goodbye is the hardest word


please forgive me when things don’t always go right

and that I didn’t say; ‘I love you’ as much as I might

I apologise that I stay awake just to hear you breathing

and that sometimes I get weary late at night

please forgive me that I couldn’t make it to forever

only to a pacific sunset’s last fading light


jack collier


men can’t always make it perfect

no matter how hard they try

7 responses

    1. Thanks Mermaid, your comments are always magical ❤

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  1. Perfection is boring. Give me unexpected and challenging!

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    1. Perfect isn’t perfect at all. ❤
      You only really love someone if you also love their faults. 😉

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      1. Even if you don’t love their faults, you love through them.

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        1. Yet, there comes a time when it’s best to say goodbye.

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