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Songs on Saturday ~ Sailing

those who love must learn to sail in storms

Sailing can become all-consuming passion for the sea and the wind.


I can sail a yacht as well as most

ghosting by the Mediterranean coast

yet the sea and the wind are never at rest

and no mere sailor can ever best the storms

please listen very responsibly to this music post


jack collier

sailing a yacht is reasonably easy in good weather


Tunes on Tuesday ~ Creed

hold fast to your dreams, for if dreams die,
life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.

This track was introduced to me by a cool lady who follows this blog.  And, here’s the thing, the very first time I played this, it moved me man.

My life is exactly here.

Sometimes music is more than just sounds.

I was hoping for a weirder video track though but.

Please don’t get dragged down by responsibilities and expectations.


jack collier

wants, needs, desires, dreams, and wishes

don’t ever let them go

Tunes on Tuesday ~ Rio

don’t spend your life getting high on booze and pot ~ get high on life

I chose this track just because I’m taking a vacation next week, (not in Rio).  But, listening to it again I’m pretty sure this ex-Monkee was high on something when he penned this song.

Anyhow, it’s a great warm-up for my vacation.

Please drink, smoke, and listen responsibly.


jack collier


there’s a lot of this where I’m going

Songs on Saturday ~ At the River

life is a sea of shifting sand dunes, unpredictable and erratic

I like this song ~ rather strange accompanying video.

If my ship sails from sight it doesn’t mean my journey ends,

it simply means that the river bends.

please listen responsibly


jack collier

serried calm waves in a grey sea

Tunes on Tuesday ~ hip to be square

being a square stops you from going around in circles

As I am a true-blue Englishman, with old-fashioned values and very high standards, I am just about as square as it gets.  This is a pretty cool track.

But, you want to know a secret?  I’m actually a very cool guy, living a really great life.

Please listen responsibly.


jack collier

square guys don’t often find themselves in places like this ~ well after midnight

Songs on Saturday ~ Rain

some people feel the rain, others just get wet

England, this green and pleasant land, where it rains a lot.

Different from the parts of America, where it’s dusty and hot.

Clouds came floating unbidden into my life, not to carry the life-giving rain, but to hide the beautiful rainbow of love.

Please listen responsibly.


jack collier

singing in the rain is not my thing

I couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket

Tunes on Tuesday ~ Beer

he’s only ever been in love with a beer bottle and a mirror

You know what?  It turns out that beer is very bad for you.  Too much beer will make you bloated, fat, and stupid.  More beer than that will kill you.

How much is too much?  If you are who I think you are, then one beer is one too many for you.

Please drink responsibly.


jack collier

a gentleman never drinks straight from the bottle or can

and real ladies don’t drink beer

Songs on Saturday ~ Dog Days Are Over

the hottest days of summer are called the dog days

I have this on 12 inches of hard black vinyl.

This track sounds unbelievably good played on a proper record player ~ a fucking an extremely expensive proper record player.

Please listen responsibly.


jack collier

you can’t play 12 inches of black vinyl on an old wooden box

Tunes on Tuesday ~ I’ll Find My Way Home

If you feel lost, it’s because the heart and mind are not in harmony.

I really need to find a way back home.

More importantly, I need to find a way back to myself.


jack collier


this is what my the prison inside my mind feels like

Monochrome Monday ~ Memories

The worst part of holding onto the memory isn’t the pain, it’s the crushing loneliness.



Not all memories need to be bad ones ~ but then why are all my memories and dreams in out-of-focus monochrome?


jack collier

this isn’t a memory

it was a nightmare.

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