More Coronavirus Crap

as we come to the end of the ‘pandemic’
the ‘great and the good’ prove just how stupid they are

covid will last forever

and we need to live with it like flu


the virus is never going to go away


the public will have to get used to covid deaths

so what is an acceptable number of daily victims?


the covid ‘passport’ to enter sporting events is back again


couples face a £10,000 fine

if they don’t do a proper covid risk assessment on their wedding


vaccine shortage is now threatening the end of lockdown in England


and finally for today

Russia has now identified the Moscow variant


jack collier

mask wearing will be compulsory forever

2 responses

  1. The “variants” just keep on comin’ ….

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    1. Every winter we get 2 or 3 variants of the flu FFS

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