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Scenes on Sunday ~ Dance

hand in hand, on the edge of the sand
they danced by the moon’s last light

Just to do something different, here’s a dance mashup with scenes from some great films. Most of which I’ve been lucky enough to catch, at one time or another.

I hope you enjoy.


jack collier


Dance with me in Dreams

until the end of Love

Tunes on Tuesday ~ Slave to Love

love does not dominate; it cultivates

Forget Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, back in the day Bryan Ferry was the epitome of cool.  I like this song and I think this video is damn cool too.

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.


jack collier

it’s really sad when love goes bad

Tunes on Tuesday ~ Lionel Richie

sometimes only the original will do

Following the mashup video of Lionel Richie’s Dancing on the Ceiling I posted this morning, here is the original video.

Please don’t try to do this at karaoke if you can’t dance.


jack collier

Ferrari Mondial Cabrio


Tunes on Tuesday ~ Dancing on the Ceiling

she makes me go round and round, turn upside down

I really like this Lionel Richie track, and the mashup video makes me smile.  It’s also great for aerobic exercise.

Just don’t break a leg, you’re not Fred Astaire.

But you can dance, everybody can dance.


jack collier

Ginger did it all backwards

in high heels

Songs on Saturday ~ Last Train to Clarkesville

in Clarksville it’s de rigueur to marry your cousin

I’ve never been To Tennessee but I like this Monkees song, and it’s so mid sixties.  Anyhow I like trains.

Enjoy, and try not to dance to this track.


jack collier

the supercharger is a bit OTT

Songs on Saturday ~ Michael Jackson

don’t stop ’til you get enough

I’ve been suffering with a terrible cold, or maybe the flu.  Totally out of it for a week.  Today I wanted some music that would cheer me up

I like this song and this video.

I hope that you like it too.


jack collier


I’m sorry that I’ve bee out of it.

But I’ve been very unwell.

Songs on Saturday ~ YMCA

I am not certain that real men are;
supposed to read Cosmopolitan

This video is so camp, and the song was such a dance favourite back when I used to go dancing.  Like being able to play billiards, being able to follow along to this dance is the sign of a misspent youth.

Just because one likes the Village People doesn’t mean that you’re metrosexual.

But, FFS never tell anyone that you’re metrosexual.


jack collier


She would fit into a gay band


Tunes on Tuesday ~ Gloria Estefan

everyone should be able to do the conga

I like this track, and I like this dance.  What more is there to ask?

A touch of Latin Beat.


Jack Collier


Fred and Ginger


Tunes on Tuesday ~ Elvis

elvis is in the building

In my fitness and fun programme I’m teaching myself to shuffle dance.  It’s a lot harder than young and fit women make it look.  I’m also learning a very cool moon-walk.  The Travolta strut I can do better than Travolta.

I believe that my latest flame is a great dancer

Tonight we’re gonna make it happen.

After this lockdown is over.


jack collier


she may need to lose a few pounds


Songs on Saturday ~ Bruce Springsteen

I desire very little
but the things I do consume me

Dancing In The Dark is my favourite Springsteen track, for a reason that goes back a long, long way ~ another time, another place, another woman.

Not all romances can have a happy ending.

Try and bring the dancer back into your life.


jack collier

Road Trip

Jerome Arizona

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