Tunes on Tuesday ~ Satisfaction

some things look better in black and white

While Californians were listening to drug culture bands like Jefferson Airplane, filmed in glorious Technicolor at Woodstock, we English were listening to bands like The Rolling Stones ~ here filmed in grainy monochrome in Ireland.  As a matter of fact we English thought everyone in California went around saying; ‘peace and love….’  If you said that here in the sixties you were likely to get smacked.

You decide which is better, The Stones or Jefferson Airplane.

Actually, I prefer The Beatles.

And we say ‘aeroplane…’


jack collier

another 1960’s English icon

works Mini Cooper

3 responses

  1. Beatles fan! I have all the LPs. Rocky Raccoon 🙂

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  2. i love them both and also a big Beatle Fan. One of my favorites from the Beatles is an obscure song Rocky Raccoon. Was just listening to Yellow Submarine with the Grankids. cartoon version on YouTube.
    I am a Peace N Love person and can take a smack down. rather not

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    1. I don’t know Rocky Raccoon. I’ll find it.

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