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Songs on Saturday ~ Leo Sayer

Inside my heart may be breaking, my smile may be faking it, but the show must go on

Those of us with Borderline Personality Disorder may identify with this song.

Nice to know we are not the only crazy ones.


jack collier

I always rent a Mustang,

that has to count for something.


Leaving On a Bus

I don’t know when I’ll be back to Turkey again

Today is the last day of my vacation in Oludeniz, Turkey ~ which as it goes is a very nice place, thoroughly to be recommended to the more relaxed traveller.

Those of us from the more civilised parts of Europe and North America, (Turkey isn’t in Europe), may occasionally become frustrated / annoyed by the casual attitude of the Turks, and the macho misogynistic ways of Turkish men ~ but it’s not all so very different to the Hispanics I’ve come accross in California.  So, the plumbing is dodgy, the traffic is manic, and wi-fi here only works when it feels like it…..  But, so what.

The weather in the later part of the summer is gorgeous, the genuinely Turkish food is marvellous, and the Mediterranean is a deep calm, shimmering turquoise.  What I will remember most of course are the smells; woodsmoke, cooking, coffee, the sea, Turkish cigarettes, drains, and often very stinky Turks.

Ah, c’est la vie.


Jack Collier

there’s still a lot of parasailing here

I still haven’t done it

Vacation Sunset

red sky at night, sailors’ delight

The sky over this part of Turkey is pretty hazy, which means that sunset is pretty.




Jack Collier

sunset in Arizona is pretty too

Monochrome Monday ~ Smoking Hot

Love is a smoke made up with the fume of sighs.  ~   Shakespeare







jack collier


It takes a certain type of woman to accept a light when she’s only wearing black lingerie

and lots of makeup, and earrings, and probably tall heels

Why Stop Stacking Rocks?

making a rock stack is a kind of environmental graffiti

those are gigantic, natural ‘rock stacks’

There are those environmentalists who urge people not to build rock stacks because it’s meaningless environmental graffiti,  and disturbs the natural world.  And there are those other environmentalists who would like us all to reduce our carbon footprint by stopping flying cattle-class to take our two-week annual vacation in the sun, as all the while they take a dozen trips a month on private jets to speak at meaningless green conferences.  There are also those beggar-my-neighbour lunatics who would like to have building a little rock stack made illegal.

Man has been making piles of stones since the dawn of time, usually making big heaps of stones called cairns to mark a footpath ~ in the days when losing your way was a deadly mistake.  No doubt some Neolithic nutters were against that too.  Mind you I think it’s a damn shame that man cut down most of the ancient woodland here in England.

Unless you’re digging up stones with a lot of critters underneath, then the environmental impact of making a rock stack is effectively zilch.  Anyone can easily unmake it at any time.  But then ‘environmentally friendly’ ‘people are never really live-and let live types.

Some say that people should be banned from all the ‘unspoilt’ places on the planet.  And don’t do as I do, do as I say.  All I know is that the world would be a better place if most of the ‘environmentally friendly ‘ people packed their bags and left.



Jack Collier

probably someone wanted to ban building Stonehenge, that’s a rock stack

Scenes on Sunday ~ Rock Stacks

he who moves a mountain carries away the small stones first







jack collier

photoshopped, but still cool


Boat Trip

I don’t need therapy, I just need a boat trip

On a vacation in Turkey, on the Turquoise Coast, it’s de rigueur to take a boat trip, perhaps out to some of the island’s that carelessly rise from the pretty blue-green waters.  As it goes, today I am enjoying my second little-ship cruise around the tranquil Mediterranean.

This bit of coastline is sometimes called the Turkish Riviera, which is a misnomer, because it’s rugged, pretty, and charming in exactly the same way the French Riviera isn’t

Unless you are both antisocial and a very poor sailor these shortish boat trips are to be recommended as an interestingly different way to spend a day relaxing in the Mediterranean sunshine.  And getting around by boat is far, far more uplifting than visiting exactly the same places on a charabanc trip.

On top of which eating, drinking, dancing, and sunbathing are all actively encouraged on these excursion boats.

There was a little bit of a lop on the peaceful sea today, which made for an interesting ride and some white spray coming up at the bows of our boat.


Jack Collier

Sun, sea, but no sex please,

I’m an English Gentleman

Songs on Saturday ~ Sailing

those who love must learn to sail in storms

Sailing can become all-consuming passion for the sea and the wind.


