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Evolution in Action

it is not the strongest that survive, but the one most responsive to change

Evolution takes thousands of years, and in the last few days our thinking about every situation seems to have changed. fundamentally.  Perhaps our beliefs, attitudes, and actions are trying to play catch-up with us here.  None of us is used to a daily diet of bad news that rivals that which was fed to us English in the early months of the last war.  Catastrophic thinking is what we have here, the idea that the human brain is predisposed to jumping to worse-case scenarios, and it’s fucking dangerous.

In the not so distant past I was thinking about my next overseas vacation, perhaps a visit to California, or a trip to Crete,  Nowadays, I can’t go anywhere at all.  I turn on my TV and the news is just a long series of nightmares with the death toll being right at the top and tail of everything.

It’s a relief when a piece of news, or a telephone conversation with a friend, isn’t full of doom and gloom, a call that doesn’t have the fear of death looming over it.  Almost everyone is scared almost all the time, and there is a feeling of helpless resignation.

Well, I for one am going no further down that depressive, defeatist road.  This morning I did my usual laundry, took my usual walk for an hour or so, called at the store as usual, (although I did have to stand in line just to get in there), bought the kind of stuff I would usually buy….  Sadly when I got back to the garret I was too knackered to do my usual yoga and other exercises.  But thus far I’ve managed a fairly normal day, (for me), and I can live like this indefinitely.

But it’s not a great life if I can’t journey to the sun, see friends, travel all around England, walk towards the far horizons….  And sex is out of the question.  As far as I am concerned the sooner the world safely gets back to what we are predisposed to call normal, the better.

One big upside, I haven’t been brainwashed into believing all that catastrophic anthropogenic climate change crap for a little while.  Global warming looks pretty unimportant right now ~ call it evolution in action.

Stay safe and be well.  And may the Deities of your choice go with you.


jack collier


even a bed of roses is full of thorns

moonlight lust

the moon watched over all her lustful infidelities



it was over

lonely midnight

moon shining silver

and she was going home

trying to smile, nothing there

she was beautiful, a mature slut

she would regret her lascivious lust


jack collier


just a thong, under a see thru dress

and what’s wrong with that?



Random Jottings #9

of course you’re not scared of me, I’m not the vampire


‘I adore you…..’ she said.  ‘please take your clothes off…..’

‘these aren’t clothes…..’

‘you’re a werewolf, aren’t you…..?’


she was so fucking hot

and so into being used by the wolf


the witch wore black satin and lace

the werewolf wasn’t impressed, he much preferred red


the werewolf came to her, charmed by her soft voice

‘you are lascivious lust incarnate…..’ Red Riding Hood whispered

‘and I like that’ 


jack collier


Red Riding Hood had almost tamed a werewolf

now what was she going to do with him?



Random Jottings #6

she’s always so good when she’s so bad, she can be cruel


you can judge the promise of a mature bitch by the quality of the blood it’s written in


she has something very much darker than ice-water in her veins


she did that silently dismissive thing older women do with their eyes


some women are pretty

some older women are pretty exciting


jack collier

she can’t rely on stockings and stiletto heels forever

but it’s working pretty well right now

Random Jottings #5

an affair with a female dragon, it can be fun, it can be lethal


never argue with a dragon

things could get heated


‘come to me,’ she said in a hot erotic voice

‘I’d rather not,’ he replied

‘oh, why?’

‘you’re a dragon, and last time I got burned’


total self-confidence is sexually attractive

even in a female dragon


jack collier


infidelity is dangerous

when your mistress is a dragon

Monochrome Monday ~ older women

 it is an older woman that makes a much younger man feel better






jack collier

there is no woman

like an older woman

to care for a younger man

the lust inside

older women dating younger men is about sex, not about love


she’s older, no lady

many boys have used her

and many still do

younger down on their luck

it isn’t ever love

it’s just a fast rough sex fuck

she gives it away

willingly, freely, rhythmically

one far off day

it will all haunt her memory

through bitter tears


jack collier

she measures the men she sees

and still cries bitter tears



brief encounter

never do sober what you said you’d do when you were drunk


They met in a bar.  The kind of place where the amoral nature of women slowly becomes apparent.  She thought he was cute, he thought she was going to be easy.

They had incredible sex in the desert.  That was when he first realised she was an amazingly lascivious lay.


jack collier

it’s always the car

chicks dig a great car

Love and Fear

of all the liars in the world, sometimes the worst are our own fears

Many relationships are characterised by a lack of complete trust and a fear of really deep intimacy.  These relationships operate at a superficial level with neither partner fully accepting, believing, or understanding the other.  It could be that the couple have only been dating for a short while, or it could be that they have been married for years.  Every and any degree and type of couple and relationship can exist with one or both partners fearing complete intimacy.  Or if it’s a wider relationship several people may be feared and several may fear complete intimacy.

There seemed to be endless obstacles preventing me from living with my eyes open, but as I gradually followed up clue after clue it seemed that the root cause of them all was fear.  ~  Joanna Field.

It could be that one or more in a relationship has secrets about the past that they don’t ever want to share ~ in which case that fear of intimacy and vulnerability will most likely stay with them forever.  They will never share their true self with another person, least of all their partner.  This is actually a fear of themselves.

In some relationships there is also genuine and real fear of one partner for another.  This could be caused by;

  • Verbal Abuse, up to and including being screamed and sworn at.
  • Physical Abuse, up to and including beatings and murder.
  • Sexual Abuse, up to and including rape.
  • Neglect, both physical and emotional.
  • Mental or physical illnesses.
  • Substance abuse, do not expect an alcoholic or drug user to ever behave rationally.
  • Theft, miserliness, impulsive spending, cheating, promiscuity.

Those who fear intimacy, or fear their partner, will often look for ways of interacting safely with other people.  This can lead to serial adultery, joining weird groups and cults, hanging out in bars, casual sex, and looking for much older / younger sexual partners.

A characteristic of fear in a relationship is that there will be great difficulty in talking openly, of expressing wants, needs and desires, of being accepting and understanding.  This feeds into a vicious circle of unfulfilled needs as well as less and less trust.  In that kind of dysfunctional relationship there will be little communication, lots of accusations, and hardly any physical contact.  There will also be a complete unwillingness to accept any degree of uncertainty whatsoever.

I’ve been in a dysfunctional and toxic relationship, and it killed my mind and soul long before I got out ~ and getting out to start anew is probably the only cure.

Some say they are cautious of people whose deeds don’t match their words.  And that they are constantly upset, hurt, and wanting to break down and cry.  All I know is relationships are supposed to make us happy, smile, laugh, and build good memories of great times.


jack collier

some have very good reasons

to have memories of bad times




don’t ask about love

casual sex is the consolation you get when you can’t have love


‘Darling, may I ask you a question?’

‘Of course, ask me anything…..’

‘Have you ever been really in love?’

‘Like, in love, who with?’

‘Me, for a start…..’

‘Not really, not ever…..’

He took away the keys to her German sports car right after that.

She poisoned his designer coffee.


jack collier


never trust a woman who smokes in the bedroom


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