The North of England to Orange County, CA, USA, and back again, is not a trip for the faint-hearted.

California is cool.  And who knows?  If some things change, and some things work out, I may even go back there someday.

Some say that travel and adventure is what keeps a man alive.  And that meeting new people with new things to say broadens the mind and sharpens the intellect.  All I know is that I happen to like California a hell of a lot, but maybe a few Californians not so much.


Jack Collier

Old Glory on Balboa Island CA

An Englishman in Albuquerque

true friendship makes the most of the good in life

New Mexico in November is very bleak, very cold, and very unforgiving ~ and you can trust me on that one, because I’ve been there for the past week.  It’s not the kind of country you would choose to spend time in the late autumn unless you had a damn good reason.  Such as attending some important conference, except the conference I was at was called a retreat.

After the retreat ended on Sunday I opted to spend another couple of days out here in the high desert, first visiting Santa Fe, and then heading back to Albuquerque to hop a flight back to Orange County CA tomorrow.  Despite the cold, snow, and hard harsh countryside, I’m glad that I had the chance to see even just the tiniest part of this vast state.

The experience reinforced in my mind just how different America and Americans are from the life experiences of an average Englishman such as me.  That’s a good thing.  I need to know that there are other standards of behaviour and ways of doing things than the English way, than the way I would customarily do stuff.

A cool guy should be able to fit into any strange situation, including America, without either making a fool of himself or losing his identity.  A very cool guy should be able to be charming, honest, open, and capable of talking with anyone, including Americans from New Mexico.  It’s easy to relate to people who are similar to you, but not so easy for an Englishman in Albuquerque.

The watchword is that I need to lose my prejudices, and accept that some people really like to try to connect and have a conversation with someone they have only just met.  Or, to put it another way, when in America, do as the Americans do ~ it is their country after all.

Some say that all American men should grow up and stop acting like a high-school freshman all the time.  And, that learning to properly eat with a knife and fork would improve the average American’s manners no end.  All I know is that America is a cool place, and Americans are really nice people, if you just accept them on their own terms.


Jack Collier


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