Words I Suddenly Dislike

some words should never have been invented

let’s think about the English Language

I published this list a while ago, but I just had to update it after going back to reading some left-liberal newspaper columnist today.  The new words are in an eco-friendly green.

Awe-Inspiringly,  Awefulize, Awesome,  Bigsie,  BIPOC (black, indigenous, and people of color), Cancel Culture,  Contact-Tracing,  Contactless,  COVID-19,  Denialism,  E-Scooter,  Fantoosh,  Franger,  Influencer, Juneteenth, Lateral-Flow, LGBTQIA+, Life-Coach, Lockdown,  LOL,  MacGyver,  Meghan Markle,  Mentionitis,  Misgendering,  Pride-Month, ROLF,  ROTFLMAO, Sad-Fishing,  Segway,  Shero,  Skin Color, Social Distancing, Stonewall, Taking the Knee, Truthiness,  Unconscious Bias, Wannabe, WFH, WIP, WTF,  Woke, Wokerose, Wuhan, Zoodle

I have no idea what some of the above mean, and honestly, I don’t really want to know.  However, in my honest effort to become more accepting, liberal, understanding, and woke I intend to sprinkle these terms among my writing and conversation.

I may not have a clue WTF I’m talking about, but that makes me no different to all the other influencers out there.


jack collier


I don’t know what that means either

One response

  1. 😀 I know what most of them are but some are just a mystery. Although I will say this post made me LOL. 😀


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