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Tunes on Tuesday ~ Blondie

some say there is no blonde like an older blonde

Back in they day, when I drove a red TR6 sports car and went to New York a lot, Debbie Harry was considered to be very HOT.  By some at least.

Great legs, nice shoes, shame about the scarf.

Please listen responsibly.


jack collier

very hairy chested

Random Jottings #7

it’s always the car ~ hot women love a cool jaguar


he was enchanted by her beautiful angel eyes

he was enthralled by her lascivious witch’s mouth

he was utterly lost to her when she danced in his mind


‘Do you love me?  he asked…..

but he knew in his heart that whatever she said would be a lie

‘No….’ she replied


Black is a good colour on a woman, or a car

both of them are expensive

if you have to choose, black silk is the better


jack collier

another brilliant disguise

and not every woman can wear black



Scenes on Sunday ~ The Adventures of Marmaduke

there are a lot of adventures out there, waiting for us to live them






jack collier

Marmaduke is upset about Mr. Trumps travel ban.

I’ve told him we will go to America soon.

don’t ask about love

casual sex is the consolation you get when you can’t have love


‘Darling, may I ask you a question?’

‘Of course, ask me anything…..’

‘Have you ever been really in love?’

‘Like, in love, who with?’

‘Me, for a start…..’

‘Not really, not ever…..’

He took away the keys to her German sports car right after that.

She poisoned his designer coffee.


jack collier


never trust a woman who smokes in the bedroom


With A Little Help From My Friends

where you are right now is where you were meant to be

Earlier this week I treated myself to the Beatles album Sgt, Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, on vinyl of course.  This is a brand new pressing re-mastered to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the original release in May 1967.  There is something very atmospheric about recreating the days of one’s youth.

Obviously I would have like to have bought an original ‘first pressing,’ and there are a couple for sale; on Amazon yet!  But, even I’m not going to pay something like $750 for 12 inches of black vinyl that I would never have dared to play.  Ergo this new pressing is a great buy for me.

There are some fab, groovy tracks on this album ~ but I’ve chosen this one because right now it’s very meaningful for me.

Ringo wasn’t a great singer, but then he wasn’t really a great drummer either.

I wonder where I can buy a pair of loon pants?

Or an original Mini Cooper?


jack collier

Try not to go all 1960’s on me


Bond Themes

Bond.  James Bond.

The 25th Bond Film No Time To Die is out soon, with a theme song by Billie Eilish.  Nice song, great lyrics, cute singer, but Billie Eilish would never make the cut as a Bond Girl.  (Maybe that’s why there isn’t a great video to go with this theme.)

But there is only one true Bond theme.  This has been played sometime in every single Bond movie. (Don’t know why the Old Glory, there is nothing American about Bond films, Bond is a quintessential Englishman if ever there was one.)

Please listen without striking a pose.


jack collier

an Aston Martin features in more than half of all Bond Movies

Monochrome Monday ~ Bond, James Bond

I like to do some things the old-fashioned way







jack collier


Bond was not always saintly

but there’s a devil in all real men

Scenes on Sunday ~ Idylls

there is something very simple about the most idyllic dreams

sunset Orange County CA

the Pacific Ocean

parasailing over the Mediterranean

the Atlantic Ocean

red rock country near Sedona AZ

Zion Canyon National Park

Sunset in North Turkey


jack collier

the North Sea and winter sky at dawn

Songs on Sunday ~ The Windmills of your Mind

‘What a funny, dirty little mind!’

I have a friend who says that she has never seen the movie The Thomas Crown Affair.  The 1968 film with Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway was so incredibly cool and laden with style that everyone who wants to be voguish should see it.  It has one of the strangest theme songs of all time; The Windmills of Your Mind ~ sort of sung by Noel Harrison.

There was a 1999 remake starring Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo.

This song has to be in my top 100, if I ever get around to having a top 100.

Please listen without wanting to become a glider pilot, or drive a beach buggy on a beach.  Watch the movie without wanting to become a thief.


jack collier

just a surreal picture

a bit like the movie

So, who do you want to be tomorrow?

Scenes on Sunday ~ Cars

most women would rather cry in a jaguar than on a bus 

V12 E-Type Jaguar

Jaguar XJ S V-12 Convertible

Series One Land Rover

Caterham 7 de Dion

Caterham 7 with a girl riding shotgun

Ford Mustang

my other Ford Mustang

Triumph TR5

jack collier

Triumph GT6

a miniature Aston Martin


I’ve owned, rented, or just driven examples of all of the above.

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