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Songs on Saturday ~ Lovely Day

this is the first day of the rest of my life

I just wanted to play something gentle and uplifting today.  This Bill Withers song fits the bill perfectly.

I hope you remember this as well as I do.


jack collier


this was a lovely day with my friend Marmaduke

Songs on Saturday ~ Shape of My Heart

only the world can keep us apart

It was always in the cards that the world would conspire to keep me apart from she I care for, but that distance is not the shape of my heart.  This track from Sting comes some way to expressing how I feel.

A real man, a man who shows and honest and open face to the world can only ever love one woman.  And, I don’t own a dog.


jack collier


but then, real men don’t play cards

Songs on Saturday ~ At the River

when a man is weary of the sea, he is weary of life

Here it’s cold, grey, damp, and miserable.  This song by Groove Armada makes me think of better days and visits to warm places like Laguna Beach.

The Beaches of Orange County look pretty good from here.

A nice dream for a bad day in England.


jack collier

sunset over the Pacific

I’ll never weary of that

Tunes on Tuesday ~ Madness

Lockdown in England Day 400

It’s been more than a year in lockdown, I recently had a false positive test for COVID-19, and things are really getting to me.

This Madness song says it all.

I like the Jaguar ~ great car, drives like a truck.


jack collier


a better Jaguar


Tunes on Tuesday ~ Monster Mash

I was working in my lab, late one night…..

The news is so depressing and divisive that I thought we could all use a bit of a laugh today.  This is one of those songs from the past that appeals to the 1960s in me, along with the E-Type Jaguar, England beating Germany in the World Cup, and Sean Connery as James Bond.

The Aston Martin DB5 is the classic car for British Secret Agents.  However, originally Bond drove a blower Bentley.  Not a lot of people know that.  And that the Addams Family drove a Packard V12.  Of course the only V12 worth owning is an E-Type.

I digressed a bit there.  Must be lockdown madness.  I am attending a 12-step group for the whole howling at the moon thing……


jack collier


V12 E-Type Jaguar in dark BRG

Songs on Saturday ~ She Makes My Day

all women are beautiful
it just takes the right man to see it

This Robert Palmer track describes how I feel about today.  I hope that you have a very special friend in your life too.

Of course, we guys calls cars, boats, and aeroplanes ‘She….’ too.


jack collier

Tunes on Tuesday ~ Dog Days Are Over

the dog days of spring afflict us all from time to time

Last Weekend I had some really bad dog days, this track from Florence + The Machine reminds me how bad things can get.

This is a reprise, I hope you like it.


jack collier

anxiety, clinical depression, alcohol


Tunes on Tuesday ~ Lifted

first, find the peace within yourself

Not that anyone would believe it, but The Lighthouse Family are an English band, from Newcastle upon Tyne.  That’s not why I chose this song, it’s because I feel the need to be lifted from the slough of despond I’ve been suffering.

I believe that I’ve driven that road, just out of Death Valley, California.

Probably in a Mustang Convertible.


jack collier

sometimes, only a Mustang convertible will do

Songs on Saturday ~ The Chain

there’s nothing wrong with the car, except that it’s on fire

Back in the great days of motor racing, before it became a procession of ugly electric slot cars, the iconic commentator and pundit on the BBC was a chap called Murray Walker ~ famous for getting it all wrong at the best time.  The music for the opening credits for the Grand Prix show on TV was The Chain by Fleetwood Mac.

This is the short version.


jack collier

Murray Walker passed away about a year ago. He loved this lotus 72 as driven by Emerson Fittipaldi



Songs on Saturday ~ Daytona

twelve wild horses in silver chains

Back in the day, when Chris Rea could still sing and great cars didn’t rely on computers to make them work, Pininfarina designed the Daytona.  I would contend one of the 10 best-looking cars ever made.

I’ve been to Daytona Beach, and I even know what Daytona means, but I’ve never driven a Ferrari Daytona, not anywhere.  And actually, I’d rather own a Jaguar V12 E-Type, but then I am English and not Californian


jack collier

a man’s man’s car

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