Do Men Have Any Discernment?

smart women are not afraid to be alone

but some women are desperate

This post is addressed to women.

A friend of mine said that all a woman has to do to attract a man is to be available ~ I would go a bit further than that and say all an attractive woman has to do to interest most men is to be there.  I’ve no doubt that the same applies in reverse to some women, some of the time ~ but not to the same degree as would apply to any man who has red blood running through his veins.

Which begs the question; do men have any discernment at all when it comes to women?

Some men think they have discernment when actually they are just suspicious.  ~  Joyce Meyer

Speaking for myself; I’ve turned down more women than I’ve had sex with ~ which hasn’t always endeared me to the women concerned.  Speaking for most men; we’ll have sex with anything ~ once, especially if there’s alcohol involved.  Which explains why almost any woman can walk into a bar and get fucked within an hour or so, especially if she likes car sex.

This might be reprehensible of men, but it’s doubly reprehensible for a promiscuous woman.  No real gentleman will have sex with a woman who has the morals of the average man.  No gentleman particularly likes being hit on ~ at least I don’t.

‘Promiscuous’ implies that I’m not choosy.  In fact I’m very choosy.  I just happen to have had a lot of choices.  ~  Jacki Weaver

As far as having a relationship with a woman is concerned, most men have an unbreakable rule; never, ever ask her about her past.  Unfortunately some women will feel compelled to tell their partner all about their sexual and romantic history.  This is a BIG mistake.  All men suffer from retroactive jealousy, and if you don’t know what that is I suggest you look it up.  Most men will not have a long-term relationship with a woman who has had more than a handful of lovers.  That might be setting double standards, but that’s the truth of it.

Some say that when it comes to women, men have no discrimination.  And that all a woman has to do to attract a man is turn up.  All I know is that some men will sleep with any willing woman between 17 and 70.


jack collier

even drunk, most men can spot a married woman a mile away

8 responses

  1. Women don’t even have to be promiscuous to be labeled. Sometimes just enjoying sex, with few partners, can be seen as loose.
    You will have to judge me on your experience with me alone. My experiences with others, no matter how many or how few, isn’t anyone else’s business.
    I still stand by my original comment, modified only to clarify. For some men, all you have to do is show up. I wouldn’t recommend having sex with Those men.

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    1. Amelia, you are one woman I would never judge ~ I appreciate you, accept you, and admire you. I am beginning to understand women more because of you. ❤

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      1. Wow!! That is a huge compliment that I’m not sure I deserve, but appreciate anyway. I can’t, and don’t, or won’t, speak for anyone but myself. I’m not sure if getting older gives us better perspective, or if we just don’t give a shit as much, but I like the new peace I have found in myself. If that helps you, BONUS!!😁

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        1. Sweetheart, you fascinate me. ❤

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          1. Not sure how or why I would fascinate you? I’m just me.

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  2. Disagree that a promiscuous woman is worse than a promiscuous man. They’re both gross. It’s really a shame that more people haven’t learned how to be alone and OK. I guess I have an unfair advantage as an only child…

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    1. It’s far more dangerous for a woman to be promiscuous than for a man ~ unfortunately ❤

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      1. Well, that is definitely true!

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