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Travelling Companion

a mind that encompasses new experiences can know the universe

Einstein could be enigmatic.  And it’s not Barbados.

Cancun if you want to know.  Barbados is shut.

Travel broadens the mind.

Now I need a girl.


jack collier


or a woman

Air Travel

flying anywhere is mostly sitting around and waiting

waiting at John Wayne, what a great name for an airport

Given that I have an hotel booked in Cancún it seems like a good idea that I arrange to get there.  It’s a series of flights and layovers that make up to a long journey.  Newcastle to London Heathrow, to Chicago O’Hare to Cancún International.  Even British Airways and American Airlines can’t get me there the same day I leave here.  Another hit on the credit card that gives me the most points.  And the only number I need is the booking reference NO**QB

Sadly there is no way I can get there via John Wayne.

Now all I have to work out is how not to be spending a couple of weeks alone in a fabulous resort hotel.

I am open to suggestions.


jack collier

a nice place to relax

sad sweet goodbye

you never lose someone you have truly loved


let the rains fall

and wash away her tears

let me be strong

and take away her fears

let me be kind enough

to wish her well

now she loves another


jack collier


walking away from everything


I have an insane desire to be someplace warm and sunny

It’s a little bit cold and grey in the North of England which made me wonder if I should be somewhere else.  The hysterical clamour from the government, health officials, and the police tells me that I definitely want to be somewhere else.

So, I’ve decided I’m going to Cancún for a couple of weeks in November.

Thus far I’ve booked a great hotel; Fiesta Americana Condesa Cancún and at about $5,000 for two weeks I’ve got a great deal.  (Because hardly anyone is going hardly anywhere.)

No doubt I’m breaking all kinds of regulations for going to and staying there, but frankly, I don’t give a shit.  It’s very sad that my one time, long term ‘friend’ won’t be coming along with me either.

Next task for today, book some flights, with my preferred layover at ORD.

I’ll keep you posted.


jack collier

looks good for a lazy couple of weeks

What Turns You On?

real love is confidence, acceptance, and understanding

what women want

You will not be surprised to learn that I still have no real idea what women want, other than security and steadfastness.  I sort-of know that women want, need, and desire things like trust, respect, acceptance, understanding, and somebody with enough money to look after them.  And that some people have kinks that we wouldn’t want to imagine.  But, what do women really want?

So, obviously I checked a website, and came up with dross.  It seems that women want, need, and desire; confidence, trustworthiness, integrity, compassion, emotional honesty, respect, and a sense of humour.  Jeez, the woman who wrote that must have been dating the slob next door lookalikes or guys in their twenties.  Apart from the emotional honesty thing.

Almost no men are emotionally honest, not even with themselves.  Asking for emotional honesty from a man is like asking for him to hold a conversation and walk up a flight of stairs at one in the same time.

I checked some other sites and the women writing them came up with things like;  vulnerability, stability, equality, awareness, emotional presence, interestedness, protectiveness, acceptance, and assertiveness.  Some slightly iffy and slightly contradictory stuff there.

I’m a man, and from bitter experience I will tell you exactly what women want when it comes to men.

  • Looks, Presence, Physicality, Command Ability.  In general women do not get turned on by a Forrest Gump played by a Danny Devito type, but they do get turned on by Bond played by Connery.  A big dick helps.
  • Money.  I don’t give a shit what any woman says, while some woman might fuck a hot-looking pauper, it’s not what they really want need and desire.  They want a man who pays for dinner, sends flowers, dresses nicely, has a cool car, and can afford to take them on expensive vacations.
  • Power.  Power is the greatest aphrodisiac there is, according to Plato.  Why else would any woman sleep with some notable politicians?
  • Intellect.  Unless she is a bimbo, women want a man who can hold a conversation, knows where Canada is, and can discuss anything, anytime, with anybody.
  • Talent.  Women do not like talent-less men, and whatever talent he has better be masculine.  Not many women are turned-on by a guy who is good at quilting.  Women prefer men who can fix their car at two in the morning, in the pouring rain.
  • Listening.  Women like to talk, and they prefer it when the man they are dating actually listens instead of constantly talking over them or being bored.  Listening to a woman, any woman, is a learned skill for men.
  • Steadfastness.  Women like men who are there for them 24/7 365, no matter what.

Of course this is based on an unscientific straw-poll, and the answers depended on how much the women I polled had to drink.  And, there is more, and not all women are the same, and some men have hidden depths.  But I know, from being able to listen, that a woman who lets go a man who ticks all the boxes I’ve listed above regrets it forever.


jack collier


looks and being able to ride a motorcycle are enough for one woman I’ve known

Vacations During Lockdown

a vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in

I am not doing this on vacation

You know that the quotation at the top of the page is not at all true.  Plenty of us have been trapped in the prison of our own homes during this coronavirus crisis, with nothing to do and weeks to do it in, and it’s so stultifying that it drives people crazy.  A good vacation should include lots of interesting things to do, like hanging out by the pool with a very good friend, doing nothing much else except read and sunbathe.  Sightseeing, long walks, swimming, good food, and looking around the tourist stores are also cool things to do on vacation.

