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Songs on Saturday ~ Rain

rain can be peaceful, restful, and spiritual

After the umbrella post this morning I wanted to post something about rain, and Singing In The Rain is just a little cliched.  This is different, peaceful, restful, and quite spiritual.  I hope you like it as much as I.

You know what, I find this nice for meditation.

Please listen calmly.


jack collier


one thing we get in England is rain

Make Things Happen

nothing happens unless first we dream

That Jigsaw Does Turn Into a Car

The first step in almost every journey is knowing where you want to go.  The first step in any project is knowing what it is that we want to achieve.  To achieve anything meaningful we must first have some sort of a plan.

We choose to go to the moon in this decade…..  ~ President John F. Kennedy

Less than seven years later Neil Armstrong was the first man to step onto the surface of the moon.  The whole Apollo program cost about $25.4 billion, and that dream only took about a thousand years after the rocket was invented in China.  The lesson is that to realise our dreams we must not only have a plan, we must also have the means and the perseverance to keep on going when it all seems hopeless.

There are a couple of pertinent lessons from history;

If at first you don’t succeed try, try, and try again.  ~  Robert the Bruce

and perhaps this more interesting and valuable piece of advice;

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.  ~  Albert Einstein

However, one must always remember that some dreams are totally misguided and the projects they turn into become utterly stupid delusional chimera.  One example of a dream turning into a South Sea Bubble is Tesla, the Californian manufacturer of expensive electric cars.  Despite that their least expensive Model 3 costs some £39,000 in England, and their most expensive roadster will set you back about £200,000, it will take about 1,600 years for the company to earn back the amount of money invested in it.  Frankly, I think you’d be better off investing in bitcoin, and that’s the investment equivalent of playing roulette.

A fool and his money are soon parted.  ~  King James Bible

The dreams of most men revolve around the equilateral triangle of money, sex, and power ~ and the greatest of these is money.  Given enough funds most men can get all the casual sex they want.  And, if you have enough money, some ‘friends’ and lots of perseverance, even a stupid man can become very powerful.  I cite Presidents Trump and Biden as my examples.

Some say that the mark of a man is not what he achieves, but what he longs to achieve.  And that all human activity is driven by desire.  All I know is that we should be very careful what we set our heart on ~ we may get it.


jack collier

that’s supposed to be an ark

oh Good Grief!

Good, Bad, or Indifferent?

being consistently bad is hard work

Boris and Carrie Symonds ~ evil or just bad?

There’s an urban myth that it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile.  Turns out it only needs 11 muscles to frown and 12 are used when we smile.  Who knew?  What I do know is that it’s hard work to be a really and truly jealous, judgmental, resentful, unhappy, and angry liar.  It is actually much easier to be accepting, understanding, honest, and open.  My empirical evidence for this is that I am suffering from some horrible unnamed illness that has me weary, exhausted, and brain-fogged.  Being so tired means that I just do not have the energy for being jealous, judgmental, resentful, unhappy, and angry.  Instead of being a negative jerk I’m feeling, thinking, and acting with honest positivity.  And that’s nice for me and everyone I come into contact with.

My prayer for today is to ask for help being a good, kind, honourable, accepting and understanding English Gentleman.

Being a bad guy is much harder work than you would think.

Being barred from Twitter for life helps a lot.


jack collier


Marmaduke never uses Twitter

and he is always a good bear

Seascapes and Serenity Lost

poetry is nearer to reality than is the unadorned truth

Both the kindle and print versions of my poetry anthology Seascapes and Serenity Lost are now available on Amazon.  Trust me, the 8 x 10 paperback edition will look fabulous on your coffee table.

I must pay tribute to Jan Olandese who did all the hard work of editing and formatting both editions.

The one review I think I’ve received thus far is pretty damn positive.

Some of the stuff I’ve written is more than brutally truthful.


jack collier

the original photograph that appears on the book’s cover

No End In Sight

England will be closed down for months to come

some would say that’s being flown the wrong way up

Despite flashes of official optimism following the first vaccinations against the coronavirus, it would seem that there is no end in sight to the manifold miseries of lockdown, self-isolation, and national shutdown.  Scotland faces a national shutdown from midnight tonight, and there is no doubt that Prime Minister Boris Johnson will very soon follow suit for England.  He is making a televised statement at 8 p.m. this evening, and Parliament is being recalled on Wednesday this week, presumably to ratify whatever draconian new measures are announced.

Even harsher coronavirus  measures than before will mean that UK borders will be closed, international travel stopped, all stores except food stores and pharmacies will be shut, all schools closed, any and all household mixing will be banned, and people will only be allowed to leave their homes for one of a specified list of essential reasons, such as food shopping.

Despite these draconian emergency measures the numbers infected with COVID-19 will keep on rising, and more and more people will die.  There is nothing politicians, health officials, or medical science can do about it.  The coronavirus will mutate faster than vaccines can be developed to prevent each new strain.  Once a virus is loose in the general population there is no way short of Divine Intervention of controlling it.  And, who’s to say that God didn’t inflict this on the world?

The virus will eventually burn itself out, as all pandemics do.  But, this could take months or even years.  Until then we will all just have to suffer.

