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I am the lucky one

real love means doing whatever it takes

no more grey skies now


never felt a love like this

just that first tender kiss

was all that it took

for me to give everything

to make her mine

for all of time




do whatever it takes

to chase the grey skies away

love is light

every moment is made glorious by the light of love


she walks in beauty in the night

the moon and stars her tender light

a soft brightness her soul incites

to taste of love’s passionate delights


jack collier

starlight serves to highten her charms


goodbye is the hardest word


please forgive me when things don’t always go right

and that I didn’t say; ‘I love you’ as much as I might

I apologise that I stay awake just to hear you breathing

and that sometimes I get weary late at night

please forgive me that I couldn’t make it to forever

only to a pacific sunset’s last fading light


jack collier


men can’t always make it perfect

no matter how hard they try

Food on Friday ~ Aphrodite’s Herbalist

herbs demonstrate the earth’s nurturing love


there is a love called the herbs

which knows seasons and extraction


which chooses and uses through filtration

the pungent perfume of timed infusion


aromatic alchemical warmed fluids

medicinal herbs mystical magical uses


richly potent oils from maceration

concentrated to potions by decoction


glistening alcoholic secret distillation

Aphrodisiac attention to her golden skin

sensual memories of myriad loves


jack collier

sage is a psychotropic aphrodisiac

sensual women should beware

its dreams of desire

I’m Ready

I get knocked down and wrecked, I get up again


time to get off my knees

things are never as bad as they seem

I’m ready to live my dreams


jack collier


the wreck at the end of the road?

or the start of a new journey?

Driving Rhyme

promiscuity is about sex, not about relationships


I drove day and night

to get to her

neither sane nor right

I wrecked the car

for what, just a cheat


jack collier

cheating on a good man is like

throwing away a diamond

and picking up a brick

Sports Car Poetry

drive her like it’s your last day


long wide roads

soft top hard driving

toward the setting sun


jack collier

any colour you like

as long as she’s white 

Songs on Saturday ~ Harry Connick Jr.

so many want to change the one they first fell for

I’ve been lost, I’ve been alone, I’ve despaired, and I’ve drank.  Now I know that there is someone out there for me, I never need to walk alone.  I know that when I find her I’ll care for her for who she is, not for who I want her to be.

I never need to walk alone, unless that’s what Fate decrees.

And Fate had better watch out.


jack collier


she’s not the one

she never was


Arc Troubles

it wasn’t raining until Noah built the arc



Noah though he could fix the arc

with just a phillips screwdriver

the geese disagreed



with thanks to Paula Light for the phillips, thought, geese prompt

jack collier


Canada Geese, the golfers least favourite bird

Songs on Saturday ~ Writing’s On The Wall

the first draft is just me telling myself the story

Except the writing isn’t on the wall, or anywhere else for that matter.  Now the poetry anthology Seascapes and Serenity Lost is finished and published on Amazon, I feel the need for a new project, a new book, perhaps a collection of short stories.  Maybe I have a title Dreams of Desire, but no idea what the content is going to be.  Or how about a Bond spoof ~ maybe not.

From the James Bond movie Spectre.

You can do the pose if you wish.

Different music for me.


jack collier      ~

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