Monochrome Monday ~ Alone

it’s not good to be lonely, alone, and sick

I was hoping to feel better today, not suffering so much from the symptoms of low blood pressure, and whatever the underlying cause is.  Actually I do feel better, but that’s just comparing one level of distress with another.  I still have no energy, I’m still pretty much confused, and I still want to throw up.  We have a word; Manky, and that’s how I’m feeling this morning.

Hopefully I will get to see my own doctor today.

I’ll get through this.

The pictures are a visual expression of my mood.

It’s 6 months since I had a face-to-face conversation with anyone.





jack collier


pretty much what lockdown for almost a year feels lke

One response

  1. i hope that Manky feeling goes away and the Dr can help.

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