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Dissilusionment Defined

What becomes of the broken-hearted man.


land of confusion

desire’s lost illusions

an inevitable conclusion


Jack Collier

hit the road Jack,

and don’t look back

Times Like This

if there’s something I can’t do for you


dispair’s stygian midnight darkness

the lost  bloom of rose’s red dark abyss

my spirit told me there’d be times like this

my dreams told me there’d be days like these

and my heart warned me there’d be love like this

but nothing told me that there could be hurt like this

ending this painful bliss with our one last farewell kiss


Jack Collier

just some far away blue horizon.

English Words You’ve Never Used

All slang is a metaphor, and all metaphor is poetry.  ~  G.K. Chesterton

Most Americans will never have heard or used some of the words I grew up with.  Although the words I most hear used around here these days are fuck and fucking.  Catch-all expressions for the chronically stupid and uneducated.  So; sprinkle some of these colloquialisms into your lexicon.

    • Arse           ~  backside, a stupid ineffectual idiot
    • Aye            ~  yes
    • Bairn          ~  very young child
    • Baccy         ~  tobacco
    • Bait            ~  packed lunch
    • Beck           ~  stream
    • Bog            ~  toilet
    • Brasso        ~  an adjective for very bad beer, metal polish
    • Cack           ~  shit
    • Cadge        ~  borrow and beg
    • Canny        ~  pretty damn good, also clever and prudent
    • Clarts         ~  runny mud
    • Class          ~  beautiful
    • Divvent      ~  don’t
    • Doon         ~  down
    • Dyke          ~  ditch, unattractive lesbian
    • Fettle         ~  fix
    • Geordie     ~  Native of Newcastle upon Tyne
    • Gob           ~  mouth
    • Gormless   ~  stupidly lacking in ability and initiative
    • Gully          ~  big sharp knife
    • Haporth     ~  next to nothing, almost worthless, contraction of half-penny-worth
    • Hoy            ~  throw
    • Knackered  ~  tired, weary, broken
    • Lug             ~  ear
    • Lum            ~ chimney
    • Marra         ~  very good friend
    • Minging     ~  disgustingly smelly
    • Mortal        ~  very drunk, also ‘mortalious’.
    • Nebby        ~  nosy and intrusively curious
    • Netty          ~  an earth closet toilet, any toilet
    • Nick            ~  steal
    • Nowt          ~  nothing
    • Numpty      ~  ineffectual idiot
    • Pallatic        ~  very drunk
    • Scran          ~  food
    • Sneck         ~  hasp or catch
    • Spelk          ~  splinter
    • Stotting      ~  bouncing, as in ‘the rain is stotting down’
    • Telt             ~   told
    • Tyke            ~  a Yorkshireman or small boy
    • Wazzock     ~  annoyingly stupid ineffectual idiot
    • Wanker       ~ arrogant and contemptible ineffectual idiot, a chronic masterbator
    • Wor            ~  our, or my
    • Yakker        ~  manual worker

Some say that all slang is bad.  And if the Queen doesn’t use a word, then neither should I.  All I know is that I like to surprise and baffle Americans with my very English vocabulary.


jack collier

it’s only the Union Jack when it’s flown on the jackstaff of a warship

the madness of desire

.….you should stop being so carnal, and learn to say no to men.  ~  Adelaja


animal anxiety ardour

benefits bitch bitterness

carnal courtesan covet

desire discontent distrust

eagerness ecstacy excitement

feelings fervour fuck

grope grasp grudge

harlot heat hussy

indignation insanity intensity

jaundiced jealousy tight jeans

karma kept kindness

libido love lust

madness mania mistrust

nonsensical nymphet nymphomaniac

obscene orgasmic outrage

paroxysm passion pleasure

rancour risqué romantic

screw sexuality shag slut

tart tolerance tramp

umbrage unhappiness urban-survival

vamp vixen vulgar

wanting whore welcoming

younger men

zeal zest zygote

she has animal demons inside her innocently carnal eyes


jack collier


stroking her leg in public

some carnal women like that

Here’s looking at you

The art of seduction is knowing what she really wants.


I don’t belong here

I can’t get near her

loved her for years

and there is no cure


jack collier

It’s the same old story,

a fight for love and glory.



Losing a Lover

Where there is true love there is joy in life.


once you had sunshine

once you had true love

desire always and ever

and then came the rain


jack collier


the ways of love can be cruel

Desire’s Urgent Breathing

The unbearable pain of loving a woman who does not love you.


hot heavy deep urgent

steaming locomotive breath

passions spent and now resting


jack collier


she just gives it away

to whomsoever wants her

casual sex is what she desires

The Unbearable Truth of Love


Dawn’s painful musing

Losing everything

with one goodbye


jack collier


Be steadfast in your love, and honest in your heart.



steady acceptability

bravery courtesy gallantry

civility chastity celibacy decency

dependability desirability dignity honesty

humility intimacy fidelity integrity loyalty morality

modesty nobility purity probity reliability sincerity veracity

immoral sexuality sensuality physicality promiscuity dishonesty


jack collier


the truth of love is in a rose



Anonymous Amour

Sex is all about who has the power to demand love.


eyes heels stockings legs resume

hair dress shoes lips manicure

taste perfume sexual allure

firmly mysterious amour


jack collier


he gives me away



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