I can sail a yacht as well as most

ghosting by the Mediterranean coast

yet the sea and the wind are never at rest

and no mere sailor can ever best the storms

please listen very responsibly to this music post


jack collier

sailing a yacht is reasonably easy in good weather


Wi-Fi on Vacation

relationships are like Wi-Fi, strong while actually connected

These days most people expect to be constantly connected to the whole world via their smartphone or tablet.  There are some who actually have withdrawals if they are out of touch with their real friends and social media contacts for any length of time, and there are those who always have their device clamped to their ear or in front of their eyes 24/7.

This is sometimes a little difficult when on vacation, particularly in some of the more out-of-the-way locations.  In the brochure, your hotel may say it has Wi-Fi, and that may be true ~ but exactly where in the hotel, and how good is the connection?

For example, the hotel I’m in now in Turkey has decent Wi-Fi, if you’re anywhere near the pool or the reception office.  However, there is no connection in my room, and from my room to reception is a climb of 144 steps ~ smegging exhausting if you’re doing that climb 8 or 12 times a day.

So, I am not connected to the internet as often as usual, and I am not in contact with my friends as much as maybe I’d like.

On the other hand while I am enjoying myself on vacation do my ‘friends’ want to waste their time chatting with me, and do I want to waste good holiday time chatting with someone who has better things to do?  As it happens I don’t.

In all honesty we would all be a lot better off if we left our mobile devices switched off all the time we are on our holidays.


Jack Collier

a rental Mustang does not have Wi-Fi

Food on Friday ~ Healthy Salmon Recipes

if you want something beautiful on the table, pick up some salmon

If you’re trying to eat a very healthy diet, then salmon should be on your shopping list.  This attractive fish has a stack of health benefits, not just that it’s rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, eating salmon is supposed to reduce the risk factors for several nasty diseases.  Salmon is one of the most nutritious foods on the planet, and fresh line-caught salmon should be clean ~ not full of all the crap that is in some of the food we eat.

Buying the right piece of salmon is important, starting with the basic rule ~ never buy anything that looks manky.  Anything that says wild is probably better than farmed, and some farmed salmon is better than others.  Usually the rule is the more you pay the better it will be, but not always, but don’t sweat it.  Go to a good grocery store or fishmonger, and you’ll be fine.

First this week we have one of my favourite salmon dishes; Thai salmon in foil,from Chungah at Damn Delicious.  I think cooking in foil is a brilliant technique, and it reduces the amount of washing-up no end.

Thai Salmon in Foil

Another recipe for cooking in foil, and following on from last week’s post which was all about cilantro; from Averie Sunshine’s archive I have chosen this foil pack lime cilantro salmon.   This is so easy to make, and it will be ready to eat in 10 minutes ~ you heard me right, just 10 minutes to produce this wonderful healthy dish.

Foil Pack Lime Cilantro Salmon

Now we have a fabulous 30 minute recipe from Sabrina Modelle; grilled salmon with peach salsa.  This dish has so much going for it; you can cook the salmon on the BBQ, which means you can make the whole recipe in your yard.  Anything with grilled salmon looks really special, so this is something you can serve to guests.  And, best of all, it’s a 30 minute recipe that will make a great lunch, dinner, or something to take to work the following day.  (This recipe was found for us by Elise at Simply Recipes).

Grilled Salmon with Peach Salsa

Until I saw this from Tieghan Gerard at Half Baked Harvest I had never heard of cooking on a BBQ grill by placing the food on a cedar plank.  But, now I’ve seen this cedar plank salmon with watermelon feta salsa from Teighan this is something I must try the next time I’m somewhere warm and sunny ~ that’s if anyone friend will let me.  I’m an Englishman, and as everyone knows we are terrible at cooking on a BBQ.

Cedar Plank Salmon with watermelon Feta Salsa

This brilliant sweet and smokey cedar planked salmon is from Kate Merker at Country Living magazine.  Apart from soaking the plank for a couple of hours to stop it from catching fire, this is a very easy BBQ recipe!

Sweet and Smokey Cedar Plank Salmon

With healthy eating in mind I so like the look of this dish of braised salmon from Heather Christo; Paleo red curry braised salmon with sweet potatoes Fabulous!.  Paleo is good, I think.  This 45 minute recipe not only uses coconut oil and coconut milk, it also has more than enough garlic.  Nice.

Paleo Red Curry Braised Salmon with Sweet Potatoes

Our collection this week is from Olive Magazine, their 40 best ever easy salmon recipes.  And I’ve chosen to feature the very first recipe from this great collection Thai salmon parcels with jasmine rice.

Thai Salmon Parcels with Jasmine Rice


jack collier


BLT salmon salad with creamy avocado green goddess dressing.

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