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Songs on Saturday ~ Harry Connick Jr.

so many want to change the one they first fell for

I’ve been lost, I’ve been alone, I’ve despaired, and I’ve drank.  Now I know that there is someone out there for me, I never need to walk alone.  I know that when I find her I’ll care for her for who she is, not for who I want her to be.

I never need to walk alone, unless that’s what Fate decrees.

And Fate had better watch out.


jack collier


she’s not the one

she never was


Arc Troubles

it wasn’t raining until Noah built the arc



Noah though he could fix the arc

with just a phillips screwdriver

the geese disagreed



with thanks to Paula Light for the phillips, thought, geese prompt

jack collier


Canada Geese, the golfers least favourite bird

Songs on Saturday ~ Writing’s On The Wall

the first draft is just me telling myself the story

Except the writing isn’t on the wall, or anywhere else for that matter.  Now the poetry anthology Seascapes and Serenity Lost is finished and published on Amazon, I feel the need for a new project, a new book, perhaps a collection of short stories.  Maybe I have a title Dreams of Desire, but no idea what the content is going to be.  Or how about a Bond spoof ~ maybe not.

From the James Bond movie Spectre.

You can do the pose if you wish.

Different music for me.


jack collier      ~

Seascapes and Serenity Lost

poetry is nearer to reality than is the unadorned truth

Both the kindle and print versions of my poetry anthology Seascapes and Serenity Lost are now available on Amazon.  Trust me, the 8 x 10 paperback edition will look fabulous on your coffee table.

I must pay tribute to Jan Olandese who did all the hard work of editing and formatting both editions.

The one review I think I’ve received thus far is pretty damn positive.

Some of the stuff I’ve written is more than brutally truthful.


jack collier

the original photograph that appears on the book’s cover

Tunes on Tuesday ~ Paperback Writer

poetry is a equal mixture of English and angst

The printed version of my poetry anthology Seascapes and Serenity Lost should be available on Amazon within the next couple of hours.  It’s a 10 by 8 inches, magazine-sized, paperback.  So, I thought this old Beatles song would be rather fun.

There’s also a much cheaper kindle version of the book.

Of course the paperback will look great on your coffee table.


jack collier


the picture is mine too

it’s all in a dream

Poetry Anthology

Seascapes and Serenity Lost


You can probably learn more about me by reading some of my poetry anthology than you could ever learn from anything I ever posted on here ~ and I have promulgated some gritty and very personal stuff.

Anyhow, my anthology is now available on Amazon, in several important countries, including the US, UK, and points east.  (For some good reasons, for the next few days the print copy is ‘author only’)

The words and pictures are all my own work, and there are a lot of photographs interleaved with the poetry.

I am also deeply indebted to Jan Olandese, who edited the whole thing.


jack collier

the shining sea

talks with me

a carnal woman

maybe she was that way because she was sad and lonely


leaving a carnal, sexual, woman

one battle over, one victory won

the long struggle that will end

one day in honesty and freedom

not for her, not for years to come


jack collier


heading to her favorite bar

to look for a much younger man

sad sweet goodbye

you never lose someone you have truly loved


let the rains fall

and wash away her tears

let me be strong

and take away her fears

let me be kind enough

to wish her well

now she loves another


jack collier


walking away from everything

carnal drinking is messy

addicted to sex, hitting the bars, picking up younger men


I was mystified

she cheated and lied

sadly that’s bad


jack collier

she likes young men

when she can get them

and they know what to do

if not for her

cheating doesn’t come from a lack of love
it comes from a lack of respect


I saw you with that whore

open dress public amore

that’s only the final coup

guess that we’re through

nobody to blame but you

you could never be true

got to find someone new

well baby it’s a fond adieu

so stew you faithless bore

you can’t hurt me anymore


jack collier


did you have to choose someone older?


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