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Songs on Saturday ~ Coldplay

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, and try again.

This song says something important to me right now.

You cannot change anyone, unless they want to change.


jack collier

some men think that there’s more than one way to fix a woman

Songs on Saturday ~ Sugar Me

You catch more monkeys with sugar than with vinegar.

This song takes me all the way back to my staid and honest younger days.  Sadly, I never did have a misspent youth ~ not even in swinging 70’s London.

Lynsey wrote this song for Peter Noone, and only recorded it herself at the urging of her then boyfriend Dudley Moore.  Back in the day Lynsey was very much part of the swinging London scene ~ minis and all.

jack collier


the all-conquering mini cooper

Tunes on Tuesday ~ Avalon

The Isle of Avalon ~ the legendary location of Camelot.

Avalon is also where the Sword Excalibur was born.

Somehow, this song is calling out to me today


jack collier


Tunes on Tuesday ~ The Great Escape

The past is for learning from and letting go.  You can’t revisit it.  It vanishes.  ~  Adele Parks

Englishmen pf a certain age all have a similar list of their 5 favourite films, and in particular the theme tunes that go with them.  This is in my top five.

Many times I’ve wanted to get on a 500cc Triumph and just escape.

All really great motorcycles are British Iron.


jack collier

Steve McQueen always rode a Triumph

Songs on Saturday ~ Pink Floyd

There is not a second of my day that I don’t miss her

Going on vacation without her will not be unadulterated pleasure.

jack collier

but it will be much better than being in England



Songs on Saturday ~ Bruno Mars

A strong woman builds her own world, for she is amazing.

This is a cool song from a cool-looking young guy.

The lyrics remind me of a woman I know.

Please listen responsibly.


jack collier


a very amazingly undressed woman

they’re coloured mirrors

Music ~ Flat Earth

I have come to believe that the shape of the Earth cannot be proven.  ~  Albert Einstein


Following on from my post earlier in the week about self-deluded people who believe in a flat Earth, here’s a song about a woman who seems to believe that the Earth isn’t round.

When it comes to believing in very strange theories, it’s almost always a woman.

Please listen responsibly.


jack collier

well, there you go

the Earth is round, after all

Songs on Saturday ~ Icelandic

In Iceland, there are rocks, glaciers, inedible food, and weird music.

Of Monsters and Men ~ Little Talks.

(Stop the playback after this song, else get the whole album.)

It seems that I have developed a taste for weird music videos.

This isn’t as weird as some I’ve viewed, but it’s out there.

Iceland is the strangest of places, that’s reflected here.

Please listen responsibly, don’t be a real weirdo.

But then, just don’t listen to a word I say.


jack collier

steam punk airships are weird too

Songs on Saturday ~ Imagine Dragons

Chasing Imagined Dragons, she’s one part brave, one part a sorceress.

I know a woman who likes snakes, octopuses, and probably chasing dragons.

She likes psychedelic art, abstract spiral trees, and abandoned buildings.

But then, I like, love, and adore exotic, weird, mysterious women.

Just perhaps, this strange song and weird video are for her.

Please listen responsibly.


jack collier

never kiss a Goddess holding a snake

and never look into their eyes


Songs on Saturday ~ Babylon

When a man is tired of London, he is tired of Life.  ~  Samuel Johnson

The only people who know all of London drive black cabs.

I like this slightly melancholy track, it reminds me fondly of some people, places, and things.

Looking back in time; I’ve been blind, I’ve been jealous, I’ve been angry, I’ve been bitter, and I’ve been a fool ~ but the love I hold for you has never been in doubt.

Please listen responsibly.


jack collier


The bright lights of another Babylon


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