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Vacation’s Romances

If you can’t find sex under a blue sky, you can’t find it anywhere.


heat relaxing

sunshine good times

high clear deep bluest sky

new friends open conversations

food wine music party suntanned girls

strolling sightseeing swimming sunbathing

dancing talking kissing friends romance love sex

late summer Mediterranean vacation’s fond memories

seem mostly of fleeting romance, transient love, casual sex

Jack Collier

not that casual sex on vacation is to be approved of

Deal Me Again

If you’re weary of Mediterranean sunshine, you’re weary of life.

Heading home to England from Crete today.  Looks like that’s the last of my Mediterranean vacations for this year.  I think I’m having far too much time at home in the garret, and not enough time travelling, enjoying sunshine and good weather, exploring interesting new places, and generally relaxing.

In the rest of this year I only have one more trip organised, (mostly organised).  In November ‘the girl riding shotgun’ and I are going to New Mexico, principally to attend a 4 day retreat lead by Gregg Braden and Dr. Bruce Lipton.  I am adding a couple of days in Albuquerque to that trip, and I will by flying in and out of Orange County in SoCal from the UK.  So maybe a couple of weeks vacationing in all.

I would take a cruise over the Christmas Holidays – if I could find a cool travelling companion to go with me…..  Although I don’t object to being a solitary traveller, I really do think you need to be with someone, if you’re taking a cruise – maybe especially over the festive season.

So, I need to re-prioritise my life; spend more time being in the sun on vacation, spend more time planning and arranging vacations, put more effort into finding that ideal travelling companion, and spend much, much less time being miserable in the garret during  the cold, dull, miserable English Autumn and winter.  And, I need to continue my worthy studies into philosophy, psychology, and the Meaning of Life – especially when I am on vacation.

Some say that life can’t be all about having fun, that we have to suffer in order to fully enjoy the ‘beer and skittles’.  And, that into each life a little rain must fall.  All I know is that I’ve suffered my fair share of fucking damn downpours.

It’s time to reshuffle the deck and deal myself another sunshine Mediterranean vacation.

Jack Collier

Sunshine and a great pool, what more could a guy want other than a pretty woman?

Scenes on Sunday – Mediterranean Seascapes

The Mediterranean breathes a new life into the world.

Jack Collier

the sun, a beach, the sea, a jug of wine, and thee…..

Crete, the beach at the bottom of our street

Chania is an historic Venetian City

There are no modern beachfront resort hotels here.  The hotel I am staying in has only a dozen rooms, and for this kind of singles vacation, (where the group dynamic is important), small is indeed beautiful.

But there is a park and beach right at the bottom of our street.

The park sits between our street and the beach.

At this time of year the Mediterranean is calm and warm.

I will show you a lot more cool pictures when I get back to the garret and I can connect my camera to the computer.

Jack Collier


This beach is popular with overseas holidaymakers and locals alike.

The Lady Loves

Sex without real love is as pointless as love without great sex.





hot sexiness,

the lady adores,

his cool advances,

he takes every chance,

she loves a sexual dance,

she entrances with a glance,

amorous excitement, romance,

is this true friendship, love or sex?

real dominatrix or submissive enough?

does she like very hard, passionate, rough?

or a slow sensual romantic gentle caring love?


jack collier

or maybe she likes meaningless casual animal sex

Cretian Hotel at Night and Dawn

Sometimes you can only know something at night.

Crete is 2 hours ahead of UK time, ergo my circadian rhythm is a little off this morning.  So some pictures of my hotel at night-time.

Jack Collier

My hotel room is more like a small apartment

I could live here.

Manchster to Crete

Safe in Manchester and flying to Crete tomorrow.

I’m staying in a strange hotel, with lots of long winding corridors, and short flights of steps.  Reminds me of a place I stayed at once in Big Bear, California.

I have a nice room.

And the public spaces are excellent.

Dining Room.


But those corridors are strange.

Jack Collier

Monochrome Monday~ Drinking

So set ’em up Joe, there’s no one in the place, ‘cept you and me.





jack collier

Monochrome Monday ~ California

Got on board a west bound 747, it never rains in Southern California.

But man don’t they warn you, man it pours, man it pours.  England is my home, I want to go home, I want to go home, where it rains but it never pours.  And, they say it never rains in Southern California.









jack collier


Southern California is a cool place to be.

Pictures taken by The Girl Riding Shotgun.

Scenes on Sunday ~ Marmaduke

The young at heart will always find a friend in a teddy bear.

Marmaduke is my teddy bear.  He has his own life, filled with adventures, daydreams, and really wild things.  But, the boat has got to go.







jack collier


It’s a grand life being a well-travelled teddy bear.

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