A Short Break to History

the thing about English History is that there’s a lot of it

it is the most haunted city in England


history is not a burden on the memory

but an illumination of the soul


look for ghosts with an open mind and you will find them


there are a lot of local legends about this ancient city

devils, cats, tiny streets, and witches


the construction of England is the art of the possible


here in England we don’t think that 1787 is such a long time ago


jack collier


in England, where there’s a church

there’s also a good pub


7 responses

  1. Some of my favorite stories are about England’s past and my goodness was it often bloody!

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  2. Ghosts?! England is really rich in history.

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    1. We have a lot history here, York was founded in 71 AD.

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  3. Looks charming! I’d love to hung for ghosts there.

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    1. York is knee deep in spooks, ghosts, ghouls, saints, and sinners.<3

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      1. Yes I bet! *hunt for ghosts, oops!

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  4. Hello. It’s been a while. Just passing by to check on you. How are you? How have you been doing? Stay safe.


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