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How to Stop Wasting Time

stop wasting valuable time on worthless people places and things

Everyone, and I do mean everyone, wastes a hell of a lot of precious time.

If you have been working from home, or not working at all because you’ve been in lockdown, or just got back to work; then the amount of time you waste every day should have been thrown into sharp focus.  For example, most people who work from home manage to get a full week’s work done in about 20 hours instead of 40.  And, if you have just gone back to work you might realise just how often you are interrupted, or have to do utterly pointless time-wasting crap.  The worst is that you may have been utterly idle during lockdown and filled your entire life with utterly pointless crap.

So, here are a few very obvious suggestions to allow you to have more time to do what’s important to you;

  • Make some lists instead of charging around aimlessly and forgetting things;  a to-do list and shopping list are very efficient and helpful.
  • Stop chatting with people who call at your desk.  Usually they are time wasting jerks.
  • Don’t go to most meetings.  In my experience meetings of more than 3 people are a complete waste of time ~ on-line meetings doubly so.  If you are not the most vital person in a meeting you probably don’t need to go.  Just read the minutes instead.
  • Stop multi-tasking.  Do one job from start to finish, concentrate on that task, and don’t try to do something else at the same time.  That means don’t read emails or surf the internet when you’re supposed to be doing something important.
  • Finish what you’ve started.  Unfinished tasks are a congregation of fighting alligators in your mind, bothering the hell out of you and stopping you from really being effective and efficient.
  • Be neat, clean, and tidy.  Some people think living and working in a mess makes them productive ~ it doesn’t, it just means you’re living in a swamp.
  • Do the very simple ‘couple of minutes’ jobs first, get them out of the way, and then do the worst, nastiest, and most difficult task ~ from start to finish.
  • Stop answering the phone, unless you’re expecting a call.  Calls out of the blue are hardly ever important.
  • When you are not at your job, you are not at your job.  So forget it and forget the people there.  Your employer only owns your time for your exact contracted number of hours.
  • Take all your breaks, and get outside into the fresh air and sunshine if you possibly can.

Some say the work-life balance is important.  And some go into the ‘office’ when they should be at the beach.  All I know is too much work will kill you.


jack collier

When you’re up to your ass in alligators it’s hard to remember that you’re supposed to be draining the smegging swamp

Peace and Quiet

it’s so serene here by dawn’s early light

Nobody around at 07:00 except for the bread man, a few determined runners, the cats and dogs, and me.  I like early mornings.  Everyone you might meet is so much nicer at that secret time of day.

I also like a very early morning coffee, and I’ve found a place that does a good take out brew.  ’twas easy, because it was always going to be right next to the cab rank.

On my way back to the hotel the first paragliders came in.  They like the still early morning air and clear skies.  (and no, you’re not getting me up there, not without some moral support)

I have no big plans for today, except for time by the hotel pools.  Reading, sunbathing, swimming, daydreaming…….


Jack Collier

It really is that gorgeous here



Vacation Thoughts ~ Nightlife

at night this place really comes alive

The nightlife here in Oludeniz is crazy.  Live music, laser light shows, karaoke bars, dance bars, cocktail bars, beach bars, sports bars, restaurants of every ilk, tattoo places….

Parties on Pirate Ships, beach parties…

The food is fabulous, the shopping is fantastic, and the people are fun.

Some women were having fun wearing very daring outfits.  The weather is very warm and the booze is very cheap.

Kinda wish you were here with me

Just bring a summer dress, and a bikini, it’s all you’ll need.


Jack Collier


At midnight, in one or two of the bars here, she’d be quite overdressed.

Vacation Thoughts

I’m busy doing nothing, working hard at finding things not to do.

The view from my balcony ~ the water is really warm

A vacation in Turkey has a lot going for it.  Nice hotels, brilliant blue skies, great food, not having to do anything I don’t want to do.  And it’s really good value for money.  Today I had a great lunch in a nice beach restaurant ~ about $7.50 all in.

And last night I slept like a hibernating teddybear.


Jack Collier

a twin room is fine if you’re travelling alone

Tunes on Tuesday ~ Mahmut Orhan

 even after the darkest night there can still be a beautiful morning

Today I’m in a place called Oludeniz in Turkey.  Allegedly this artist, song , and video are pretty big here.  The boat is called a gulet, and I have sailed on one of those things.  It was a pretty nice vacation, but there was nonbody on that boat quite as good looking as the women in this video.

As it goes the Aegean is that precise brilliant blue, and some Turkish women really are blonde and beautiful.

I still can’t abide any octopus any place, any time, in any way.

Please listen enviously.


jack collier


Turkish excursion boat

Vacation Hiatus

vacations are a break from our usual activities


As you get to read this I will be preparing to get aboard an aluminium tube that’s going to take me a couple of thousand miles from Newcastle upon Tyne to Dalaman in Turkey.

The chances are I will be too busy doing nothing to write anything on this blog until my return to the garret.

I will be taking some cool photographs I’ll post later.

Have a great time while I’m away.


jack collier

in my absence Marmaduke will be looking after the garret

Monochrome Monday ~ Desolation

solitude, desolation, and despair~ the good, the bad, and the ugly







jack collier

broken heart’s final memory of despair

Songs on Sunday ~ Peter Sellers & Sophia Loren

they wouldn’t be bangers if mash wasn’t involved

Sunday ~ and as I’m going to Turkey tomorrow, today I want some Proper British Fare for lunch.  And what could be more British than bangers and mash served with red onion gravy?

Perhaps the most unlikely vocal duo ever.

Please listen without getting hungry.


jack collier

sausage, potato, and green beans in foil

less British than bangers and mash

but more to American tastes

Scenes on Sunday ~ Free as a Bird

a bear, seeking freedom, the open air, and two tickets to adventure








jack collier

on a day like today

he would blow his cares away

with the wind, the sun, and the sea

lost love’s journey’s ending

the heart’s darkest wilderness is not a place of this Earth


I have journeyed far

through Xanadu, Samarkand, Shangri-la, and Elsinore

I traveled not for love alone

but to fulfill my quest, meet my fate, and free my soul

my heart torn apart by ardour

I wandered by the mountains of the moon’s raging river

in darkest passion’s burning fervour

I could take the pain and stand the rain as should warrior

a warrior proud, steadfast, alone forever

I wouldst take you far to Shangri-la, a land of never never

so join me, my princess most proud and fair

be my Lady, my Goddess, Queen of Camelot and Elsinore

to be together, as it ’twere long ago and before

lost love’s journey’s ending, together now and forevermore


jack collier

darkness cannot drive out darkness

only the dawn’s early light can do that

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