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Late Night Thoughts

Don’t try to tell your grandmother how to suck eggs.

Insomnia is Terrible

Some of us are very lucky, we go to bed, fall asleep right away, sleep very soundly, and wake up feeling alert and rested.  The rest of you may not be quite so fortunate.  You may have trouble falling asleep, have troubled thoughts before you sleep, and you may need to get up several times in the night to go to the bathroom.  You may have troubled dreams, night cramps, night sweats, nightmares, night terrors, and when you wake you may feel terrible and take a good long while to become fully alert.

I thought calming thoughts and visualized serene places.  Eventually I found myself drifting along the frenetic edges of my mind.  The sandman was nowhere to be found, as I slipped further away from sleep.  ~  Jaeda DeWalt.

On the very few occasions I do something stupid, such as drink booze coffee late at night, have a late night snack, or use social media in bed, then I too have a restless night and think weird thoughts.  You know what?  It’s never a good idea to have that late night snack.  Late night snacks will not only keep you awake, they’ll also make you fat and ruin your digestive system.  The kind of crap we eat late at night most likely destroys the good bacteria in our gut, and it’s vital that you look after the bacteria in your gut.

Another reason you may have restless nights, and always feel tired and lethargic, is that your bedroom could be keeping you awake.  If your bedroom is untidy, if there’s clutter everywhere, if you routinely leave your clothes on the bed, (or on the floor), or if you allow pets in the bedroom, then you have little chance of having a good night’s sleep.

Some of us, in the past myself included, will resort to a couple of drinks before we go to bed, in the mistaken belief that will help us sleep.  Alcohol induced sleep is not good sleep.  Not only that, drinking regularly before you go to bed is a long step on the path to becoming a boozer / problem drinker / alcoholic.  A couple of drinks, once in a while, is pretty nice, ….coffee and red wine are both good for you ~ in moderation, but too much booze will kill you.

Personally, these days I don’t drink at all, and I feel much better for never touching booze ~ being sober has a myriad of health benefits.  You should know that if you, or anyone else, has ever thought or said that you might be drinking a little too much, then you’re already a real boozer.

So how do promote a good night’s sleep?  How do you lose those bad thoughts late at night?  How do you avoid the bad dreams, nightmares, night sweats, night cramps, and all the lying awake through the night?  How do you lose the fear?

Well, it’s not just about going to bed at the same time every night, and getting up at the same time every morning, (although that helps a lot).  To have a restful night, to lose the evil that plagues you, to lose the fear, you will have to change your whole life around.

There are a million blog posts, self-help books, inspirational speakers, and people offering spiritual guidance ~ personally I wouldn’t touch most of them with your ten-foot pole.  But for what it’s worth, here are some of the things my old granny used to say to me, if I complained of bad thoughts late at night and not being able to sleep.

Probably the worst things you can do at late at night are; drinking, smoking, eating, using social media, and having long telephone conversations.  And yet, so many of us you people do all of those things, late, every single night.

Listen to the advice your grandmother would have given you; go to bed early, turn off the light, and go to sleep.


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Food on Friday ~ very easy dinners

Almost anyone can cook a great dinner inside half an hour.

When you’re working for a living it isn’t always so easy to find the time to cook a proper dinner, and sometimes we just don’t have the energy after a long day at work, (maybe with a stressful commute thrown in).  Ergo during the week what we really want is something very easy for dinner, and preferably pretty quick and requiring the minimum number of pans and dishes.

I firmly believe that the recipes I’m giving you in this week’s Food on Friday fit the bill as far as easy mid-week dinners go, and will also make a great lunch to take to work, or eat at the weekends.

Firstly this week, from San Diego girl Averie Sunshine from Averie cooks we have this really easy chicken stir fry with noodles.  Healthy, very easy, and ready in just 15 minutes, this is a great mid-week stand-by dinner.  There are lots of vegetables in this dish, miss out the chicken, maybe add cashew nuts, and you could have yourself a vegan stir fry,

Chicken Stir Fry with Noodles

Another brilliant stir fry, this time from Dana the Minimalist Baker, 30-minute cauliflower rice stir-fry.  This healthy, flavourful, quick and easy dish is vegan and gluten free, and if you like you could swap broccoli for the cauliflower.  What’s not to like.

30-Minute Cauliflower Rice Stir Fry

When it comes to easy mid-week dinners, there’s nothing easier than a pan of soup you already have in the refrigerator.  So while some soups may take a while to prepare, make a big pot and you have the basis of several lunches and dinners for the week to come.  From Joy the Baker we have a recipe for carrot coconut red curry soup.  To begin with, making the soup will take you about an hour, so maybe that’s best done at the weekend, but once it’s made, add some crusty sourdough bread, and you have a great mid-week dinner.  This is a vegan dish.

Carrot Coconut Red Curry Soup

Another soup, this time from Jessica Merchant at How Sweet Eats; 30 minute Asian chicken soup.  As its says, you should be able to make this big bowl of health in a half-hour.  And best of all, this is a one-pot recipe.

30 Minute Asian Chicken Soup.

Now from Heather Christo we have a fast and easy bee pho, this isn’t really authentic because it’s a very shortcut recipe you can have ready in 45 minutes, a lot of which you can use to do other things ~ like find the show you want to watch on TV.

Fast and Easy Beef Pho

Even though it’s autumn, running into winter, and here in England it’s cold, damp, and grey, sometimes we still crave a salad.  San Francisco girl Andrea from Cooking with a wallflower has a good recipe for autumn apple salad with maple balsamic vinaigrette.  This great looking and very healthy fall salad should be ready in just 10 minutes.  Enjoy.

Autumn Apple Salad with Maple Balsamic Vinaigrette

Finally for this week, a collection for you from Good Housekeeping, midweek meal recipes, all of which should take less than a half hour and use no more than 10 ingredients.  I like the look of all the recipes in this collection, but especially I like this quick pan-fried salmon with sweet and sour leeks, (here in the North East of England we love our leeks).

Quick pan-Fried Salmon with Sweet and Sour Leeks


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