In a Country Churchyard

I’m not allowed to take an aeroplane to anywhere
but there are some places I can still go

At the north end of the bay the old town is now called The Headland, and it has been fortified since at least the 12th century.  The last time it was attacked was on December 16th 1914, when German battle cruisers bombarded the town.  Over 100 people were killed.  The gun in the picture dates from Napoleonic times.  The modern battery is now a museum.

The 13th century parish church of St. Hilda’s was built on  the site of a 7th century monastery.  It’s far too big for the size of today’s congregations.


The old town is very peaceful now.

jack collier


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In a Country Churchyard

8 responses

  1. What lovely photos! Thanks for sharing!

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    1. You are very welcome Sweetheart ❤

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  2. Those pictures pull me to walk those streets and explore. Thank you.

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    1. There are some beautiful, charming, and peaceful places around here. You can visit me any time ❤

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      1. Just might take you up on that sometime! My last trip, I never left London. It was wonderful, but I want to explore outside the city.

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  3. I love these old buildings. 🙂

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  4. I bet that church was cold and probably still is!!! Bundle up for the service. Those peaceful buildings are so pretty and so varied. Colorful and a lot of windows!!

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    1. This part of the world is full of historic buildings dating back to Norman and Saxon times. You’d love to visit here ❤

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