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Better Sleep

true happiness means getting enough good sleep

insomnia is subtle torture

Sleeping well is vitally important to our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.  Conversely, insomnia is stressful and will eventually make you ill.

Scientific surveys tell us that most people require between 6 and 8 hours of good sleep every night.

You can’t store sleep up in advance, but you can make up for lost sleep afterwards.

For good sleep you should go to bed at the same time every evening, and get up at the same time every morning.

Sleep medication only works for a little while.  One should never take sleep aids for longer than a couple of weeks.

Smokers will never get a settled night’s sleep until months after they quit.

Booze may send you to sleep, but thereafter it ruins your night’s rest.  Drinkers will never get a settled night’s sleep until they have had a little sobriety.

Drinkers will tend to have vivid and sometimes disturbing dreams.

Caffine in coffee or tea has very little effect on sleep.

Eating late at night will prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep.  Don’t eat within two hours of going to bed.

The blue light from your phone or tablet will stop you from falling into deep REM sleep, the kind of sleep we all need.

Watching TV in your bedroom late into the night will prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep.

A lack of real daylight during waking hours will prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep.

Plenty of fresh air and exercise during the day promotes good sleep.

Bedrooms should be cool, dark, and quiet.

Your subconscious mind should associate your bedroom with only two things; sleep and sex.

Some say they can get by on 2 or 3 hours sleep a night.  And that the only time they have problems is when they are trying to sleep.  All I know is that early to bed and early to rise make one healthy, wealthy, and wise.


jack collier

don’t spend too long gazing at the moon

that’s for lunatics

Songs on Saturday ~ Lindisfarne

the more violent the storm, the quicker it passes

Last night I dreamed of this song from the days of my youth.  I’ve chosen it for today because meeting someone on the corner, just as it’s getting dark, is just about the only way on can get to be with a close friend.  Lockdown has a lot to answer for.

The acoustic guitar player has just about the coolest facial hair ever, if you like that kind of thing.  Reminds me of a certain muppet.

Please listen with a smile.


jack collier

Lindisfarne is a magical place

one day I will take you there


celebrate yourself, don’t wait for others to celebrate for you

I was told when I was born, my parents told me when my birthday was even though they didn’t celebrate it much.  Years later, when I needed to prove who I was I discovered that I was a day older than I’d been told, which means I’m a little bit Pisces as well as a lot of Ares.  If you believe in astrology, spirituality, and witchcraft that explains why I’m sometimes a messed up artist / engineer.

Growing up in a coal mining village, going to school at Bog Row Junior Mixed and Infants, living a ground down life in a dirt poor town, did not encourage me to look forward to anyone’s birthday.  Being the shy kid at birthday parties does not win medals and kisses.

In lots of ways I am an average guy.  I do not remember dates of things women find important; anniversaries, Valentines, Thanksgiving, Birthdays…..  (Actually St. Valentines Day is hard to forget, my florist reminds me.)  Ergo, in my diary I write down the dates of my friends’ birthdays, starting with a note the week before that says things like; Faye’s Birthday next week.  I am sorry if you women think that is crass, and that I need to be reminded to send flowers, but at least I try.

When I was working for a living my secretary would remind me of my birthday because it was expected that I would buy cakes for everyone in my office, and book a table in the good wine bar for a favoured few.  Champagne and nibbles, no work that afternoon, taxi to the train station for girls a little too drunk to walk.

I know, shallow and crass,  But shallow and crass was all I had.

Some say that when you are born describes who you are.  And that an Ares male is not to be trusted around women.  All I know is that I did not forget my friend’s birthday, no matter what she believes.


jack collier


Happy Birthday Sweetheart

Dreams of Love Lost

don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened



she’s gone

we were forever

how can love be over

it’s hard to control sadness

when will my heart beat again?

she knows I can never love another

crying the longest sad sorrow of adieu



jack collier


better to have loved and lost

than never to have loved at all

Monochrome Monday ~ Dystopian Trucks

utopia was an illusion, dystopia is the reality







jack collier

when the gas all runs out

Songs on Saturday ~ Sting

America only has three cities
New York, San Francisco, and New Orleans
everywhere else is Cleveland

Last night, in the middle of the night, I knew that I had to have this song on my blog today.  I have no idea why that is.

Once, I turned down a chance to go to New Orleans, with a very interesting woman.

I have no idea why I didn’t.


jack collier

in the middle of the night

by the dark of the moon


Monochrome Monday ~Ruins

it’s so quiet in the ruins, walking through the old town







jack collier

anything but here

Songs on Saturday ~ Billy Joel

we’re only human, we’re supposed to make mistakes

I screw up, I make mistakes, I go down the same wrong road time after time.  But, I pick myself up and try to do better next time.

Last week I fucked-up in a big way, for no better reason than I was hurting after being to the dentist, and this town is in lockdown again.  This song says something about how I feel today.

We don’t have to be always ready to make ourselves blameless and faultless, we can admit that we’re only human.  I can accept myself as human and see that no human being is without flaws ~ me especially so.

I survived all those long lonely days when it seemed I did not have a friend ~ I with friends I know I can survive anything the Cosmos throws at me.


jack collier

perhaps the Cosmos doesn’t care when we screw-up

but perhaps my friends do

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

the bigger the storm, the brighter your rainbow

Face it, we’re all facing pretty big storm-clouds , and it doesn’t look as though they’re going to blow over any time soon.  So let’s all look for the silver lining, and hope that we find a rainbow shining through.  It’s either a nightmare, or a dream ~ you choose.

A change from Judy Garland, and I like this version of the classic song.

Please listen with a smile on your face.

With thanks to my friend Paula Light for the inspiration.


jack collier

pretty lucky


Random Jottings ~ Strange Love

love can be an intimate connection and a dreadful bond


love makes you do strange things


she hears you before you have spoken

answers you before you’ve formed the question

and she loved you before you ever dreamed of her


and then, in walked the witch

the electric broomstick was bad

her fuck-me stilettos were a bitch

but the pearl choker was just sadistic


erotic witches aren’t all bad

they just like to behave that way


jack collier

memories of

sex, secrets, sins

lovers, lies, lusts

desires, demands

resentments, regrets 

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