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Songs on Saturday ~ R.E.M.

I’m so in love with you

This is for a friend of mine ~ someone I care about very deeply, especially now, when everybody hurts.  Including me.

Please listen with love.


jack collier


I would rather be here, with a close friend

Suffering Quarantine

suffering quite badly from lockdown now

only an attractive sunset picture 

I first entered lockdown on March 23rd, since then I have only been out for 2 weeks, when I went out walking on my own, for miles and miles.  The weather was good, and so was the exercise.  But now I have been told I have to go into quarantine for another two weeks.

Since March 23rd I have not talked to anyone, except on the telephone and internet chat.  I haven’t talked with anyone in person at all, and I’m getting quite lonely and distressed.  I will be able to go out again on June 6th, and I am really looking forward to that day.

My internet isn’t working so well, right now, but then nothing is really working here right now.  It’s all very depressing.

I am really looking forward to seeing my friends.


Jack Collier


Just a nice picture to cheer myself up

Lockdown New Laws

Civil liberties are being destroyed here in England

We have  new regulations here in England.  Our cell phones are being monitored, it’s called track and trace, and if we go anywhere near somdone with the COVID-19 virus we are instructed to go home immediately, and stay in quarantine for 2  weeks.

I am now in lockdown until next Friday.  I can’t go out at all.

I have had no internet for 3 days.  Nothing is working here.

It’s very miserable time for everyone.


Jack Collier

jackcollier7@talktalk. net


I feel like I am in a dungeon.

Lockdown Discredited

you shouId always trust a man, just as far as you must

Two months, 63 days lost, for nothing.

Took my usual walk by the sea today, utterly in contravention of the laws, rules, and guidelines surrounding the lockdown for the supposed COVID-19 crisis.

There were the usual amount of cyclists, dog walkers, joggers, and people out and about enjoying the warm May sunshine.  There is no sign whatsoever that self-isolation, lockdown, quarantine means anything here any more.  Hardly surprising considering that nobody in or close to government believes in it anyway.

Nobody here trusts the prime minister, government, health officials, nor the BBC.  Not since Nazi Germany has such a shit load of lies and propaganda been shovelled onto a people as the British government trying to feed us now.

And nobody believes any of it.

Boris Johnson’s career is over.


jack collier


Finished, discredited, a footnote in history

Liars, Cheats, and Thieves

you can tell when a politician is lying, it’s every time they say something

All Ministers, Politicians, Government Spokespeople, and Officials routinely dissemble, obfuscate, and downright lie.  During the current COVID-19 crisis they have also been constantly cheating on the health guidelines, rules, laws, their wives, husbands, families, you, me, and basically everybody.  Right now I wouldn’t trust any of them as far as I could throw a truck, and I will never, ever believe anything any of them say at any time in the future.

They have also been stealing some very precious things from us; our freedom, our jobs, our education, our childrens’ futures, our physical, mental, and spiritual health and well-being, our very lives.

There is very strong evidence that ‘those in authority’ knew all about this coronavirus at least as far back as January this year, and they did nothing.  There is compelling evidence that the health services in the UK knew there should be a large scale testing programme, but that idea was abandoned in March because health officials thought the outbreak was already too big.  It was also dragged out of Public Health England that out of the 719,000 home test kits sent out half have not been returned.  Public Health England have also refused to turn over some of its scientific papers to Members of Parliament.   ‘Something is rotten in the state…..’

Hardly any doctors, nurses, and other health workers have yet been tested.  The much vaunted Track-and-Trace mobile phone app is a fiasco.  The returning of children to schools on June 1st is a fiasco.  The 2 metre social-distancing rule we have here is unnecessary and based on very fragile evidence.  The deliberate policy of moving elderly patients positive for COVID-19 from hospitals to care homes should be treated as manslaughter.

The worst fiasco in governments handling of the coronavirus pandemic is that the whole lockdown thing is a waste of time, (according to Nobel Laureate Professor Michael Levitt, and a team at JP Morgan), and was nothing more than a panic knee-jerk reaction from governments desperate to be seen to be ‘doing something’.  Given that the lockdown has destroyed modern society, then somebody should be locked up.  Maybe start with that other piece of philandering scum Ferguson, who’s deeply flawed, inadequate computer model wrongly predicted a half-million UK deaths if lockdown wasn’t imposed.

Furguson’s model was a buggy mess that looks more like a bowl of angel hair pasta than a finely tuned piece of programming.  ~  Dave Richards co-founder of WANdisco

Some say that Boris Johnson is being a loyal friend in trying to save Dominic Cummings job as a government advisor.  And that the scum’s three trips up and down the country are all-right because ‘it wasn’t like he was visiting a lover…..’  All I know is that some people should learn when to keep their big mouth shut.


jack collier

people are heartily sick of standing in line outside supermarkets

I am not a number…..

I am a free man

Yesterday I tried to come up with a bucket and to-do list that had 7 important things on it, and I got stuck after 6, which you will see if you look back at that post.  I shouldn’t have been surprised, the number six is in my destiny right now.


