Dangerous Liars

some say that women make the best liars

and that a woman will lie about anything

just to stay in practice


some say men lie the most

but women tell the biggest lies


women lie about their feelings

while most men speak the truth very easily


women love the lie that saves their pride

but never an unflattering truth


secrets and lies kill relationships

no matter how careful you are, you will get caught


women lie the most when they lie to themselves about a man


everybody lies, but mature women lie more than most


jack collier


some women can make a man fall in love with their lies


3 responses

  1. i truly believe that secrets and lies will always end up out in the open only to cuz pain,
    Be well

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  2. If it’s a lie, it’s not real love. Can’t stand liars and thieves! If you fuck up, owning it and making amends is the only answer. A lie only makes it worse, ALWAYS!!

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    1. Lies are always hurtful and damaging. ❤


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