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Witch’s Promise

you were kissed one night by a witch in the woods


A wise man will never kiss a witch in the pale moonlight on All Hallows Eve.

Please listen responsibly.


jack collier

and she wore a tree on her back

Kiss From A Witch

never kiss a witch in the moonlight


on all Hallows eve

don’t promise a witch

on a long lover’s kiss

in the bright moonlight

else you will be hers

forever and always


jack collier

only a lunatic should kiss a witch


a Kiss From a Witch

a kiss from a witch in the moonlight


I loved a witch

and I kissed her

she kissed me back

who is the fool now?


jack collier

money buys even a witch

Food on Friday ~ Healthy Halloween

have you come to sing pumpkin carols?

Here in ye Merrie Olde England we eschew Halloween as the pagan / catholic / foreign festival it is.  Instead we celebrate Guy Fawkes Night on November 5th.  However, these recipes are great for any cooler night when you’re having guests around, and you’re looking for something that evokes a darkly festive air.  Something healthy, tasty, and easy to prepare?

All of the dishes I’m featuring this week are healthy as well as tasty and great looking, and if you want to make the most of a healthy eating recipe then try to buy the freshest organic ingredients that you can find.

And OK, this is a shorter post because I’m not at all happy with some Halloween excesses,

First up this week, and the first time I’ve featured this site; from poach me quick we have sticky and smokey chipotle and maple-baked chicken on the bone.  Try not to get any of the messy stuff on your fingers onto your Halloween Costume.

Sticky and Smokey Chipotle Maple-Baked Chicken on the Bone

If you’re looking for something sweeter to have with tea, coffee, or a harder drink, then there’s this seasonally perfect pumpkin white chocolate bundt cake from Heather Christo.  I bet Charlie Brown would love this at Halloween.  Heather’s recipes are very healthy indeed.

Pumpkin White Chocolate Bundt Cake

And, from Ali Gimmie some Oven there’s candied walnuts, which I like the look of and she says are so irresistibly delicious.  OK walnuts are one of those things we should eat to stave off the horrible ageing problems ~ so make these.

Candied Walnuts

Now for something very American, from Good Housekeeping; acorn squash with brown rice and turkey sausage.  Allegedly acorn squash is one of those superfoods, and makes the serving dish for this great-looking recipe.

Acorn Squash with Brown Rice and Turkey Sausage

Turns out that one can treat acorn squash in pretty much the same way as one would treat a potato, although I suspect that the squash is better for a bloke than a spud would be.  So, as an opposite to the good old jacket potato, how about this baked acorn squash with butter and brown sugar, from Elise Bauer at Simply Recipes.  God!  That would be so good with ice cream ~ or am I being silly?

Baked  Acorn Squash with Butter and Brown Sugar

I’m enthused about acorn squash, especially as it seems you can use the gourd as a serving vessel ~ what a brilliant way to save on the washing-up.  It looks like a pretty good thing for vegetarians and vegans too.  So for our collection this week, from Country Living we have 30 best acorn squash recipes for a healthy addition to you fall dinners.  One of the great looking recipes is the acorn squash soup with turmeric from Seasonal Cravings.  Who doesn’t like a warming soup on a cold night?

Acorn Squash Soup with Turmeric


jack collier

perfect for a Halloween cocktail

pomegranate ginger paloma

ginger is a ‘new’ superfood


Her Smile

just like those remembered days when the dawn sang


then quite suddenly I see

if you smile, not just for me

the world is a lovelier place

those tears have disappeared

all that sadness has vanished

the old songs never did end

and we walk again by the sea

remembering the you I adored


jack collier

give your Goddess all the love you can

Songs on Saturday ~ Bette Davis Eyes

the key to life is accepting challenges
once someone stops doing this, he’s dead

I was always a precocious child; I developed abilities and inclinations at a much earlier age that was usual or expected of me.

Everybody has kindness in their eyes.  Except some people.

Please listen responsibly.


jack collier

life is a sexual jest

and her eyes show it

Monochrome Monday ~ Male Nudes

an heroic god, and all is as if the world did cease to exist







Some say that when you get a taste of a real man, the rest of the world never tastes the same.

jack collier


intelligence is enormously sexy

but so is a very toned body

Rebalancing my Life

the cycles of the seasons mirror the cycles of our lives

The quotation above is from the Wiccan Wheel of the Year, which explains a little of what the autumnal festival of Mabon means.  One of the three harvest festivals, Mabon takes place at the Autumnal Equinox, about September 23rd, when night and day are of equal length.  Right now the year is in balance, and maybe by coincidence, I am beginning to bring some measure of balance into my Life.

