Scenes on Sunday ~ Stelvio

there are bold drivers and there are old drivers
but there are no old bold drivers

One of the places in the world I most want to go back to is 15 miles of road between Davos in Switzerland and Stelvio in Italy.  The Stelvio Pass.


I drove it twice, once in a TR6



and once in a 7


Some are stupid enough to ride the Stelvio on a motorcycle.  It is to be hoped that they had their life assurance up to date.  Do not drive the Stelvio in bad weather or at night, unless you are very brave.


jack collier

Detroit never dreamed that a road like the climb to the Stelvio Pass existed

One response

  1. I’d be terrified to ride on that road, driving would be beyond me. OK, I could maybe ride if I was not facing the front or the open side! You are a very brave man.

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