Exercise ~ Walking

walking is the most ancient exercise

Despite the manky weather, and the fact that I’m supposed to be in lockdown, I am back to taking a long daily walk.  Actually it’s illegal to walk along the railroad track here, but hell, it isn’t illegal to take a meditative walk by the tracks.

Only Marmaduke would want to have a rest sitting on the track.

Right now a long walk is about 3 miles, pretty soon I’ll work up to 5 miles a day.


jack collier



walking alone with your thoughts is cool

3 responses

  1. Manky weather shouldn’t stop you lad, so long as thee has thee coyt on. Nothing like a walk wi thee sen. It bettering weather is fair t’middlin.

    Last time I went for a walk with me thoughts, my thoughts tripped me us, distracted me from where I was going and got me lost. So I don’t get flummoxed or mafted, I allus leave em at home.

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    1. Just three miles today; the weather is still grey, damp, and cold.
      Lost in thought is how I best enjoy my walk.

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