As with every living creature, the cycles of my life mirror the cycles of the seasons, and at this equinox it’s a time for me to reflect, to wrap up the imbalances and the demons that have tormented me in the past, to rest and ready myself to soon begin again.  In the past my life has been ruled by inner demons which were probably inculcated in me before I was seven years of age.  Those inner demons tormented and tortured me, and my pain spilled over to hurt those I cared for the most.

As the years go by, and all through the changes life brought to me, I have never stopped trying to free myself of the man I was, the man I never wanted to be.  I was that guy that, no matter how hard he tries and no matter how often he succeeds, sooner or later fucks it all up in a really big way.  And along the way I could be an angry, cruel, abusive, generous, impulsive, inventive, jealous, judgmental, manipulative, perfectionist, successful and very intelligent drunk.

BPD can do that to you.

No one with even the slightest ounce of honest humanity would want to live like that.  Even though the Borderline Personality Disorder I suffer from is classified as a severe mental illness, I always had enough sanity to know that I could and should be a much better man than I was.  But here’s the thing, BPD is very often misdiagnosed, and even if your doctor, psychiatrist, and therapist know that you have Borderline Personality Disorder, they most often are unable to treat you properly and effectively.  This is because effective therapy for BPD takes at least a year and more likely three, and therapists qualified and willing to take on cases like mine are few and far between.

Therefore, I have resolved to treat myself, as best as I can.  I have learned that this is called Self Directed Therapy, and that it’s a real and medically recognised technique.  I can be my own therapist, my own mental and psychological mechanic ~ and if I’m hard working and diligent I can get good repairs made pretty quickly.  It also seems that what I’m trying to deal with is a truly serious mental disorder, I need to be very serious about being my own therapist.

It also seems that Borderline Personality Disorder is almost never a result of a biochemical imbalance, and therefore medication is not only pointless, it’s dangerous.  So I can’t just ask my doctor for a prescription.  I need to rebalance my being and reorganise my thinking, and it’s going to take the rest of my freaking life.

I am learning that it’s not how I feel that matters, it’s what I do.  How I feel does not and cannot matter to anyone but me ~ my feelings are chaotic, and often negatively destructive. What matters is how I react to my feelings, and how I act towards the people around me.


jack collier


dark and light in perfect equilibrium

Why Stop Stacking Rocks?

making a rock stack is a kind of environmental graffiti

those are gigantic, natural ‘rock stacks’

There are those environmentalists who urge people not to build rock stacks because it’s meaningless environmental graffiti,  and disturbs the natural world.  And there are those other environmentalists who would like us all to reduce our carbon footprint by stopping flying cattle-class to take our two-week annual vacation in the sun, as all the while they take a dozen trips a month on private jets to speak at meaningless green conferences.  There are also those beggar-my-neighbour lunatics who would like to have building a little rock stack made illegal.

Man has been making piles of stones since the dawn of time, usually making big heaps of stones called cairns to mark a footpath ~ in the days when losing your way was a deadly mistake.  No doubt some Neolithic nutters were against that too.  Mind you I think it’s a damn shame that man cut down most of the ancient woodland here in England.

Unless you’re digging up stones with a lot of critters underneath, then the environmental impact of making a rock stack is effectively zilch.  Anyone can easily unmake it at any time.  But then ‘environmentally friendly’ ‘people are never really live-and let live types.

Some say that people should be banned from all the ‘unspoilt’ places on the planet.  And don’t do as I do, do as I say.  All I know is that the world would be a better place if most of the ‘environmentally friendly ‘ people packed their bags and left.



Jack Collier

probably someone wanted to ban building Stonehenge, that’s a rock stack

Reflections of Despair

I know not age, nor weariness, nor defeat.


far off a beaten warrior

as seen in a winter mirror

his life a long road to nowhere

no noble quest, no gentle lover

no castle no princess in a tower

and by the path of this beaten warrior

dark thorns abound, no leafy bower

and the rabid black wolf cowers

from the constant defeated anger

the warrior has suffered a year

as for hope, that will never

lighten his burden of error

for the dragon’s fiery terror

he is doomed to endure evermore

and all he prays is to die

to sleep forever more


jack collier


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