Songs on Saturday ~ Funkytown

in the 80s funkalicious and funkintacious were real words

If anyone had asked me who recorded this song, I would never in a million years have come up with Lipps, Inc.  Well, there you go.  I like the costumes and the weird dance.  I can remember dancing to this in a club in Newcastle upon Tyne.  That night there was a girl I should have walked away from ~ instead of marrying her.

Some definitions of funky are to do with being strongly musky or musty.

I’m not quite certain about that one.  Is Chanel #5 musky?

I must have been very drunk at the time,


jack collier

Joanna Lumley, aka Purdy

very funkalicious

6 responses

  1. You could take me to Funky Town but wait there is this lockdown

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    1. Lockdown has a lot of insanity to answer for.

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  2. This song is still popular today and is often played by DJs on the radio too.

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    1. I have pretty good taste, even if it is a little bit weird ❤

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  3. Great post – you put the fun in funky! 😉😁😘💗

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    1. Back in the day we all liked Purdy.

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