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Road Trip Arizona

Arizona is arid and mostly empty.

I’ve only been in the Copper State for a few days, but it will leave some lasting impressions on my memory.  And, not just the obvious ~ that it’s big, empty, and fucking very hot.

This is a place of contrasts; from the red desert to the high pines, and from downtown anywhere Phoenix to utterly crazy, totally living in the past, Flagstaff, Arizona continually surprised me.

Red Rock Country around Sedona reminded me of John Wayne western movies, and the high pines on the road to Flagstaff reminded me of innumerable Jimmy Stewart westerns.  Funny how one’s impressions of a place can be coloured by the film’s one watched as a boy.

But, mostly what I’ll remember about this place is that, on average, it’s empty.  There’s a lot of space with bugger all in it except rocks and heat.

I like Arizona, but the whole world is a big place, so I don’t think I’ll ever get back here.

Some say that Arizonians know what’s best for Arizona.  And, that there’s more to the Grand Canyon State than heat.  All I know is that this state is extreme.


Jack Collier

Meteor Crater has no visual references to tell your mind just how damn huge it is

Food Glorious Food

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.  ~  Virginia Woolf

After my depressing piece about how practicing veganism is most likely very bad for you, something more upbeat about food.

I’m more the Artful Dodger type than any wimpy snowflake like Oliver.

Note the use of the English word ‘cadge‘ at the beginning of the song.


jack collier


slow cooked Scottish beef stew

Monochrome Monday ~ Sexy Englishmen

Most women love an intelligent man with a great sense of humour.







jack collier

Real English Men treat all women like Ladies,

even when they’re quite obviously not

Here’s looking at you

The art of seduction is knowing what she really wants.


I don’t belong here

I can’t get near her

loved her for years

and there is no cure


jack collier

It’s the same old story,

a fight for love and glory.



Niki Lauda 1949 ~ 2019

To Hell with safety, all I want to do is race.  ~  James Hunt

Niki Lauda and James Hunt

Motor Racing is inherently dangerous.  Since 1952, 53 drivers have died as a result of incidents while driving Formula 1 cars.  Many more famous drivers have been killed driving at Le Mans and in Formula 3 cars.

The Legendary Austrian driver Niki Lauda has just died aged 70, after a period of ill health.  Lauda had a terrible crash at the Nurburgring in a Ferrari in 1976, where his car burst into flames.  Lauda’s helmet was dislodged in the crash, and he suffered horrific burns to his head.  Although he came back to motor racing his health was never the same after the accident, and he eventually had both kidney transplants and a lung transplant.

Lauda was Formula 1 World Champion in 1975, 1977, and 1984.


jack collier


there is a great movie; Rush

about the rivalry between

Niki Lauda and James hunt


Songs on Saturday ~ Sugar Me

You catch more monkeys with sugar than with vinegar.

This song takes me all the way back to my staid and honest younger days.  Sadly, I never did have a misspent youth ~ not even in swinging 70’s London.

Lynsey wrote this song for Peter Noone, and only recorded it herself at the urging of her then boyfriend Dudley Moore.  Back in the day Lynsey was very much part of the swinging London scene ~ minis and all.

jack collier


the all-conquering mini cooper

Tunes on Tuesday ~ The Great Escape

The past is for learning from and letting go.  You can’t revisit it.  It vanishes.  ~  Adele Parks

Englishmen pf a certain age all have a similar list of their 5 favourite films, and in particular the theme tunes that go with them.  This is in my top five.

Many times I’ve wanted to get on a 500cc Triumph and just escape.

All really great motorcycles are British Iron.


jack collier

Steve McQueen always rode a Triumph

The Lost Week

Drunkenness is nothing but voluntary madness.  ~  Seneca

There’s a 1945 film noir called The Lost Weekend, starring Ray Milland, which explores the really bad side of drinking far too much.  The lead character literally loses an entire weekend ~ and then tries to kill himself over the things he learns when all the misery and pain start to come back to him.

Alcohol and suicide go together like ham and eggs.

As it goes, any booze at all counts as drinking far too much for me.  I have no tolerance for alcohol whatsoever.  Most people can take a couple of drinks in safety; nothing really bad happens to them.  These days I can’t even smell strong drink without something bad happening to me.

Ignorance is a lot like alcohol: the more you have of it, the less you are able to see its effect on you.  ~  Jay Bylsma.

I took a couple of drinks on April 13th, and didn’t really come around again until April 19th ~ that’s very bad.  I lost a whole week out of my life, and for what?  I don’t even enjoy the best wines anymore


jack collier

Songs on Saturday ~ Joe Cocker

I wish I had done everything on Earth with you.  ~  F. Scott Fitzgerald

Sadly, I haven’t seen the movie, nine-and-a-half-weeks.  This super sexy striptease scene and song was introduced to me by a very close friend.  She warned me about playing when I was alone, late at night.  Kim Basinger is pretty hot, and this video is pretty damn sexy.

Joe Cocker has such a great, hard, masculine voice.

Please listen and play responsibly.

jack collier

Kim Basinger again,

maybe after the striptease


The Hero’s Journey

we are already found; already truly, entirely, messily, marvelously who we were born to be  ~  Anne Lamont

Real bravery is not an absence of fear; real bravery is pressing on to do the right thing even though you may be very afraid.  Real heroism is putting others first, even at your own peril.  Real gallantry is showing courageous behaviour, and especially politely protecting and cherishing all women ~ no matter what.

Our modern word Hero derives from the classical Greek and Latin word Hērōs meaning “protector” or “defender” or “to safeguard”.  A classical Hero is a warrior who lives and dies in the pursuit of honour.  In ancient legend, How Horatius Held the Bridge as in the poem by Thomas Babington, and the 300 at the pass of Thermopylae.  In modern times the first responders who went into the burning Twin Towers are rightly thought of as Heroes.

The journey of an individual towards selfless heroism follows a pattern, oft-repeated in myths, legends, history, by Hollywood.  A relatively ordinary man, (heroes are almost always men), with more than his fair share of flaws and character defects, is thrust unexpectedly into an extraordinary situation.  More often than not a group of innocent individuals are threatened with serious injury and death by some very evil people, or a malevolent force of nature.

This ordinary man is forced by circumstances, and probably against his will, to step up and save the potential victims from harm.  Usually there is a woman, a romantic interest, somewhere in the background.

It will turn out that this reluctant hero has an unexpected and previously unrevealed skill, ability, and strength of character which will allow him to face down the bad guys, and thus save the day.

Our hero will probably suffer greatly, and be badly injured during his journey into heroism ~ sometimes he may die.  Usually there won’t be a romantic reconciliation with the woman he loves ~ instead he will metaphorically ride off into the sunset, nursing uncomplaining his physical, emotional, and spiritual pain.

Hollywood has innumerable examples of this hero’s journey; High Noon, Die Hard, North by Northwest, Alien, (Ripley was a heroine), Star Wars, Shane, Valdez is Coming….  More importantly, this story is played out many times over in real life.  And yet, these stories almost never have a happy ending.

Some say that true happiness is to have no ambition, and yet to work like a horse as if you had every ambition.  And that it is to live apart from the cares of another, not need her, and yet still to love her.  All I know is that true happiness is being wherever you are, and whomsoever you truly are, and not let that scare you.


jack collier

it’s not the age honey,

it’s the mileage


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