Finding Mr. Right

people believe their own myths

many women would like this as a daily drive

This is not about where to go to find a real man, this post is all about sorting the good guys from the poseurs, fakes, chancers, and abusers.  If you disagree with any of this, then feel free to comment, or even email me.

What do women want?  Somebody to provide for them, protect them, take care of them, shower them with gifts, take them to expensive places, buy them expensive clothes, get them a fabulous home and a cool car.  A good looking and powerful man to be seen with and to watch over them ~ perhaps even a sugar-daddy type.  Maybe not somebody to talk with.  If women want a deep and meaningful conversation they will talk with their women friends.

The deep-down basic wants, needs, and desires in a relationship are different between men and women.  Men want sex, whereas women crave affection and intimacy.  Men want power and domination, women want equality and respect.  Women are about nurturing and soft skills, men are by nature unfeeling.  Women want a loving and caring relationship, most men don’t even know what that means.

Men are usually not being their true selves when they first meet a woman they are attracted to, especially if it’s a casual meeting in a bar, or a first meeting after chatting on some dating site.  Most men will talk too much, exaggerate their good points, minimise the downsides, and outright lie.  Most men will gloss over things like; they are already married, divorced with kids, or have been let go from their work.  If you get that far they may say things like their good car is in the shop, their place is being redecorated, they forgot to call at the ATM….. There’s a price for that because when the mask slips, a woman may find she is talking with mr boring or the beast.

Signs that a guy is actually worth the time of day is that he wants to know about you ~ without being creepy or an obvious stalker.  He will not talk over you.  A cool guy will tend to be self-deprecating because he has the self-confidence to be honest and open ~ without puffing himself up like a slimy toad.  A man worth talking to will be clean and well dressed, (appropriate to wherever you are).  No real man will ever be drunk or high and talk to a woman.  And no gentleman will fuck you on a first date, because good guys don’t often date sluts.


jack collier

a cool guy will always politely and appropriately compliment your appearance

7 responses

  1. Great post. I especially like the part where you say:
    “A cool guy will tend to be self-deprecating because he has the self-confidence to be honest and open ~ without puffing himself up like a slimy toad.” And you’re right about that. Women can sense when a guy is genuine- or not. The “slimy toad” part made me laugh! Thanks for the chuckles! 🙂

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    1. You’re welcome Cherie, I have been there, done that, crashed and burned. ❤

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      1. I admire your honesty, Jack. His honesty and authenticity is what attracted me to my husband. I love that he’s not afraid to show his feelings and even cry to me when he needs to.

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        1. Cherie, only very strong men are not afraid to cry in front of their women.

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          1. That’s right. My mom always told me that “if a man can cry in front of you, he’s a keeper.” I’m lucky to have Mike as my husband. I love him very much and he loves me. And he loves to spoil me. We had a rough start because he was insecure- afraid I’d leave but he now knows I’m not going anywhere. He makes me happy and we take care of each other. I couldn’t be more thankful to have him as my husband and he knows he can lean on me anytime he needs to.


  2. The paragraph about men not offering their true selves could apply equally to women meeting men in those circumstances … women there might also put forward the “glossier version” … casual meetings in bars are not generally the way Meaningful Relationships get off to a start … for men or for women … thanks for this thought-provoking, interesting post 💗

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    1. You are welcome Sweetheart.
      I know, from bitter experience, that some women are not always honest and open. In fact, all women are experts at lying by omission. ❤ 😉 ❤

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