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Random Jottings #11

the truth is rarely pure, and never simple, unless you’re a cat


nobody can be wrong all the time

unless they are very, very good at it


‘you’re right, but I don’t agree…..’ he said

she hit him with a piano


the wrong love is hard work

on a bad day it’s bloody hard work


‘what’s the worst that can happen to me…..?’ he asked

‘the truth…..’ she answered


jack collier


a real hero comes in the strangest disguises

Random Jottings #9

of course you’re not scared of me, I’m not the vampire


‘I adore you…..’ she said.  ‘please take your clothes off…..’

‘these aren’t clothes…..’

‘you’re a werewolf, aren’t you…..?’


she was so fucking hot

and so into being used by the wolf


the witch wore black satin and lace

the werewolf wasn’t impressed, he much preferred red


the werewolf came to her, charmed by her soft voice

‘you are lascivious lust incarnate…..’ Red Riding Hood whispered

‘and I like that’ 


jack collier


Red Riding Hood had almost tamed a werewolf

now what was she going to do with him?



Random Jottings #8

no matter if you’re a vampire or a werewolf, love is still love


vampires werewolves and demons lurk in the shadows

nothing does a good lurk like a werewolf


moonlight music and a werewolf

what more could a girl want?


she should never have gone into that place

it was one of those bars where the nature of werewolves slowly becomes apparent

it’s lucky that she was a real dog


jack collier


dances with werewolves

just don’t show him your throat

Random Jottings #5

an affair with a female dragon, it can be fun, it can be lethal


never argue with a dragon

things could get heated


‘come to me,’ she said in a hot erotic voice

‘I’d rather not,’ he replied

‘oh, why?’

‘you’re a dragon, and last time I got burned’


total self-confidence is sexually attractive

even in a female dragon


jack collier


infidelity is dangerous

when your mistress is a dragon

resistance is tough

eventually, even the toughest man will surrender to a woman


I’m not so tough

you hold my heart in your hand

I can’t get enough

kindness warmth understanding

it’s not merely love

consciousness thought expanded

in your liquid laugh

sexual sensual love’s desire burning

I’m not that tough


jack collier

she does not exist to impress

she exists to be possessed

and in turn to possess

to love a witch

a man may believe in witchcraft, magic, and love


I felt the snake bite

as she talks in my sleep

about others she might

love enchant and keep

under pale moonlight

her passion runs deep

through carnal nights

she’s a lascivious witch

playing dark love games

so, I fucked the hot bitch

and now I’m mad, insane

for the love of a witch


jack collier

witches come in many forms

in fear of your love

if a witch loves you ~ be very, very afraid


at dawn’s first window

I’m just a stones throw

from the cold blue sea

last night in her scream

told me she loved me

that it wasn’t a dream

it’s not what it seems

witch passions ecstasy

so lucky so lucky me

please set me free

a man in mortal fear

in fear of your love

please set me free


jack collier

in the midnight moonlight

a witch’s ecstasy will kill you



Dreams of Desire

believe in love, believe in magic, believe in dreams


Dreaming, I must be dreaming

You have held me in your arms

Magic, it must be your magic

I surrendered to your charms

Dreams, I know I’m dreaming

Or am I really lying next to you

Dreaming, intimate dreaming

In dreams can’t help myself

I’ll fall in love again with you


jack collier


there’s something about a beautiful witch

Just Another Lonely Boy

the soul that sees beauty may sometimes walk alone


every night is the loneliest night of the week

it brings back memories of being cheek to cheek

with the fabulous woman I loved and lost

every night is when I count the bitter cost

of loving so much, losing her, now the future is bleak

I truly miss her, she was kind, elegant, utterly chic

it’s witchcraft, her dress, her shoes, her face, her hair

enchanted, enraptured, there was no better witch

the most alluring eyes, no lovelier sorceress than her

magnificent, exquisite, charming, bewitching bitch

Hey World, if I could only just see her once more

only a glance, then I’d be back on the right track


jack collier


a most alluring witch

Aphrodite’s Herbalist

there is a quiet garden in the heart of love


There is a love called herbs

which knows seasons and extractions


Which chooses and uses through filtration

the pungent scent of timed infusion


Aromatic alchemical hot liquids

spiritually medicinal herbs magical uses


Richly potent oils from maceration

concentrated to potion by decoction


Emollient lipid gynaecium creams

narcotic soporific synergic alcoholate


Glistens alcoholic secret distillation

Aphrodisiac attention to her golden skin


Aphrodite’s herbalist

enhances nature’s beautiful love



 jack collier


some herbs are more mind enhancing than others

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