Prisoner of Covid

the summer solstice
day 455 of coronavirus house arrest

Today, June 21st 2021, was supposed to be the end of lockdown, the day on which all Covid-19 restrictions were to have been removed and we English would be free to live normal lives again.  Instead, our imprisonment stretches into the future, with a new release date set for the 19th of July, perhaps, maybe, if you can believe Prime Minister Boris Johnson, which I don’t because he’s a proven philandering, lying, cheat.

Why is lockdown set to go on and on and on when it’s all a gross perversion of the natural duties of doctors, politicians, and government officials?  The whole sorry saga provides a chilling example of how a taste of almost unlimited power and prestige, wielded through secret committees, can distort the judgement of supposedly moral and intelligent people.

Those now in power justify their needlessly cruel rules, regulations and laws as necessary to help mankind at large, and specifically to protect our National Health Service.  In reality they are feeding their own egos and pockets at the expense of the people.

There is no one with sufficient courage and morals to let go of the power they have stolen over us ~ besides they like it too much.  They have all sat there too long for any good they have been doing.  They will not likely be forgiven, if ever.  The people are angry.


jack collier

another angry day in the dungeon of my own home

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