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End of an Era

the casual conversational tone of a blog is what makes it so very dangerous

After several years and 2342 posts, this will be my very last blog.

It’s served its purpose, kept me sane and literate, and introduced me to several very interesting people.

However, no matter how hard I tried, from time to time I would post some quite inappropriate things, which did me no credit at all. 

Besides I detest the ‘new’ block editor.

So, thank you so very much for reading and commenting, but good morning and goodbye for good.

I hope you have enjoyed reading, as much as I have enjoyed writing.


Road concept – freedom

jack collier

no more deadlines and commitments


Monochrome Monday ~ Ebony and Ivory

monochrome photography shows the darkness in the soul

In these politically correct days are we even allowed to listen to this song any more.  You know what?  I don’t care what sad, narrow-minded people think, I like this Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder Duet.

Oh maybe they were talking about piano keys.

In these woke days they can’t be made of ivory either.

But maybe ebony is O.K.


jack collier


not black

but positively monochrome

Scenes on Sunday ~ Dance

hand in hand, on the edge of the sand
they danced by the moon’s last light

Just to do something different, here’s a dance mashup with scenes from some great films. Most of which I’ve been lucky enough to catch, at one time or another.

I hope you enjoy.


jack collier


Dance with me in Dreams

until the end of Love

Songs on Saturday ~ Drunk On A Plane

eventually the cabin staff will cut you off

Following the Dierks Bentley song Somewhere On A Beach I posted earlier today, I also came across this little ditty.

I have so been there.

Except I didn’t actually go to Cancun.


jack collier


but Marmaduke always has my back

Songs on Saturday ~ Somewhere On A Beach

it’s got to be five o’clock somewhere

This song by Dierks Bentley says everything about the kind of summer vacation that I can’t enjoy right now.  As a matter of fact there are some fabulous beaches near the garret, but it isn’t warm, it isn’t relaxing, and there is certainly a dearth of hot girls in skimpy bikinis.

If it comes right down to it I can’t play the guitar either.


jack collier

but I can dream

can’t I?

Thank You For Being A Friend

friendship is all about trusting each other, helping each other
loving each other, and being crazy together

This song is for a friend, someone to whom real friendship means everything.

Maybe, someday, I can repay her friendship.

Maybe it will always stay this way.

Well, I can dream, can’t I?


jack collier

one rose can never be enough

unless it’s given in true friendship

I Love Her

sometimes a man needs to say ‘I love her….’

This song is for a friend of mine, someone I’ve been neglecting for a week, ever since I went to a family event that  didn’t go so well.

And, I do love her…..

I need to say it more often….


jack collier


Love isn’t just for Valentines Day

Tunes on Tuesday ~ Ventura Highway

one of my best things is a long road trip in the sunshine

This song reminds me of very many happier times than I have enjoyed over recent months and years.  Ventura Highway from America.

Please listen responsibly.


jack collier

a convertible mustang in the Californian desert


Tunes on Tuesday ~ Come Fly With Me

we have nothing to lose and a whole world to see

Of course, this song is very appropriate today because, despite the much heralded ‘end of lockdown’, we English aren’t allowed to fly anywhere very much.  Certainly we are prohibited from flying to the USA, and you Americans aren’t allowed to come here either.  Unless you are a politician or a prince.

This makes Boris Johnson, Joe Biden, and Prince Harry the three most disliked ‘men’ by all good Englishmen and true.  We can’t stand their wives either…..


jack collier

Pan Am Super Constellation

the good old days of air travel

Tunes on Tuesday ~ England Swings

if you can remember the swinging sixties
you were never there

Now that England has finally seen the back of, (most of), the stupid coronavirus restrictions, the country is getting back to normal again.  England isn’t quite swinging, but I still think this Roger Miller song is appropriate for the mood of the day

Of course some of us are old enough to remember the swinging sixties, when both skirts and cars were tiny minis.


jack collier

real mini coopers

very swinging sixties

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