What Women Want ~ Safety

for most woman, fear is a part of their life


some say that safety is the single biggest motivator for a woman to be in a long-term relationship with a man


women often perceive themselves to be powerless against men


trustworthiness is what women really want from a man


most men minimise or dismiss a woman’s emotions


most women do not see the world as a safe place


some women say that men need to commit themselves

to being reliable steadfast and trustworthy

or sex is out of the question


for most normal woman to be aroused

they must first feel safe


jack collier


many women are afraid of their partner doing this to them, or worse

7 responses

  1. My partner could beat the shit out of me ONCE! 🤬

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    1. I’m not certain I know what to make of that Darling ❤

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      1. After that once, I’d Absofuckinglutely make him sorry he did! He may be stronger, but I’m Definitely smarter and an absolute dead eye with a gun.

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        1. And women never forget.

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          1. No Sir, we sure don’t! But that means we never forget a kindness either. 😊

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    2. You deserve nothing but cherishing and kindness ❤

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      1. You are very kind.😊

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