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Tunes on Tuesday ~ Lionel Richie

sometimes only the original will do

Following the mashup video of Lionel Richie’s Dancing on the Ceiling I posted this morning, here is the original video.

Please don’t try to do this at karaoke if you can’t dance.


jack collier

Ferrari Mondial Cabrio


Tunes on Tuesday ~ Madness

Lockdown in England Day 400

It’s been more than a year in lockdown, I recently had a false positive test for COVID-19, and things are really getting to me.

This Madness song says it all.

I like the Jaguar ~ great car, drives like a truck.


jack collier


a better Jaguar


Songs on Saturday ~ She Makes My Day

all women are beautiful
it just takes the right man to see it

This Robert Palmer track describes how I feel about today.  I hope that you have a very special friend in your life too.

Of course, we guys calls cars, boats, and aeroplanes ‘She….’ too.


jack collier

Songs on Saturday ~ Daytona

twelve wild horses in silver chains

Back in the day, when Chris Rea could still sing and great cars didn’t rely on computers to make them work, Pininfarina designed the Daytona.  I would contend one of the 10 best-looking cars ever made.

I’ve been to Daytona Beach, and I even know what Daytona means, but I’ve never driven a Ferrari Daytona, not anywhere.  And actually, I’d rather own a Jaguar V12 E-Type, but then I am English and not Californian


jack collier

a man’s man’s car

Tunes on Tuesday ~ Vanishing Point

high speed means freedom of the soul

The movie Vanishing Point is as far away from a ‘chick flick’ as it’s possible to get ~ the whole thing is just one long car chase with minimal dialogue and a lot of engine noise.  What’s not to like?

A 1970 Dodge Challenger is a very cool car indeed.

I’ve driven newer Challengers, and I’ve driven on those roads, but these days Dodge Muscle Cars are emasculated shadows of greater, faster, classics.


jack collier

anyhow, in the desert I prefer a convertible Mustang

Tunes on Tuesday ~ Satisfaction

some things look better in black and white

While Californians were listening to drug culture bands like Jefferson Airplane, filmed in glorious Technicolor at Woodstock, we English were listening to bands like The Rolling Stones ~ here filmed in grainy monochrome in Ireland.  As a matter of fact we English thought everyone in California went around saying; ‘peace and love….’  If you said that here in the sixties you were likely to get smacked.

You decide which is better, The Stones or Jefferson Airplane.

Actually, I prefer The Beatles.

And we say ‘aeroplane…’


jack collier

another 1960’s English icon

works Mini Cooper

Tunes on Tuesday ~ top of the pops

hello guys and gals

Back when I was a kid there was a TV show called Top of the Pops.  You were nobody if you weren’t on there.  Noted pedophiles who were on TOTP include Jimmy Savile and Rolf Haris.  Liked one, didn’t like the other.

So from that era. Or a bit later.

Canned Heat.

I owned a mini.

I dated a girl who wore a mini and platforms.

she was older, and married.


jack collier

1275 A series

Tunes on Tuesday ~ Dance Moves

being a classic means a lot more than being just old

Some music makes me smile, and some music makes me feel like dancing.  This compilation does both.

I’ll bet that you can’t watch this video without wanting to dance.

Or buy an Oldsmobile and turn it into a hot rod.

Please listen watch and listen with nostalgia.


jack collier

Ford Model A

flathead hot rod


Seascapes and Serenity Lost ~ available on Amazon

Tunes on Tuesday ~ 1960s TV Dance

there’s nothing sexier than a 1960s TV star ~ maybe

Perhaps I’ve gone overboard on dance compilations today, but being a child of the sixties these clips bring back some memories.

Anyway I can dance a lot better than anyone and everyone in this compilation.

(Except Dick Van Dyke)


jack collier

1967 Plymouth Barracuda

426 cu in (7.)L0 HEMI V8

Scenes on Sunday ~ Cars in Movies

I want a car, chicks dig the car







jack collier

Le Mans with Steve Mcqueen

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