Good luck to us all.


jack collier


best to bar your door and fort-up ’til spring

Coronavirus Chaos

order, counter-order, disorder, chaos

The British Government’s handling of the coronavirus crisis is descending into farce, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson leading the charge towards chaos and civil disorder.

To begin with; England is mostly in the severest extant tier four lockdown, and faced with an even stricter tier 5, (which has yet to be invented).  Yet, Mr Johnson  is urging parents to send their youngest children to school tomorrow.  This could be a whole new ‘slaughter of the innocents’.  On the third hand, the Prime Minister has not ruled out a nationwide full shutdown of everything to try to control the new mutant strain of the virus.  Interestingly while primary schools here will be open tomorrow January 4th, no decision has yet been made on whether higher education establishments will be allowed to open even on January 18th.

It turns out that the whole lockdown idea touted by the disgraced, adulterous Professor Neil Ferguson came from Communist China.  What kind of guy is this mad professor anyway?  He’s got no medical qualifications whatsoever, in fact he never even passed a basic biology examination.  The latest on that is that lockdown hasn’t worked here because we are a ‘western liberal democracy…..’  WTF?

The vaccination programme is also in a complete mess.  Each recipient needs to receive 2 injections, spaced three weeks apart, (according to the manufacturer’s doctors and scientists).  However, in order to boost the numbers ‘vaccinated’ the idiotic health minister Matt Hancock is saying that there will be 3 months between vaccinations instead of 3 weeks.  Every statistic trotted out concerning COVID-19 is a damn lie.   As it happens a significant number of people, (perhaps 40% of the population), will turn down the opportunity of receiving the injections.

Many health professionals, such as retired doctors and practicing dentists, have given up on volunteering to administer the coronavirus vaccination because of the stupid bureaucratic nonsense surrounding the process.

Top officials in the NHS have insisted that urgent cancer operations will not be scrapped in order to free up beds for coronavirus patients.  Methinks they doth protest too much.

Meanwhile, a recent nationwide opinion poll shows that if there were a general election now, Boris Johnson’s Government would be thrown out on its ear, and he would lose his own parliamentary seat, all because of the mismanagement of the coronavirus crisis.

You couldn’t make it up.


jack collier

Nobody else is applauding you, Mr Prime Minister


Scenes on Sunday ~ Peacefulness

the search for inner peace continues through crises







jack collier


Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love

is here for us all

Sick New Year

everything will be OK, just not today

cold and raining

It’s cold and wet outside, the heating in the garret has failed, and a few years ago I had pneumonia.  Today I feel manky.  The symptoms I have could be mistaken for COVID-19, but I’m certain that I am having an attack of bronchitis.  Hacking cough, headache, temperature, sore throat, hearing loss, aches and pains, tiredness, and I’m a bit confused.  I just poured hot water into my coffee jar instead of into my mug…..  Oh well, that’s one way of making very strong coffee,

There’s no way I will go and see my doctor, because there is no way I’m going to be hospitalised with a whole lot of people who really have COVID-19.  Home treatment for bronchitis means staying in the warm, drinking plenty of fluids, and taking aspirin and ibuprofen.  Although cough mixtures don’t really help much, even the placebo effect is better than nothing.

New Year’s Resolution: improve my health and fitness; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually ~ so that my immune system is working better.

I do hope that you are all feeling hale, hearty, and happy today.

I know that I’ll be better in a few days.

Happy New Year ~ Jeez…..


jack collier

I could use a little compassionate nursing

December 31st

last day of the year and I’m in trouble

the garret has turned into my private dungeon

In fact the whole of England is in trouble.  Everything is shut except for food stores and pharmacies.  Nobody can meet anyone, except for 1 chosen person from your support bubble, in an outside public place.  Only 3 pubs in the whole of England are open, and they are all on the Isles of Scilly, where nobody can go anyway.  In fact we are not allowed to travel anywhere at all ~ as I know to my cost after my trip to Cancun was cancelled by British Airways.  There is no chance of my recovering the $2,000 I paid for my flights.  The schools and universities will not reopen in the New Year, probably until Easter, and all New Year’s celebrations are cancelled.  If you’re caught having a party you will be arrested.

Things are so depressing here that I got drunk over Christmas ~ and that did not help at all.  Booze never helps anything.

Other bad things happening to me are that I have no heating or hot water because my gas boiler is busted.  It’s actually the gas control valve, and if I can’t fix that myself I’ll have no heating nor hot water until well into the  New Year.  I have a tiny space heater, so I won’t quite freeze even though it’s only 15 degrees Fahrenheit outside, but showering in cold water is going to be no fun at all.

All in all I just hope for much better things in 2021 than we had this year.

Have a Happy New Year everyone.  I’ll be toasting the New Year in in apple juice, alone.


jack collier

love to all

for this New Year

Random Jottings ~ Covid Christmas

in England it’s always winter now, but never Christmas


Christmas is a special day of meaning and traditions

spent in the warm circle of family and friends

unless you’re a Londoner in lockdown


and, one by one, all our freedoms were taken away


whatever draconian laws governments pass

the virus will always have the last word


The singing of Christmas carols is verboten

and all the churches are closed


have yourself a merry little Christmas

and I do mean little


silent nights have come to stay


jack collier

and on Christmas Eve, the clock struck thirteen

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