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Tunes on Tuesday ~ Why Do I Go To Extremes?

Whatever men attempt, they seem driven to overdo ~  Bernard Baruch

That’s certainly always been true for me.

Please listen responsibly.

jack collier

Merry Christmas to Everyone

Marmaduke and I Wish You Very Merry Christmas

one with lots of love to share


jack collier



a Christmas Rose for you

Christmas Eve

NORAD Tracks Santa’s Sleigh Tonight


check out the official NORAD Santa Tracker

click on the link above

Despite the US Government shut-down, NORAD will still be tracking Santa’s Sleigh tonight ~ beginning at 07:00 GMT.



brought to you by jack collier

Santa has an around-the-world fighter escort

Christmas Songs

Chris Rea ~ Driving Home For Christmas

I’ve done that more times than I’d care to remember.

Please listen responsibly

jack collier

Tunes on Tuesday ~ Chris Rea

Be charitable and loving when winter comes howling in.

Middlesbrough Man Chris Rea is a brilliant exponent of the slide guitar ~ athough I like him best because he likes great cars, including the iconic 7.

Please listen responsibly.


jack collier

don’t drive a 7 in winter

unless you’re very brave

Songs on Saturday ~ December 1st

At Christmas, love the giver more than the gift.

The First of December is the beginning of my personal Christmas Season ~ others may begin their own Christmas earlier, or if they follow older traditions will not begin to celebrate Yule until December 21st.  The end of Yuletide is January 1st, and here in England the traditional end of Christmas is 12th Night, which falls on January 5th.

Anyone with the spirit of Christmas / Yule in their heart will have their own seasonal traditions, one of mine is that my Christmas playlist comes into force today ~ my computerised music system really only plays festive songs between now and 12th night.

This is one of my favourite festive tunes ~ it reminds me that not everyone looks forward to Christmas.

Please listen with joy and compassion in your heart.


jack collier


snow in the high desert,

New Mexico


The Rolling Stones on Vinyl

Analogue Music on Vinyl is So Much Better in every way.

Now that I’ve got back into playing proper records on a proper record player I’ve decided to fill in some gaps in my record collection ~ starting with The Rolling Stones.  Ergo I’ve just bout a remastered double album Hot Rocks 1964-1971….. was it all really that long ago?

Here’s some vintage stones for you.



jack collier

my new ablbum sounds fabulous played on my Thorens deck

Recorded Music

Without music, life would be a mistake.  ~  Friedrich Nietzsche

I have started to buy proper records again ~ and why did I stop?

Allegedly, last year 4,100,000 vinyl albums were sold in the UK.  I didn’t know that many people still had record players.

Some people have never heard a proper record played on a decent hi-fi, but perhaps they are part of a lost generation.

Some say that there is nothing better than listening to a band live.  And, that any recorded music is a pale shadow of the real thing.  All I know is those people don’t own 12 inches of black vinyl.


jack collier


a proper record

on a proper record player

Tunes on Tuesday ~ Tina Turner

The harder I try, the better I get.

I may never ride bareback again ~ it’s much harder than it looks.

Please watch and listen responsibly.


jack collier

If you want to be a better man,

try reading M. Scott Peck’s ,

The Road Less Travelled

Tunes on Tuesday ~ Casablanca

Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman ~ As Time Goes By



In Casablanca, Rick never said; ‘Play it again Sam’, but he should have

Women can drive a man to remember, and to think

all that may make a guy so take just one more drink

and booze does no good, but his love is treacherous

he can do better, and he will always have memories

I never truly told a friend how much I loved her, and I should have.


jack collier                                            

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