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spectres of desire

in her dreams were the spirits of all those she had wronged


there are ghosts in the mist

demons haunt the darkness

pale memories of loves lost

the pain of a broken heart

as the night drives us apart

friends once tenderly kissed

then dismissed as we parted

warm love became ice frost

stone demons haunt the mist


jack collier

nightmares of a dark love incarnate

Love’s Lost Friendship

whatever you want from me only love and friendship can give


I learned that I can still cry

sorrow is the other face of joy

to grieve silently is to be human

lost and broken and yet I’m a man

now all this friend can say is goodbye

you were the only love I’ve ever known


jack collier

dawn in New Mexico

a better time to say farewell

Kiss From A Witch

never kiss a witch in the moonlight


on all Hallows eve

don’t promise a witch

on a long lover’s kiss

in the bright moonlight

else you will be hers

forever and always


jack collier

only a lunatic should kiss a witch


Lies Always Hurt

what becomes of a man with a broken heart?


my broken heart aches

you could see in in her eyes

her life had been filled with lies


Jack Collier


I was the one lying



Sails and the Sea

Life is like sailing, you can use any wind to go in any direction


scattered like butterflies

under grey autumn skies

reflected and mirrored

haze shimmered and silvered

riding the send of the sea

against a rising tide

ignoring our dreams

our plans and schemes

the sea has a life of it’s own

seems we can’t have it all

for I’m I’m no Bogy

and sadly you’re no Bacall


this is not Key Largo


jack collier

I must go down to the sea again

I had a girl

the fundamental interconnectedness of all things


darkness unfolds into morning

the moonlight shines though

what am I to you?


jack collier

Once I knew her

then she knew me

Her Smile

just like those remembered days when the dawn sang


then quite suddenly I see

if you smile, not just for me

the world is a lovelier place

those tears have disappeared

all that sadness has vanished

the old songs never did end

and we walk again by the sea

remembering the you I adored


jack collier

give your Goddess all the love you can

now that she’s gone

I pushed her away, into the evening light, a million miles away


from afar

where the night ended

a happy cry said it wasn’t over

and all at once I had it all

nothing else mattered

but my tears


jack collier

wait ’till you see me cry

with tears of joy over my smile


only in the darkness can you see the moon and stars


when I was ill and I didn’t want to be

I didn’t know what was wrong with me

yet there was a Iight I just couldn’t see

for when I walked down near the sea

the moon and stars were shining on me


jack collier

when you’re going through the darkness

keep on going


Castles in the Clouds

there are no building regulations for castles in the clouds


serenity in inspiration

dreaming drifting above

castles in the clouds


jack collier

prismatic sunlight

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