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Tunes on Tuesday ~ Blondie

some say there is no blonde like an older blonde

Back in they day, when I drove a red TR6 sports car and went to New York a lot, Debbie Harry was considered to be very HOT.  By some at least.

Great legs, nice shoes, shame about the scarf.

Please listen responsibly.


jack collier

very hairy chested

Songs on Saturday ~ Jackie Wilson

love and music can change the world

Recently I’ve been pretty sick with this fucking terrible COVID-19 thing.  My symptoms were fairly mild, and I’ve pulled through fairly quickly.  One of the reasons I’ve recovered so fast is the support and love my friends have given me ~ that’s marvelous and it’s also helping now that I’m in lockdown.

This Jackie Wilson song is for them.

The Fred Astaire  / Ginger Rogers clip goes brilliantly.  And who ya gonna call…..?  (You have to remember Ghostbusters to get the connection.)

Please listen with my thanks.


jack collier


and she did it all backwards

in tall heels

Lockdown Exercise

the infinite mystery of the sea dwells in a mermaid’s magical heart

You may be in lockdown, which is pretty miserable, but that shouldn’t mean sitting in front of the TV all day snacking and drinking beer.  We all need to stay fit and healthy during this medical emergency, and that means carrying on with our exercise routines.

Here in England I can go out for a walk in the fresh air and sunshine, once a day, providing that I stay close to the garret, (and sensibly don’t stop and talk with anyone at all).

Something else I can do is take some fun exercise indoors.  My friend magickmermaid  posted this music video as a comment on my blog yesterday as something different to exercise with ~ and I think it’s brilliantly hilarious.  I hope you do too.

If you have any other suggestions for fun music videos to exercise to, then please share them.

I’m told laughing and sex are great exercise too.


jack collier

a prayer for spring by magick mermaid

please click on the link above



Songs on Sunday ~ 2002

meditation is not black magic, meditation is a relationship with yourself

For this Sunday some meditative music for you.  I have just discovered the band 2002, and they play some very cool tunes.  Try and breathe peacefully.

Meditation is sometimes difficult for me, but walking by the sea takes me to a very special place within my spirit.

Please listen responsibly.


jack collier


everyone needs love

Tunes on Tuesday ~ Hoagy Carmichael

nothing is more meaningful than surrendering to love

Some say that money makes the world go around.  Looking at the world’s financial markets crashing, and loved ones dying, I’d say that it’s love that makes the world keep on turning.

Thinking of the things she’s said and the tone of her voice when she said them, what man could not be in love.

Please listen with care and affection.


jack collier

I’d walk a thousand miles of track

just to see her smile.

Songs on Sunday ~ Lisa Gerrard

Sunday clears away the debris from the rest of the week

Something tells me that I should be posting more spiritual and inspirational music on Sundays than I’ve been doing thus far.  Ergo, this seems to be quite spiritual to me.

Lisa Gerrard is the most famous Australian singer, musician, and composer I’ve never heard of ~ a musical polymath and Renaissance woman.  Perhaps it’s time I listened to more of her work, on vinyl.

Please listen with reverence.


jack collier


one man’s weed is another man’s wildflower

Tunes on Tuesday ~ Dire Straits

do what you have to do, until you can do what you want to do

Some people have recently been in dire straits, and some people like Dire Straits music.  I’m a guy who can say yes to both of those.

I’ve just bought myself a copy of The Best of Dire Straits & Mark Knopfler ~ Private Investigations, (on vinyl), and this is one of the tracks on that album.

Please listen with nostalgia.


jack collier


If you have money for nothing

don’t buy a record player

Songs on Saturday ~ Enya

trees are poems the earth writes upon the sky

A week ago today I had a mystical awakening to who I am, my place in the world, who I want to become, and something of the meaning of the interconnectedness of all things.  This track by Enya played a part in making me stronger, bolder, harder, wiser, caring, compassionate, more together, more grounded, more connected, and more capable of loving.

There is one vocal refrain, a leitmotif, Be Yourself.  That said so much to me when I was searching for my true identity.  Before a man can try to improve and be better, he must first of all learn how to be himself.

Please listen thoughtfully.


jack collier

every leaf is a memory



Galaxy of Emptiness

when someone says it’s not about money and power
it’s all about money and power

If you have been following my writings over the past few days then you may know that I have had something of a mystical experience that has let me see things in an enlightened way.  What I have come to appreciate is that most of my life, indeed most of the lives of most people on this planet, are driven by materialism.  That is the tendency to consider material possessions and physical comfort as more important that spiritual enlightenment.

I was going to write a long post about how empty that made my life, and how destructive that can be for relationships and one’s mental health.  Instead I’ve decided to share this song by Beth Orten with you.  It says it better I think.


I was at the head of my profession.  I had all the money and power I could handle.  My life was meaningless and selfish.  My soul was empty.

This song is an opportunity for you to spend a few minutes in contemplation.

Please listen with all your heart.


jack collier


starry, starry night

paint your palette blue and grey


With A Little Help From My Friends

where you are right now is where you were meant to be

Earlier this week I treated myself to the Beatles album Sgt, Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, on vinyl of course.  This is a brand new pressing re-mastered to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the original release in May 1967.  There is something very atmospheric about recreating the days of one’s youth.

Obviously I would have like to have bought an original ‘first pressing,’ and there are a couple for sale; on Amazon yet!  But, even I’m not going to pay something like $750 for 12 inches of black vinyl that I would never have dared to play.  Ergo this new pressing is a great buy for me.

There are some fab, groovy tracks on this album ~ but I’ve chosen this one because right now it’s very meaningful for me.

Ringo wasn’t a great singer, but then he wasn’t really a great drummer either.

I wonder where I can buy a pair of loon pants?

Or an original Mini Cooper?


jack collier

Try not to go all 1960’s on me


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