Tunes on Tuesday ~ Vanishing Point

high speed means freedom of the soul

The movie Vanishing Point is as far away from a ‘chick flick’ as it’s possible to get ~ the whole thing is just one long car chase with minimal dialogue and a lot of engine noise.  What’s not to like?

A 1970 Dodge Challenger is a very cool car indeed.

I’ve driven newer Challengers, and I’ve driven on those roads, but these days Dodge Muscle Cars are emasculated shadows of greater, faster, classics.


jack collier

anyhow, in the desert I prefer a convertible Mustang

2 responses

  1. personally, i love Mopar cars Charger and Challenger.. The Charger is heavier and has a better feel of the road. Ponies are nice too the Shelby Convertible is a dream to drive. Hard and fast

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    1. Great cars for American roads, but terrible here in England.

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