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a carnal woman

maybe she was that way because she was sad and lonely


leaving a carnal, sexual, woman

one battle over, one victory won

the long struggle that will end

one day in honesty and freedom

not for her, not for years to come


jack collier


heading to her favorite bar

to look for a much younger man

sad sweet goodbye

you never lose someone you have truly loved


let the rains fall

and wash away her tears

let me be strong

and take away her fears

let me be kind enough

to wish her well

now she loves another


jack collier


walking away from everything

carnal drinking is messy

addicted to sex, hitting the bars, picking up younger men


I was mystified

she cheated and lied

sadly that’s bad


jack collier

she likes young men

when she can get them

and they know what to do

if not for her

cheating doesn’t come from a lack of love
it comes from a lack of respect


I saw you with that whore

open dress public amore

that’s only the final coup

guess that we’re through

nobody to blame but you

you could never be true

got to find someone new

well baby it’s a fond adieu

so stew you faithless bore

you can’t hurt me anymore


jack collier


did you have to choose someone older?


her eyes spoke to his soul

behind her beautiful eyes lay secrets darker and deeper than the sea



it took me years to realise

that much to my surprise

I could find paradise in her eyes



jack collier

her beautiful blue eyes enraptured his heart

Dreams of Love Lost

don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened



she’s gone

we were forever

how can love be over

it’s hard to control sadness

when will my heart beat again?

she knows I can never love another

crying the longest sad sorrow of adieu



jack collier


better to have loved and lost

than never to have loved at all

Songs on Saturday ~ Billy Joel

people disappoint, passion is ephemeral, pasta is eternal

A long, long time ago, I can still remember when this music used to make me smile.  That was before I started wearing Italian suits, dated an Italian girl, bought an Italian car, and almost married into the Jacionelli Family.  Suit Ferragamo, Shoes Gucci, Car Alpha Romeo, Girl Sophia, Ice Cream Jacionelli.

Some say that you can’t ever truly know a woman until you’ve taken her out for dinner to your favorite little Italian Restaurant.  And that you will never what she’s going to look like when she’s older until you’ve met her mother.  All I know is that I’d rather have an Alpha Romeo sports car than a Morris Oxford.

History may be repeating itself ~ as history does


jack collier

beautiful, expensive, temperamental

lost love’s journey’s ending

the heart’s darkest wilderness is not a place of this Earth


I have journeyed far

through Xanadu, Samarkand, Shangri-la, and Elsinore

I traveled not for love alone

but to fulfill my quest, meet my fate, and free my soul

my heart torn apart by ardour

I wandered by the mountains of the moon’s raging river

in darkest passion’s burning fervour

I could take the pain and stand the rain as should warrior

a warrior proud, steadfast, alone forever

I wouldst take you far to Shangri-la, a land of never never

so join me, my princess most proud and fair

be my Lady, my Goddess, Queen of Camelot and Elsinore

to be together, as it ’twere long ago and before

lost love’s journey’s ending, together now and forevermore


jack collier

darkness cannot drive out darkness

only the dawn’s early light can do that

chaos in love

true love finds an oasis of calm in the storm’s chaos


and where there once was love

now there’s nothing left to say

go down to the water’s edge

cast dreams and prayers away

leave all the hurt and pain unsaid

I was bad, I was blind, I was unkind

all that’s left are memories to forgive


jack collier


there are no rainbows over a black beach

when a man’s in love

a real man takes the time to learn how to love only one woman


if he is in love

he will find a way

to forge their destiny

together, forever, always

under a soft summer moon


jack collier

yin and yang

darkness and light

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