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End of an Era

the casual conversational tone of a blog is what makes it so very dangerous

After several years and 2342 posts, this will be my very last blog.

It’s served its purpose, kept me sane and literate, and introduced me to several very interesting people.

However, no matter how hard I tried, from time to time I would post some quite inappropriate things, which did me no credit at all. 

Besides I detest the ‘new’ block editor.

So, thank you so very much for reading and commenting, but good morning and goodbye for good.

I hope you have enjoyed reading, as much as I have enjoyed writing.


Road concept – freedom

jack collier

no more deadlines and commitments


Scenes on Sunday ~ Rain

life is not waiting for the storm to pass
it’s about learning to dance in the rain







jack collier



well, here in England you at least have to walk in the rain




Not Feeling Good

some days are worse than others, this is one of those days

Well, today isn’t going so well, it’s been lashing it down with rain, I’m suffering from insomnia, and I’d really rather not be trapped in my garret all day. On the other hand, there isn’t really anywhere to go any more, because I still can’t see my friends, travel is still very difficult, and going anywhere risks being placed in self-isolation, possibly in an expensive hotel.

I need to make the best of things, and lot let myself become depressed.

Hopefully you guys are all doing better than I am.


jack collier

the sea is angry today



Tunes on Tuesday ~ Stairway to Heaven

some things remain funny, no matter what


every day we live we learn something new

jack collier

allegedly, kangaroo is aboriginal for WTF was that?


Black and White Thinking ~ Jealousy

it is the survival of the most selfish

Some say that jealousy is a character defect that has no place in a civilised society.  And that forgiveness is always the right thing to do.  All I know is that brutal Darwinism means that jealousy is hard-wired into us all.  Only the weak do not get jealous.

However, the jealousy of a man is very different from the jealousy of a woman, and that has been hard-wired into the psyche every mature man and woman since the dawn of time.  And it’s all down to genetics.

All living things have the desire to survive, but even stronger than that is the need to pass on their genes to the next generation.  This is the real reason we have the ultimate self-sacrifices of child-care, men dying for others, women dying for their children, religions, charities, altruism…..  Far beyond the drive for self-preservation is the ultimate need to ensure that your children survive and thrive.

Men are jealous because if their woman sleeps with another man she might be carrying a child with her lover’s genes, which benefits him not at all.

Women are jealous because whoever fathered her child, if her partner loves another women he may stop supporting her and her child, therefore her own genetic material may not survive.

It’s not about pride, nor loyalty, nor honesty, nor societal pressures ~ fidelity is about genetics.  Ultimately, women do not care who fathered their child, just that the child must survive and thrive.  However, men have no interest in supporting a woman who might be carrying the child of another man.  It’s a fundamental truth, cheating on your partner is the ultimate betrayal.

Things like birth control, morals, ethics, and religions have muddied the waters, but it comes down to the brutal Darwinian fact that, in a man / woman relationship, exclusivity is first and foremost an essential survival trait.  And it’s the survival of your genes that’s important, not your own survival, and certainly not your happiness.  Darwinism couldn’t really give a fuck if you are happy or not, that’s just a reward for making certain that your genetic material lives on.

That gives rise to a pair of conflicting rules;

  1. If she has cheated on you leave her.
  2. Whatever happens, make him stay with you, even if you’ve been cheating on him.

And good luck living by the hard rules of the survival of the fittest.


jack collier


women want a protector

Monochrome Monday ~ Ebony and Ivory

monochrome photography shows the darkness in the soul

In these politically correct days are we even allowed to listen to this song any more.  You know what?  I don’t care what sad, narrow-minded people think, I like this Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder Duet.

Oh maybe they were talking about piano keys.

In these woke days they can’t be made of ivory either.

But maybe ebony is O.K.


jack collier


not black

but positively monochrome

Songs on Saturday ~ Drunk On A Plane

eventually the cabin staff will cut you off

Following the Dierks Bentley song Somewhere On A Beach I posted earlier today, I also came across this little ditty.

I have so been there.

Except I didn’t actually go to Cancun.


jack collier


but Marmaduke always has my back

Songs on Saturday ~ Somewhere On A Beach

it’s got to be five o’clock somewhere

This song by Dierks Bentley says everything about the kind of summer vacation that I can’t enjoy right now.  As a matter of fact there are some fabulous beaches near the garret, but it isn’t warm, it isn’t relaxing, and there is certainly a dearth of hot girls in skimpy bikinis.

If it comes right down to it I can’t play the guitar either.


jack collier

but I can dream

can’t I?

Does Anyone Care About Tokyo?

the Tokyo Olympics I mean

There is a thing called The Olympic Ideal which is to promote sport, culture, and education to build a better world.  I wonder which advertising company came up with that not-very-catchy slogan?  If ever there was anything noble about the Olympic Games it’s just gone down in a flurry of money-making, horse-trading, cheating, corruption, and grubby politics.  It’s a circus, an ideological, geo-political, power-grabbing battleground where the sport is just a secondary sideshow.

The circus is currently being held in Tokyo, Japan ~ and more than 80% of the Japanese are of the opinion that the whole thing should have been scrapped.  Here in England we have coverage on the BBC, except the viewing figures are in the cellar while complaints about the appalling standards of coverage have reached new heights.

Arguments and complaints among competitors, coaches, national Olympic associations, and officials are a more enthralling spectacle than the actual sports.  And as for the sport, when will tiddlywinks be accepted as an official Olympic sport, because it seems that medals are available for everything else.

Just WTF are artistic swimming, beach volleyball, BMX freestyle, rhythmic gymnastics, surfing, and FFS golf doing as Olympic sports.  And these are all ‘professional sports’.  If you ask me, the Olympics lost its way in 1986 when professionals were first allowed to compete.

It’s all about the TV rights and advertising.


jack collier

track cycling is an Olympic sport, but not proper road racing


The Covid Prison

England is now a vast concentration camp

I am not a number, I am a free man

There is an insidious cloud hanging over England, a pernicious prison created by our own government’s spineless belief in a bunch of discredited scientists and health officials.  This has been a year-and-a-half of chaos for the British People extended to August the 14th by inexplicable ‘test-and-trace’ and self-isolation rules.  It’s all been a total waste of time and treasure.

Theoretically I am free to go almost anywhere in the UK and most of Europe, but should I find myself anywhere near anyone who has tested positive for the coronavirus then I will be required by the government to go into strict self-quarantine for 10 or 14 days ~ despite the fact that I have been vaccinated and more than likely would never test positive for the coronavirus.  And, because of the £37 billion thrown away on the pointless ‘test and trace’ system this grossly inept government will make damn certain that I follow it’s stupid covid laws, regulations, and rules.

Let me give you an example of how insane this all is.  All of France is now off-limits to we English because there has been an ‘outbreak’ of the coronavirus on Reunion Island, which is a tiny scrap of land, in the middle of the Indian Ocean, 6,000 miles from Paris.  The population of the island is some 860,000, of which some 3,000 have tested positive for the virus.  It’s lunatic madness.

If I go into a bar or restaurant here I am supposed to scan my smartphone so that if anyone connected with the place tests positive for the virus, then the government can tell me to self-isolate.  I can’t sensibly book a flight to anywhere because it could be cancelled at short notice, and anywhere I go might be put onto the no-go list at the drop of a hat.

Last week the government here told 1,500,000 people that they must self-isolate.  No wonder Boris Johnson is pushing to be the most unpopular Prime Minister ever.


jack collier

It looks like I will not be visiting my American friend any time soon

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