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Tunes on Tuesday ~ Stairway to Heaven

some things remain funny, no matter what


every day we live we learn something new

jack collier

allegedly, kangaroo is aboriginal for WTF was that?


Monochrome Monday ~ Ebony and Ivory

monochrome photography shows the darkness in the soul

In these politically correct days are we even allowed to listen to this song any more.  You know what?  I don’t care what sad, narrow-minded people think, I like this Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder Duet.

Oh maybe they were talking about piano keys.

In these woke days they can’t be made of ivory either.

But maybe ebony is O.K.


jack collier


not black

but positively monochrome

Tunes on Tuesday ~ Come Fly With Me

we have nothing to lose and a whole world to see

Of course, this song is very appropriate today because, despite the much heralded ‘end of lockdown’, we English aren’t allowed to fly anywhere very much.  Certainly we are prohibited from flying to the USA, and you Americans aren’t allowed to come here either.  Unless you are a politician or a prince.

This makes Boris Johnson, Joe Biden, and Prince Harry the three most disliked ‘men’ by all good Englishmen and true.  We can’t stand their wives either…..


jack collier

Pan Am Super Constellation

the good old days of air travel

Songs on Saturday ~ I’m a Believer

belief is not a given thing

Amazingly, the weather here has been so fabulous over the past couple of days that on Friday I walked 10 miles in the sunshine.  This song got hold of me for some reason, and made me smile even more, because it made me think of someone I know.

I know I should have played either The Monkees or Neil Diamond version, but I think this one is even more fun.


jack collier


this guy steals those movies

Tunes on Tuesday ~ Danger Zone

I feel the need… the need for speed

Following my post Blinding Lights earlier today, I thought that we would all like to see this classic Kenny Loggins track from the movie Top Gun.

Well, it makes me smile, and smiles are in short supply right now.


jack collier

before the F-14 Tomcat

this was the big stick

Scenes on Sunday ~ Independence Day

freedom belongs to those with the courage to defend it






jack collier


uncommon valor was the common virtue

Scenes on Sunday ~ Marmaduke

the young at heart can find a friend in a teddy bear

could be Huntington Beach

Marmaduke, the Thinker

Somewhere in Utah

Kilroy Wos Here

downtown Big Bear

jack collier


marmy, the gymnast

Tunes on Tuesday ~ Big River

I might be broke, but the fog on the Tyne is all mine

Not many Americans will have a clue who Jimmy Nail was, nor the character he used to play in a TV series they’ve never seen.  Auf Wiedersehen, Pet was compulsive viewing when there really were dole queues in England.  Bits of Newcastle still look like the monochrome scenes in the video clip.

Please listen with some nostalgia for better times.


jack collier


the famous five bridges

Scenes on Sunday ~ Penshaw Monument

build it and they will come
even to a Greek temple in the North of England





jack collier

you can see it for miles and miles and miles

Geordies and Angels

I could not have made it this far
if there had not been angels along the way

just off the route of the A1, just outside of Gateshead in the North East of England, is the largest sculpture in England

the Angel of the North

The statue was built at a steel fabrication works in my town

Installed in 1998, the thing is 66 feet tall with a wingspan of 177 feet

which is bigger than a Boeing 757

jack collier


probably the most viewed sculpture in the world

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