Kipling thought that six was important too;

I keep six honest serving men, (They taught me all I knew);

Their names are What and Why, and When

And How and Where and Who

If you can remember those, then you will never go far wrong when it comes to making any decision, writing anything, or making a success of anything you wish to do.


There are also 6 healing powers.  The six best doctors are;

Sun, Rest, Exercise, Good Food, Self-Respect, and Friends

But, when it comes to good food, don’t eat too much of it.  Keep well hydrated, and stay away from the booze.


In fact there are 6 things one should really stay away from;

Alcohol, Casual Sex, Drugs, Over-Eating, Smoking, and Refined Sugar

All of those will kill you eventually, some will just kill you faster than others.


The number 6 is also a perfect number, congruent number, harmonic divisor number, and has lots to do with weird stuff like Zsigmondy’s Theorem, sphere packing, the kissing number problem, and Graeco-Latin squares.


Some say we should not worry about material items, including money.  And that worry lowers the effectiveness of your thoughts, dreams, wishes, and prayers.  All I know is that the Angel Number 6 means that our prayers will be answered, although the answer might be ‘no’.


jack collier


we each have our own Angel and Goddess

Bucket and To Do List.

help me to risk failure that I may discover new things

not many will know where that sunset picture was taken

It’s kind of stultifying here in the garret, in theory I’m only supposed to go out if it’s absolutely necessary, or for my daily fresh air and exercise.  I can’t really leave town, and I certainly can’t leave the country at the moment, but as soon as this imbecilic and pointless lockdown is lifted, I am out of here, doing some cool and exciting things.  Although, I can make a start on some of my list right now, ergo I have made a beginning on;

  1. Get myself much fitter and healthier, looking and feeling better.  My preferred exercise is just plain walking; for me it exercises my body, mind, and spirit.  Walking gives me time to think and quiet my emotions.  My daily target is 5 miles, (10,000 paces as recommended by lots of fitness gurus), this morning I walked 10 miles, (20,240 paces) in the fresh air and sunshine, getting my knees brown.
  2. Be a better friend to those I really care about.  Lose all of those defects of character I have collected over time.  Be the English Gentleman, The White Night, The Steadfast Friend, and the Hero if I need to ever be that for a friend.  Hey, I’m working on it.
  3. Get out of this place.  I like travel, and I can afford both the time and the money.  Just as soon as I can I’m going to California, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, Crete, Malta…..  Probably in just about that order.  I’d better leave room for Marmaduke in my luggage…..
  4. Buy a car.  For years I’ve gotten bye with renting when I needed a car, but now I want to go out and buy something I really like.  I have a short-list, and a generous budget.  It will be a classic, so an older vehicle.
  5. Go through my clothes, shoes and stuff again.  Dump anything that doesn’t really fit the cool, together, classy English guy I want to dress as, to portray.  I can think of some stuff that I should never have bought, and I should never wear again.
  6. Learn something new, interesting, and difficult.  I think I’m going to be studying practical psychology for a while, along with astronomy and astrology.
  7. ??????  I don’t know what goes here, not yet anyway.  All lists should have clearly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty.

I should never be afraid to risk failure.  WTF have I got to lose?  Only by risking failure will I ever learn new and exciting things.  It’s time for me to take risks ~ big risks.

Some say that making lists is a pointless exercise.  And that nobody ever does anything on their bucket list or to do lists.  All I know is I’ve already made a start on becoming that better man, that very cool guy, living a really great life.


jack collier

Meteor Crater

One place I will Never go back to

tired and bored with myself

make a new start, get up and get out there, there is naught to fear

I don’t feel pleasure

there is no real pain

waking up is pointless

too much useless leisure

far too much cold rain

the days are countless

thoughts are mindless

nothing to lose nor gain

just isolated loneliness

it’s time to begin again


jack collier


it’s time to laugh again


Tunes on Tuesday ~ I Can See Clearly Now

that feeling when you’re not necessarily sad, but you feel empty

Unless you’ve been isolated, alone and lonely, not really allowed to go out, and knowing that there is no true purpose to your lockdown, then you don’t realise that solitary confinement brings about a slow, steady, and inevitable decline to your body, mind, and soul.

I am not as good a man, not as good a person as I was when I entered this government imposed lockdown a couple of months ago.  But, I wasn’t fully aware of that until I had a couple of very strange dreams last night.  One was about being on Jersey, in the English Channel Islands, when the Germans invaded in June 1940, the other was about needing to leave an important examination an hour early to answer a call of nature.

Both were about being trapped.  Both were allegorical ~ telling me to get the hell out of the garret and taste freedom, whatever the fucking government wants.  I can see that clearly now.

I am not a number, I am a free man.


jack collier

Channel Islanders still hate the Germans

Songs on Saturday ~ Lovely Day

any day I’m still alive is a Lovely Day to me

The worst thing about some illnesses is that you can recover and then have a relapse.  That’s what happened to me.  Right now I’m recovering again, but it’s all a long struggle with weakness, weariness, and confusion.  I hope you are well.

Never mind, I’m getting better now, and today is going to be a lovely day.

Please listen in good health and happiness.


jack collier

this was a lovely day

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