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Tunes on Tuesday ~ Herb Alpert

drunk under the boardwalk, out of the sun

I never wanted t go to Mexico. and while I was in Mexico City I hated it with a passion  But I would stop shaving and using deodorant to spend a week in Tijuana with my Californian friend.

I know she would like sitting at the bar, chatting up men.

But the stupid hat on me, maybe not.

I’m an Englishman, a legal alien.

The monster does it better.


jack collier


my friend drinks, smokes,

hangs out in bars too

Tunes on Tuesday ~ Dance Moves

being a classic means a lot more than being just old

Some music makes me smile, and some music makes me feel like dancing.  This compilation does both.

I’ll bet that you can’t watch this video without wanting to dance.

Or buy an Oldsmobile and turn it into a hot rod.

Please listen watch and listen with nostalgia.


jack collier

Ford Model A

flathead hot rod


Seascapes and Serenity Lost ~ available on Amazon

Random Jottings ~ Vacations

English told to lock away their passports for a year


forget California

no holidays for Brits for a year


buy a sunlamp and some bags of sand

it’s the nearest you’re going to get to a vacation


United Kingdom cut off from the rest of the world


no sunshine holiday romances please, we’re British


we English travel not to escape everyday life, but to escape Covid


doctors say that having fun increases your risk of dying from COVID-19


jack collier

no man needs a vacation so much as the man who has been in lockdown for 308 days

Having No Libido

let nature decide on your sex-drive
not doctors and drugs

she should make my temperature rise

In the past when I heard of people who stopped taking their medication for schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, depression, or some other mental issue….. because the drugs made them feel like they; ‘weren’t  themselves anymore’ ~ well I used to think they were being stupid.

For the past few days I’ve been taking a drug called Amlodipine to help lower what was my catastrophically high blood pressure, and it worked dramatically quickly ~ which is good.  There have been some immediate side-effects ~ which is not so good.  I’ve been drowsy, a bit confused and clumsy, my memory is crap. and I’ve got a constant headache.  There’s another side effect; no interest whatsoever in sex, total lack of sex-drive, zero libido, and no chance at all of having an erection.  I checked, one of the side effects of Amlodipine is to dramatically reduce the production of the male sex-hormone testosterone.

It feels like a very important part of my personality has been removed ~ I don’t feel like myself anymore.  I’m not me.  And, not only do I feel weird, I don’t like it one little bit.

You might wonder how I know my sex-drive and lustful desires have disappeared, given that I’ve been in lockdown for months, and not had a date in all that time.  The strange thing is I knew, and I know that my masculinity has disappeared along with the testosterone which used to flood my body.  I’m not interested in women in any sexual way whatsoever, and strong sexual feelings have been with me since adolescence.  Some other aspects of maleness have also gone; like I’ve lost my sense of direction ~ I don’t automatically know where North is anymore.  Spacial awareness is out of the window, single-mindedness and black and white thinking has gone, and I’m finding it difficult to focus on one task at a time.  I’m depressed, tired all the time, and irritable.  Even my voice is changing.

Who knew that testosterone does much more to the male body than creating and increasing sexual desire and performance?  (I’ve even checked this out by watching some internet porn, and nothing, zip, nada.)

Some women say that men are merely life-support systems for their penis.  And that the way to a man’s heart isn’t food, it’s casual sex.  All I know is that it’s horrible when a man’s masculinity vanishes.


jack collier


a great body, fabulous ass, fantastic pose

what effect is that having?

‘nice picture…..’


Seascapes and Serenity Lost is available on Amazon

Monochrome Monday ~ Arizona

in reality, the Arizona desert is monochromatic red






jack collier

road trip

Red Rock State Park

(poetry anthology on Amazon)

Lazy Sunday Music

lazy Sunday afternoon
I’ve got no mind to worry
I close my eyes and drift away

Quite suddenly I’ve some to believe that there are some songs an English Gentleman shouldn’t play of a Sunday afternoon, and some others that perfectly fit the Sabbath.  Ergo, this is the first of what is going to be a regular feature on this here blog.  Little Star by Madonna.  This is for a very close friend.

I don’t expect you to completely agree with me.

But then an Englishman never gives a hoot for another person’s opinions.

These days I’m more Californian, cosmopolitan, transatlantic, edgy, than died-in-the-wool, stuffy, staid English Gentleman


jack collier

and I have no plans to amputate my ear

Arc Troubles

it wasn’t raining until Noah built the arc



Noah though he could fix the arc

with just a phillips screwdriver

the geese disagreed



with thanks to Paula Light for the phillips, thought, geese prompt

jack collier


Canada Geese, the golfers least favourite bird

Scenes on Sunday ~ Jerome, Arizona

at least Arizona is different

Arizona is also big and mostly empty






jack collier


I don’t know what happens upstairs

but they serve a great burger

Songs on Saturday ~ Bruce Springsteen

I desire very little
but the things I do consume me

Dancing In The Dark is my favourite Springsteen track, for a reason that goes back a long, long way ~ another time, another place, another woman.

Not all romances can have a happy ending.

Try and bring the dancer back into your life.


jack collier

Road Trip

Jerome Arizona

Waiting For A Star To Fall

she was like a falling star I tried to catch in my hands
I only got burned

All men eventually meet that one woman, that star that burns too bright in his heart.  All men dream of walking alone with her in the moonlight.  All men are destined to have their dreams and desires destroyed.  Lucky men come back from that and have some fun with someone who knows what love is.

there are nightmares calling,

shooting stars falling,

brightly burning,

for an instant.


jack collier


she’s not hiding her light

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