There are some things just too energetic for my ideal vacation and I include; skiing, water skiing, parasailing, sailing, cycling, and horseback riding.  But if any of those float your boat then go for it with gusto.

Sadly, right now our stupid politicians, government bureaucrats, and health officials have made such a mess of things that half the civilised world is under lockdown, which means that we are not supposed to engage in anything other than essential travel, whatever that’s supposed to mean.  Not only that but half the places you might want to go to are shut.  Here in the UK, both Wales and Scotland are effectively closed for business ~ although what Englishman in their right mind would want to take a vacation in either?

More pertinent I have a close friend in the USA, and I am not allowed to go and visit her because of American lockdown and quarantine regulations.  And then there are a whole lot of other great tourist destinations that are more or less closed for business, and I include nearby countries like Italy, Greece, Spain, and Portugal.

It’s worse than that, because if I go almost anywhere I have to self-isolate for 14 days when I get back to England.  Add to that a whole lot of compulsory tests to make damn sure I’m not carrying the virus, and the compulsory wearing of face masks in airports and on flights, and travel becomes a chore.  You’d think the idiots supposedly in charge of this mess don’t want us hoi polloi to have any fun at all.  (Well, extramarital sex is now illegal here.)

You know what?  I’m heading off to the sunshine, as far as I am concerned a holiday away from all this doom and gloom counts as essential travel.


jack collier

that’s more like it

Is This Country?

an English Gentleman is someone who doesn’t know how to play the banjo

I have a friend who drove across country to the Ozarks last weekend.  Even with my extensive and eclectic knowledge of geography I have only the vaguest knowledge of where the Ozarks are, let alone WTF you get when you arrive.  I have the vaguest suspicion that it’s the kind of area where brothers and sisters date and cousins get married.  If you tell me so I will accept that I’m utterly wrong.  But and here’s the thing, is that where this kind of music comes from?  And, is this country?

The Staggerwing was fabulous, but a Vincent is a legend.

Please listen knowledgeably.


jack collier


better looking than some

sexier than most

carnal drinking is messy

addicted to sex, hitting the bars, picking up younger men


I was mystified

she cheated and lied

sadly that’s bad


jack collier

she likes young men

when she can get them

and they know what to do

Coronavirus Madness

‘I am under no obligation to make sense to you…..’ 

covid-19 police ready for action

That heading is a quote from the Mad Hatter in Lewis Carroll’s book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.  At the time the book was written Hatters were famously mad because of all the mercurous nitrate they used in curing felt.  Mercury poisoning will send you mad before it kills you.

So, what excuse have our politicians, health officials, and sundry bureaucrats got for acting like insane secret policeman during this alleged coronavirus pandemic?  Actually, the alleged coronavirus pandemic gives any jumped-up little Hitler the perfect excuse to throw their weight around.

For crass stupidity and the insane enforcement of illegal regulations one cannot go further than the Principality of Wales where there’s a failed Marxist called Mark Drakeford running things.  What a useless dickhead.

Supermarkets in Wales have entire aisles closed off to stop people buying non-essential items.  These ‘non-essential items’ seem to include womens’ sanitary products, baby formula, diapers, school uniforms, shampoo, hairdryers, vacuum cleaners…..  Yet in Wales alcohol seems to be very essential ~ if I was in Wales I’d want to get blind drunk.

People there shouldn’t be going into stores anyhow because the whole place is under a 17 day ‘firebreak lockdown’.  Which is stupid because soaking wet Wales has as much chance of suffering a wildfire as you have setting light to the mud in a swamp.

Police are manning border controls between England and Wales to stop people from the ‘more infected’ counties here from entering the Principality.

In England some 8 million people in the North have been plunged into the strictest possible lockdown because more testing in their cities shows that more people are infected with the virus than before.  BTW 60% of positive tests are false positives.  But who in London gives a shit about ‘the North?’

Also in England pubs can stay open if they are selling whole pizzas, but not if they are just selling pizza slices.  Meanwhile some children here are actually going hungry.

The power-mad ginger dwarf running Scotland has closed the entire country for business.  Safety tip; never let a crazy ginger woman run your life for you.

And the compulsory pointless wearing of face-nappies is set to continue, probably forever.

Meanwhile, the entire USA is in the grip of a set of lunatics who seem to have been given the keys to the asylum.


jack collier

‘step away from ze tampons…..’

Tunes on Tuesday ~ Simply Irresistible

there’s nothing more irresistible to a man than a woman who says she loves him
it’s just a crying shame that she’s so often lying

This hot Robert Palmer track may be a bit gratuitously erotic sexual sexist, but it illustrates my point very well.  Some women are almost irresistible.

A woman can be sexy at twenty, gorgeous at thirty, charming at forty, and simply irresistible for the rest of her life.

A man should follow his heart, but remember to take his brain along with him.

Please listen with a sense of humour.


jack collier

almost as irresistible as a woman





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