Tunes on Tuesday ~ Elvis

elvis is in the building

In my fitness and fun programme I’m teaching myself to shuffle dance.  It’s a lot harder than young and fit women make it look.  I’m also learning a very cool moon-walk.  The Travolta strut I can do better than Travolta.

I believe that my latest flame is a great dancer

Tonight we’re gonna make it happen.

After this lockdown is over.


jack collier


she may need to lose a few pounds


3 responses

  1. Love a man that can make me float across the dance floor. My absolutely best dance memory was with a strong lead that left my head spinning all night. Unfortunately, he also became a horrible memory when he decided to force himself on me. I still love to be lead on the dance floor.

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    1. Your partner was obviously no gentleman. Sad that it’s a mixed memory.
      Part of my new daily routine includes dance practice ~ right now I am learning how to moonwalk. I can already lead you in a fabulous waltz.
      That’s a delicious thought. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  2. enjoyable let’s dance

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